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** and WWII
** 25 cent WWII ( Dutch coin )
** WWII: Forward elements of General Hoeppner's XVI Panzerkorps take up positions outside Warsaw.
** WWII: Polish troops on the Westerplatte are forced, due to lack of food and ammunition, to surrender.
** WWII – Sonderaktion Krakau: Germans take action against scientists from the University of Kraków and other Kraków universities at the beginning of WWII.
** WWII – Winter War: Soviet forces attack Finland and reach the Mannerheim Line, starting the war.
** WWII – Sweden declares non-belligerency in the Winter War.
** George Unwin, British fighter ace of WWII ( d. 2006 )
** WWII: The 27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division is re-created, marking the start of Operation Tempest by the Polish Home Army.
** WWII: The Japanese launch an offensive in central and south China.
** WWII: A train stalls inside a railway tunnel outside Salerno, Italy ; 521 choke to death.
** WWII: Battle of Monte Cassino: Allied aircraft bomb German-held monastery and stage an assault.
** WWII: The National Council of the French Resistance approves the Resistance programme.
** Operation Bagration: A general attack by Soviet forces clears the German forces from Belarus, resulting in the destruction of German Army Group Centre, possibly the greatest defeat of the Wehrmacht during WWII.
** WWII: At Camp Hood, Texas, future baseball star and 1st Lt. Jackie Robinson is arrested and later court-martialed for refusing to move to the back of a segregated U. S. Army bus.
** WWII: Over 500 Japanese prisoners-of-war attempt a mass breakout from the Cowra POW Camp.
** WWII: A Soviet patrol arrests Raoul Wallenberg in Hungary.
** WWII: The Soviet Union occupies Warsaw, Poland.
** WWII – Operation Varsity: Two airborne divisions capture bridges across the Rhine River to aid the Allied advance.
** WWII: The Battle of Königsberg, in East Prussia, ends.
** WWII – Elbe Day: United States and Soviet troops link up at the Elbe River, cutting Germany in two.
** V-E Day ( Victory in Europe, as Nazi Germany surrenders ) commemorates the end of WWII in Europe, with the final surrender being to the Soviets in Berlin, attended by representatives of the Western Powers.
** WWII: Emperor Hirohito announces Japan's surrender on the radio.
** WWII: Korea gains independence following Japan's surrender.

** and Black
** Black gram = Urad ( bean )
** 2011 Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition
** Black Lemur, Eulemur macaco
** Ewald the Black and Ewald the Fair
** The Black Widow and other widow spiders
** Port of Constanța ( the largest port and shipyard in the Black Sea and one of the busiest ports in Europe )
** Black mass
** 2003: Black House
** 2002: Black House
** 1995: " The Man in the Black Suit "
** Black comedy – a comic work that employs " black humor " or gallows humor.
** Alpine Tethys Sea ( c. 175 – 30 Ma ) or Paratethys Sea ( isolated after 34 Ma ); today's Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and Aral Sea are remnants of the Paratethys Sea
** Black tie (" dinner jacket " in the UK ; often referred to as a " tuxedo " in the US ; traditionally appropriate only for use after 6: 00 p. m., but also seen in daytime, especially in the United States )
** Glenn Albert Black, American archaeologist ( b. 1900 )
** Navigation opens on the Volga-Don Canal, connecting the Caspian Sea basin with that of the Black Sea.
** Walter Tull, First Black infantry officer to serve in the British Army ( b. 1888 )
** The 32-member Transitional Executive Committee holds its first meeting in Cape Town, marking the first meeting of an official government body in South Africa with Black members.
** Geezer Butler, British heavy metal bassist ( Black Sabbath )
** Fred Hampton, American Black Panther ( shot by police ) ( b. 1948 )
** Mark Clark, American Black Panther ( shot by police ) ( b. 1947 )
** A shootout between Black Panthers and Oakland police results in several arrests and deaths, including 16-year-old Panther Bobby Hutton.
** Black and white £ 5 notes cease to be legal tender in the UK.
** Eugene R. Black, Sr., American banker, former president of the World Bank ( b. 1898 )
** Donald Neilson, British serial killer known as the Black Panther

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