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** and followers
** Cartesianists, followers of Cartesianism
** Richard Oakes returns with 90 followers and offers to buy Alcatraz for $ 24 ( he leaves the island January 1970 ).
** Fidel Castro and his followers land in Cuba in the boat Granma.
** A Los Angeles, California jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and 3 female followers.
** April 6 – Julius Caesar defeats the combined army of Pompeian followers and Numidians under Metellus Scipio and Juba at Thapsus.
There are three types: ** Pioneers ** Close followers ** Late followers * Growth strategies — In this scheme we ask the question, “ How should the firm grow ?”.
** Signs of the Times ( Millerite magazine ), published by followers of William Miller, and started in 1840

** and Harmonic
** Filter Resonance ( Timbre / Harmonic Intensity ) ( cc # 71 )
** Flûte Harmonique ( or Harmonic Flute )
** Iron Sun Remix / Harmonic Convergence / Antidote ( Intastella Records 1995 )

** and Convergence
** Antarctic Convergence
** CDC — Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya ( Democratic Convergence of Catalonia )

** and claim
** Kosher style, food made with a kosher appearance but without any claim to be kosher
** German Autumn: Red Army Faction members Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe and Gudrun Ensslin commit suicide in Stammheim prison ; Irmgard Möller fails ( their supporters still claim they were murdered ).
** Three peasant children claim to see the Virgin Mary above a Holm Oak tree in Cova da Iria near Fátima, Portugal.
** Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett claim to have flown over the North Pole ( later discovery of his diary seems to indicate that this did not happen ).
** The first claim under the Homestead Act is made, for a farm in Nebraska.
** The Court of Private Land Claims rules that James Reavis's claim to Barony of Arizona is " wholly fictitious and fraudulent ".
** Duke defeats Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball by the score of 72-65 to claim the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship.
** Serious bushfires in southern Tasmania claim 62 lives, and destroys 2, 642. 7 square kilometres ( 653, 025. 4 acres ) of land.
** Flint-Worcester tornado outbreak sequence: A tornado kills 115 in Flint, Michigan ( the last to claim more than 100 lives until the 2011 Joplin tornado ).
** Duke Louis I of Anjou inherits the claim to the Latin Empire ( now western Turkey ) but never uses the title of Emperor.
** Mstislav of Chernigov (~ 983 ), Prince of Tmutarakan ( 990 – 1036 ), Prince of Chernigov ( 1024 – 1036 ), other sources claim him to be son of other mothers ( Adela, Malfrida, or some other Bulgarian wife )
** Texas dropped its claim to land north of the 32nd parallel north and west of the 103rd meridian west in favor of New Mexico Territory, and north of the 36 ° 30 ' parallel north and east of the 103rd meridian west which became unorganized territory.
** After the Vorlons had left the galaxy, a number of people attempted to travel to Vorlon to lay claim to the advanced technology there.
** A Ponzi scheme claims to rely on some esoteric investment approach and often attracts well-to-do investors ; whereas pyramid schemes explicitly claim that new money will be the source of payout for the initial investments.
** 1271 Felipa de Lomanha, tries unsuccessfully to claim the inheritance of the county to the Parliament of Paris
** Rosebank, Staten Island ( 44 % of Borough Residents claim Italian ancestry )
** Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch is the direct successors of the See, and through its offshoots, the Melkite and Maronite Churches have a claim to succession, and -
** otherwise, the Greek Orthodox Church would have the claim to continued succession.
** Some claim that the frequency varies according to temperature
** Territorial claim of the Republic of Texas, 1836 – 1845
** Territorial claim of the Republic of Texas, 1836 – 1845
** Territorial claim of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1845
** Territorial claim of the Republic of Texas, 1836 – 1845
** Various sects that have broken from the Church of Christ ( Temple Lot ) ( such as Church of Christ " With the Elijah Message " and Church of Christ ( Assured Way )) claim that the message brought by John the Baptist, One Mighty and Strong, to Otto Fetting and W. A. Draves in The Word of the Lord Brought to Mankind by an Angel establishes the existence of God.

** and was
** Atlas III was a US launch vehicle ( 2000 – 2005 )
** Atlas Carver, a South African military jet development project that was cancelled in the 1990s
** Lollia Paulina as she was a rival for Claudius ’ hand in marriage as proposed by the freedman Callistus.
** Lucius Silanus was betrothed to Octavia, Claudius ’ daughter before his marriage of Agrippina.
** Statilius Taurus was forced to suicide because Agrippina wanted his gardens.
** Cadius Rufus was executed on the charge of extortion.
** LVM ( Logical Volume Manager ) was incorporated into OSF / 1, and in 1995 for HP-UX, and the Linux LVM implementation is similar to the HP-UX LVM implementation.
** SMIT was introduced.
** last version was 1. 3, 1992.
** last version was 2. 2. 1.
** Herbert Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel, Postmaster General ; was falsely implicated.
** To form the passive voice: " I was told that you wanted to see me "
** Note: In a 1995 interview Resnais states that the final version of the commentary was a collaboration between Marker and Jean Cayrol ( source: Film Comment ).
** Note: Marker was eventually credited as a writer for this one, apparently, he wrote the dialogue ( Film Comment ).
** Note: This was edited by Marker essentially, this film is a 27-minute postscript to Le Joli Mai assembled from leftover footage and organized around a new commentary ( Film Comment ).
** Note: This gem was written by Marker.
** if a player is penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for actions that occurred during a play ending in a touchdown by that team, but before the goal line was crossed, the touchdown will be nullified.
** Romano-Germanic subgroup ( comprising those legal systems where legal science was formulated according to Roman Law-see also Civil law ( legal system ))
** Christopher Reeve in the Superman film series, who was praised for making the disguise's effectiveness credible to audiences, portrayed Clark Kent as massively clumsy, paranoid, and, of course, mild mannered.
** Name of the Recruitment Commission ( usually name of the town or city the soldier was attached to )
** Brownian dynamics, the occurrence of Langevin dynamics in the motion of particles in solution ( e. g. a grain in water, as was first seen by Brown ); its famous property is: MSD ~ t, where MSD is the mean squared displacement, and t is the time the process is seen
** In the former doge-state Venice, and while it was a republic resisting annexation by either the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia or the Austrian empire, a former Chief Executive ( president, 23 March 18485 July 1848 ), Daniele Manin ( b. 1804-d. 1857 ), was styled Dictator 11 – 13 August 1848 before joining the 13 August 1848-7 March 1849 Triumvirate.
** Emilio Aguinaldo, the last President of the Supreme Government Council 23 March 1897-16 December 1897 and chairman of the Revolutionary Government from 23 June to 1 November 1897, was dictator from 12 June 1898-23 January.
** Józef Chlopicki was styled Dictator from 5 December 1830-December 1830 and again in December 1830-25 January 1831

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