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Some Related Sentences

** and There
** There were 16 and 32-bit version of this addressing mode
** NOTE: There is only one 8244 / 8245 chip in the system, which performs both audio and video functions.
** Syracuse: There was a harvest festival of Demeter and Persephone at Syracuse when the grain was ripe ( about May ).
** There are three international exchanges, one in Bratislava and two in Banská Bystrica
** The BBC Radio Service from London, somewhat infamously, reports on this day that " There is no news ".
** A Talent for War ( 1989 ) ( also published as part of Hello Out There )
** There are several styles of straw hats that are made of woven straw.
** Way Out There in the Blue by Frances FitzGerald
** There is also a Catholic titular see named for the Ancient Diocese of Mâcon
** Là-bas ( Down There ) by J. K. Huysmans, Project Gutenberg ebook ( Also known as The Damned )
** There are a lot more jungle sounds in Dough for the Do-Do.
** There are transaxle systems which do not use a ball bearing, such as the Duncan ProFire and Yomega Fireball.
** There are some archaisms like: ans instead of abans ' before ', manco instead of menys ' less ', dintre instead of dins ' into ' or devers instead of cap a ' towards '.
** There are more interferences with Spanish than other dialects: assul ( from azul ) instead of blau ( or atzur ) ' blue ', llimpiar ( from limpiar ) instead of netejar ' to clean ' or sacar ( from sacar ) instead of traure ' take out '.
** There is no check or checkmate.
** There is no castling.
** The Queen Is Dead, a short film incorporating the Smiths songs " The Queen Is Dead ", " Panic ", and " There Is a Light That Never Goes Out " ( 1986 )
** There is a tendency for the models to show a global mean cold bias at all levels.
** There is a large scatter in the tropical temperatures.
** There is a differing degree of separation in the models between the winter sub-tropical jet and the polar night jet.
** There are problems in simulating natural seasonal variability.
** 2010: Nominee – Best Original Song – " Almost There " – The Princess and the Frog
** 2004: Winner – Main Title Theme Music (" It's a Jungle Out There ") – Monk
** There is, for example, the ALA-LC / U. S. Library of Congress system, based on MR but with some deviations.

** and were
** Counterfactual conditional, or subjunctive conditional, indicates what would be the case if its antecedent were true
** Mind Transferral: If Xavier were to die, he could transfer his mind and powers to a host body.
** Openness Euphoria, 1974 – 1982 during which policies were introduced to encourage Arab and foreign investment through a series of incentives and liberalizing trade and payment ; the economy expanded but this proved unsustainable and growth consequently scaled back.
** Economic Reform, 1991 – 2007, reform policies were introduced to meet the terms of international institutions, lenders and donors, including wider incentives to the role of the private sector in all economic activities.
** Head butts and throws were banned in 1966 for boxers ' safety.
** In the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes " Demons " and " Terra Prime " ( both 2005 ) it is revealed that Mars is in the process of being terraformed by use of the Verteron array which redirects comets to crashland on the planet's surface ; by 2155 the atmosphere had been sufficiently altered so that, in the lowlands, Humans could breathe the air unassisted, though temperatures were still cold enough to require thermal gear.
** The Contractarianism of John Rawls, which holds that the moral acts are those that we would all agree to if we were unbiased.
** Compression change done in middle of model year once 10. 0: 1 compression ratio resulting piston stock were used up in production.
** First 19 US models were made already in spring of 1993, months before when normal model year change occurs in July / August.
** Phlya, near Koropi, in the mysteries of Phlya: These have very old roots, and were probably originally dedicated to Demeter Anesidora, Kore, and Zeus-Ktesios, who was the god of the underground stored corn.
** Major League Baseball-Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig called off games for one day, extending cancellations for three days, then all games through September 16 were postponed.
** Division I college football games to be played on September 13 and 15 were called off.
** Games scheduled by UEFA, the European governing body of soccer, that were scheduled for September 12 and 13 were postponed ( games had been played on the 11th as the first plane strike took place at 2: 46 PM CET ).
** X-Sentinels-by Stephen Lang, androids who were duplicates of the original X-Men.
** Test IDN TLDs were installed under < tt > test </ tt > for testing purposes in the IDN development process.
** In southern Nigeria, a leaking petroleum pipeline explodes, killing about 250 villagers who were scavenging gasoline.
** German Autumn: Red Army Faction members Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe and Gudrun Ensslin commit suicide in Stammheim prison ; Irmgard Möller fails ( their supporters still claim they were murdered ).
** The Second Chechen War ( 1999 – ongoing )the war was launched by the Russian Federation starting 26 August 1999, in response to the Invasion of Dagestan and the Russian apartment bombings which were blamed on the Chechens.
** Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Security Police, sent a directive, the Schnellbrief, explaining that Jews living in towns and villages in the Polish occupation zones were to be transferred to ghettos, and Jewish councils – Judenräte – would be established to carry out the German authorities ’ orders.
** In the Polish village of Markowa, German police kill Józef and Wiktoria Ulm, their six children and eight Jews they were hiding.
** A passenger bus, moving by the route " Tbilisi-Agdam " is blown up, 20 people died and 30 were injured.
** At least 200 people were killed when the Corralejas Bullring collapsed at Sincelejo, Colombia.

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