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** and Patriarch
** Patriarch of Alexandria
** Patriarch Anatolius of Constantinople
** Patriarch Germanus I of Constantinople ( Eastern Church )
** In the first meeting between leaders of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches since the 15th century, Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I meet in Jerusalem.
** Nectarius of Jerusalem, Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem ( d. 1680 )
** Ecumenical Patriarch Athanasius II of Constantinople ( all killed in, or shortly after, the siege of Constantinople )
** Patriarch Leo of Constantinople
** Patriarch Filaret of Moscow and All Rus ' ( d. 1633 )
** Nestorius ( c. 386 – c. 451 ), Patriarch of Constantinople, 428-431
** Patriarch Theodosius I of Alexandria ( 535 – 567 )
** Patriarch Theodosius II of Alexandria ( 12th century )
** The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, chief of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople and the Spiritual Leader of Eastern Orthodoxy.
** The Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa and the chief of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria.
** The Patriarch of Antioch and the head of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch and All the East in the Near East.
** The Patriarch of Jerusalem and the chief of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Zion in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and All Arabia.
** The Patriarch of All Bulgaria and the chief of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Bulgaria, recognized as a Patriarchate in 927
** The Serbian Patriarch and the chief of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia ( and the former Yugoslavia ), recognized as a Patriarchate during 1375
** The Patriarch of All Romania and the chief of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Romania, recognized as a Patriarchate during 1925
** The Patriarch of Constantinople for the Armenians in Turkey.
** The Patriarch of Jerusalem and of Holy Zion for the Armenians in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the Persian Gulf.
** The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, headed by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who is also the " first among equals " of the Eastern Orthodox Communion
** Patriarch Heraclius of Jerusalem
** Severus was the legal successor and Patriarch, and the Syriac Catholic or Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs are the successors of the See.
** Severus ( who died before Falvian ) was not Patriarch at any time and thus the Syriac Catholic and Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs are not the successors of the See, and

** and Moscow
** Moscow International Film Festival Grand Prize
** Moscow International Film Festival Grand Prize
** Metropolitan Philip II of Moscow
** Moscow Kremlin
** Modern Art Gallery, Moscow
** U. S. President Lyndon Johnson in New York, and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow, simultaneously announce plans to cut back production of materials for making nuclear weapons.
** British businessman Greville Wynne, imprisoned in Moscow since 1963 for spying, is exchanged for Soviet spy Gordon Lonsdale.
** A Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene in Moscow concert, celebrating the city's 850th anniversary, draws 3. 5 million people.
** The 6th World Festival of Youth and Students, a high point of the Khruschev Thaw, kicks off in Moscow.
** Guided tours begin at the Kremlin and other government sites in Moscow.
** Moscow Art Theatre production of Hamlet opens.
** Student riots in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
** Walter Ulbricht becomes leader of the German Communists in Moscow.
** Alger Hiss congratulated in Moscow for his part in bringing positions of Western powers and the USSR closer to each other at the Yalta Conference.
** WWII: Germans reach their closest approach to Moscow.
** Soviet counterattacks begin against German troops encircling Moscow.
** The first McDonald's in Moscow, Russia opens.
** Cold War: The two German states and the Four Powers sign the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany in Moscow, paving the way for German reunification.
** U. S. President Jimmy Carter announces that the United States will boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.
** The Australia Olympic Committee announces it will send an Olympic delegation to Moscow, despite objections by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.
** In Moscow, Russian anti-corruption journalist Vladislav Listyev is killed by a gunman.
** The trial of the American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers begins in Moscow.
** Cold War: In Moscow, the American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers is sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage.
** Rangers lift the Cup Winners Cup, defeating Dynamo Moscow in the final at the Nou Camp.
** Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT I treaty in Moscow, as well as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and other agreements.

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