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** and WWII
** 25 cent WWII ( Dutch coin )
** WWII: Forward elements of General Hoeppner's XVI Panzerkorps take up positions outside Warsaw.
** WWII: Polish troops on the Westerplatte are forced, due to lack of food and ammunition, to surrender.
** WWII Sonderaktion Krakau: Germans take action against scientists from the University of Kraków and other Kraków universities at the beginning of WWII.
** WWII Winter War: Soviet forces attack Finland and reach the Mannerheim Line, starting the war.
** WWII Sweden declares non-belligerency in the Winter War.
** George Unwin, British fighter ace of WWII ( d. 2006 )
** WWII: The 27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division is re-created, marking the start of Operation Tempest by the Polish Home Army.
** WWII: The Japanese launch an offensive in central and south China.
** WWII: A train stalls inside a railway tunnel outside Salerno, Italy ; 521 choke to death.
** WWII: Battle of Monte Cassino: Allied aircraft bomb German-held monastery and stage an assault.
** WWII: The National Council of the French Resistance approves the Resistance programme.
** Operation Bagration: A general attack by Soviet forces clears the German forces from Belarus, resulting in the destruction of German Army Group Centre, possibly the greatest defeat of the Wehrmacht during WWII.
** WWII: At Camp Hood, Texas, future baseball star and 1st Lt. Jackie Robinson is arrested and later court-martialed for refusing to move to the back of a segregated U. S. Army bus.
** WWII: Over 500 Japanese prisoners-of-war attempt a mass breakout from the Cowra POW Camp.
** WWII: A Soviet patrol arrests Raoul Wallenberg in Hungary.
** WWII: The Soviet Union occupies Warsaw, Poland.
** WWII: " Black Friday ": A force of Allied Bristol Beaufighter aircraft suffers heavy casualties in an unsuccessful attack on German destroyer Z33 and escorting vessels sheltering in Førde Fjord, Norway.
** WWII: The Battle of Königsberg, in East Prussia, ends.
** WWII Elbe Day: United States and Soviet troops link up at the Elbe River, cutting Germany in two.
** V-E Day ( Victory in Europe, as Nazi Germany surrenders ) commemorates the end of WWII in Europe, with the final surrender being to the Soviets in Berlin, attended by representatives of the Western Powers.
** WWII: Emperor Hirohito announces Japan's surrender on the radio.
** WWII: Korea gains independence following Japan's surrender.

** and
** Atlas III was a US launch vehicle ( 2000 2005 )
** Atlas V ( 2002 Present )
** Atlas Major, a Standard Motor Company van 1962 1963
** The Banach Tarski paradox.
** The Nielsen Schreier theorem, that every subgroup of a free group is free.
** The Hahn Banach theorem in functional analysis, allowing the extension of linear functionals
** The Banach Alaoglu theorem about compactness of sets of functionals.
** Every Tychonoff space has a Stone Čech compactification.
** This is a distinguished work which stands out from, and above, many of the books and articles which have ben written in this century on Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā ) ( A. D. 980 1037 ).
** The numbers and are not algebraic numbers ( see the Lindemann Weierstrass theorem ); hence they are transcendental.
** Laozi ( 5th 4th century BC )
** Ge Hong ( 283 AD 343 AD )
** Xun Zi ( c. 312 BC 230 BC )
** Gongsun Long ( c. 325 BC c. 250 BC )
** Zou Yan ( 305 BC 240 BC )
** Mani ( c. 216 AD 276 AD )
** Haliotis brazieri f. hargravesi ( Cox, 1869 ) synonym: Haliotis ethologus, the Mimic abalone, Haliotis hargravesi, the Hargraves ’ s abalone
** Haliotis dalli roberti McLean, 1970 synonym: Haliotis roberti
** Haliotis diversicolor squamata Reeve, 1846 synonym: Haliotis squamata the scaly Australian abalone
** Haliotis diversicolor supertexta the Taiwan abalone or jiukong
** Haliotis kamtschatkana assimilis Dall, 1878 synonym: Haliotis assimilis, the threaded abalone
** Haliotis ovina f. patamakanthini Dekker, Regter, & Gras, 2001 synonym: Haliotis patamakanthini
** Haliotis rubra conicopora Péron, 1816 synonym: Haliotis conicopora the conical pore abalone

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