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Some Related Sentences

** and Virtual
** With the introduction of Windows 7 ( Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions ), Windows XP Mode enables full compatibility with older programs supported under Windows XP via Microsoft Virtual PC.
** Virtual console, a user interface for multiple computer consoles on one device
** Virtual host, allowing several DNS names to share the same IP address
** MoodleMoot, a gathering or conference relating to the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment
** The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology
** Virtual Journey to Renaissance Florence
** Virtual address space
** Fermilab Virtual Tour
** Virtual Business Library
** Virtual Law Library
** Cisco home page for Virtual LANs / VLAN Trunking Protocol ( VLANs / VTP ) ( discusses DSL, DTP, GVRP, ISL, VTP, 802. 1Q )
** Virtual LANs ( VLAN )
** Jamiroquai for " Virtual Insanity "
** Jamiroquai for " Virtual Insanity "
** Virtual Tour of 10 Downing Street
** Virtual Memory System ( VMS ) V1. 0 ( Initial commercial release, October 25 )
** Virtual Heritage, an ICT work dealing with cultural heritage
** sssvlv: Server Side Sorting and Virtual List Views
** Interpreting Satellite Images – Suomi Virtual Museum
** Disc One-Fundamentals ( originally JumpStart Advanced Preschool-JumpStart 3D Virtual World: My First Adventure in the error packages )
** Disc One-Fundamentals ( originally JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten-JumpStart 3D Virtual World: The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin in the error packages )
** Disc One-Fundamentals ( originally JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade-JumpStart 3D Virtual World: Trouble in Town in the error packages )
** Disc One-Fundamentals ( originally JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade-JumpStart 3D Virtual World: The Quest for the Color Meister in the error packages )
** Virtual Game World

** and memory
** Dynamic memory allocation
** Permanent memory ( ROM )- The instructions for in-built functions ( arithmetic operations, square roots, percentages, trigonometry etc.
** User memory ( RAM )-The store where numbers can be stored by the user.
** Garbage collection ( SSD ), in flash memory
** The Muses ( memory, knowledge, art )
** Chess Module-The Odyssey2 didn't have enough memory and computing power for a decent implementation of chess on its own, so the C7010 chess module contained a secondary CPU with its own extra memory to run the chess program.
** 64-bit external databus doubles the amount of information possible to read or write on each memory access and therefore allows the Pentium to load its code cache faster than the 80486 ; it also allows faster access and storage of 64-bit and 80-bit x87 FPU data.
** Drum memory ( magnetic drum )
** Semiconductor used in volatile random-access memory
** Floating-gate transistor used in non-volatile memory cards
** Manual display and modifications of the system's state ( memory and processor )
** Address space, a range of discrete memory addresses
** Magnetic-core memory, in computing, the primary memory prior to semiconductor memory
** Floating-gate transistor used in non-volatile memory cards
** draw directly on the screen or on any-size memory bitmaps
** move data from a memory location to a register, or vice versa.
** CISC — often load a, reg1 ; add reg1, b ; store reg1, c on machines that are limited to one memory operand per instruction ; this may be load and store at the same location
** RISC — Requiring explicit memory loads, the instructions would be: load a, reg1 ; load b, reg2 ; add reg1, reg2 ; store reg2, c
** CISC — It becomes either a single instruction: add a, b, c, or more typically: move a, reg1 ; add reg1, b, c as most machines are limited to two memory operands.
** A Honeywell HDC-701 flight computer which employed non-destructive read out ( NDRO ) plated wire memory instead of rotating magnetic disk for primary storage was developed as a backup for the D37D, but was never adopted.
** Complete Memory Dump-contains full physical memory for the target system.

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