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Some Related Sentences

** and conversation
** for an-sentence conversation where the oracle remembers the conversation history ( persistent oracle ):
** for an-sentence conversation where the conversation history must be retransmitted:
** for an-sentence conversation where the conversation history must be retransmitted and the person takes linear time to read the query
** Several lines are omitted from the conversation between Grumio and Curtis in Act 4, Scene 1.
** The brief conversation between Biondello and Lucentio which opens Act 5, Scene 1 is absent.
** Transcript of 2010 conversation
** Agent Clancy and Agent Diller have a cell phone conversation like Scully and Mulder often do.
** The conversation of the one-eyed man and the hunchback 1620 *
** Lessig in conversation with The Booksmith on his book, REMIX
** Theorem 7: Nonverbal expressions and intimacy level of conversation are positively related.

** and between
** Tarski's theorem: For every infinite set A, there is a bijective map between the sets A and A × A.
** In topology, morphisms between topological spaces are called continuous maps, and an automorphism of a topological space is a homeomorphism of the space to itself, or self-homeomorphism ( see homeomorphism group ).
** United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, a sovereign state from 1801 to 1922 ( and between 1922 and 1927 in its superseded form )
** The Benjamin Franklin Bridge across the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey
** the former yat alternates between " ya " and " e ": it is pronounced " ya " if it is under stress and the next syllable does not contain a front vowel ( e or i ) – e. g. мляко ( mlyàko ), хляб ( hlyab ), and " e " otherwise – e. g. млекар ( mlekàr ) – milkman, хлебар ( hlebàr ) – baker.
** EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg – pedestrian walkway between the French and Swiss sections on Level 3 ( departures ) of airport.
** Note: In a 1995 interview Resnais states that the final version of the commentary was a collaboration between Marker and Jean Cayrol ( source: Film Comment ).
** The chase girdle: this is the brief length of the chase between the chase astragal and fillets and the reinforce.
** Thermodynamics, the study of the relationships between heat and mechanical energy
** Series one: an introductory special on boxing day 1967, followed by 13 regular episodes of 30 minutes broadcast between 26 December 1967 to 28 March 1968, Thursdays at 17: 25.
** Series two: 13 episodes of 30 minutes broadcast between 19 February 1969 to 14 May 1969, Wednesdays at 17: 20.
** Electrostatic discharge, sudden and momentary electric current flows between two objects
** La Fin de Satan by Victor Hugo ( written between 1855 and 1860, published in 1886 )
** Lenz's law: negative feedback loop between electric and magnetic fields
** George Gordon, Lord Haddo ( 1674-d. between 1694-1708 )
** The Triple Entente, an alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia
** Special matches between teams adjudged first-class by the Board ( s ) of cricket concerned, with the approval of the International Cricket Council
** Gentbrugge Station: a regional train station in between the two main train stations, Sint-Pieters and Dampoort.
** For some verbs in some languages, the difference between perfective and imperfective conveys an additional meaning difference ; in such cases, the two aspects are typically translated using separate verbs in English.
** Sado Kisen operates the route between Sado and Niigata.
** Tōkai Kisen operates Seven Island, running between Tokyo and Izu Islands, via Tateyama or Yokosuka.
** Kyūshū Yūsen operates the route between Fukuoka, Iki, and the two ports of Tsushima.
** Kyūshū Shōsen operates the route between Nagasaki and the two of Gotō Islands, namely Fukuejima and Nakadōrijima.
** Kagoshima Shōsen and Cosmo Line operate the various routes between Kagoshima and Tanegashima or Yakushima.
** a direct interaction occurs when one object is on a level exactly one higher or one lower than the other ( i. e., on a tree, the two objects have a line between them )

** and two
** Trichotomy: If two sets are given, then either they have the same cardinality, or one has a smaller cardinality than the other.
** Binary explosive, an explosive made of two components that become explosive when mixed
** Binary chemical weapon, containing two chemicals that when combined make a toxic agent
** On placekicks, no offensive lineman can now be engaged by more than two defensive players.
** Mine Exploder T7: Frame with small rollers with two discs each.
** The reinforce band is only present if the cannon has two reinforces, and it divides the first reinforce from the second.
** Frog Xenopus ( includes two species: Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis )
** quadratic equation has degree two,
** Principal Doctrines-the original Greek, two English translations, and a parallel mode
** EDIF Questions and answers, volume two, February 1989
** Sliabh Luachra fiddling from the southwest in Munster, characterized by a unique repertoire of polkas and slides, as well as the use of double stops and drones as well as playing the melody in two octaves as in Donegal.
** Priscus Attalus in Rome ( two times );
** Hemlock ( Conium ), two species, one formerly used as a method of execution
** for his profound contributions to two major areas of operations research and management science: stochastic networks and mathematical finance.
** Yaroslavl ( two towers )
** A definition match algorithm was created to automatically merge the correct meanings of ambiguous words between the two online resources, based on the words that the definitions of those meanings have in common in LDOCE and WordNet.
** Pyay – Myade / Aunglan – Satthwa 145 · 4 Alternative route to Bagan, but heavy grades, sharp curves and danger of washouts mean the line is only used by two trains / week
** 7 partitions with two classes ( 4 of 3 + 1 and 3 of 2 + 2 ), giving 7 × 3

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