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** and Peloponnesian
** The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War.
** The state of Greece from the earliest times to the commencement of the Peloponnesian War, also known as the Archaeology.
** Congress of the Peloponnesian League at Lacedaemon.
** From the end of the Persian War to the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, also known as the Pentecontaetia.
** History of the Peloponnesian War

** and War
** Commentarii de Bello Gallico, " Commentaries on the Gallic War "
** Commentarii de Bello Civili, " Commentaries on the Civil War "
** The Art of War, attributed to Sunzi.
** Reinterpreted after the 1891 Civil War augmenting the power of the National Congress of Chile
** MacCaffrey Wallace T. Elizabeth I: War and Politics, 1588 – 1603 ( 1994 )
** 2 × AIM-9 + 2 × AIM-54 + 3 × AIM-7 ( Most common load during Cold War era )
** The Battle of Harpers Ferry ( September 12 – 15, 1862 ), a battle in the American Civil War that took place around what is now Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
** Overy, Richard " Germany, ' Domestic Crisis " and the War in 1939 " pp. 97 – 128
** Victory and Peace Day, mark the capture of Shusha in the Karabakh War and the end of World War II.
** Malbork, Poland, site of the Ordensburg Marienburg, formerly Marienburg in Westpreußen and during World War II, Nazi Stalag XX-B ( prisoner-of-war camp ) for enlisted men
** War Hammer
** In a 2011 episode of Misfits, an alternate reality where Germany won the Second World War, depicts Britain and the gang under the rule of the Nazi occupation force.
** War Front: Turning Point
** The Archidamian War.
** Darfur peace process, an attempt to resolve the War in Darfur, finilized in 2009
** Paris Peace Accords, 1973 attempt to resolve the War in Vietnam
** Strategic Air Command's War Plans
** Strategic Air Command's Role in Ending the Cold War
** Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq ( 2003 )
** The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq ( 2006 )
** Office of War Crimes Issues
** During the First World War, Germany also had this submarine with a similar name:

** and .
** Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad.
** Eunectes notaeus, the yellow anaconda, a smaller species, is found in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina.
** Eunectes deschauenseei, the dark-spotted anaconda, is a rare species found in northeastern Brazil and coastal French Guiana.
** Eunectes beniensis, the Bolivian anaconda, the most recently defined species, is found in the Departments of Beni and Pando in Bolivia.
** Well-ordering theorem: Every set can be well-ordered.
** Tarski's theorem: For every infinite set A, there is a bijective map between the sets A and A × A.
** Trichotomy: If two sets are given, then either they have the same cardinality, or one has a smaller cardinality than the other.
** The Cartesian product of any family of nonempty sets is nonempty.
** König's theorem: Colloquially, the sum of a sequence of cardinals is strictly less than the product of a sequence of larger cardinals.
** Every surjective function has a right inverse.
** Zorn's lemma: Every non-empty partially ordered set in which every chain ( i. e. totally ordered subset ) has an upper bound contains at least one maximal element.
** Hausdorff maximal principle: In any partially ordered set, every totally ordered subset is contained in a maximal totally ordered subset.
** Tukey's lemma: Every non-empty collection of finite character has a maximal element with respect to inclusion.
** Antichain principle: Every partially ordered set has a maximal antichain.
** Every vector space has a basis.
** Every unital ring other than the trivial ring contains a maximal ideal.
** For every non-empty set S there is a binary operation defined on S that makes it a group.
** The closed unit ball of the dual of a normed vector space over the reals has an extreme point.
** Tychonoff's theorem stating that every product of compact topological spaces is compact.
** In the product topology, the closure of a product of subsets is equal to the product of the closures.
** If S is a set of sentences of first-order logic and B is a consistent subset of S, then B is included in a set that is maximal among consistent subsets of S. The special case where S is the set of all first-order sentences in a given signature is weaker, equivalent to the Boolean prime ideal theorem ; see the section " Weaker forms " below.
** Any union of countably many countable sets is itself countable.

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