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**" and War
**" Memoirs of the First Palestine War ", in 2, no.
**" Department " is a term used by the U. S. Army, mostly prior to World War I.
**" War is the Health of the State " ( 1918 ), excerpted from The State
**" The LaRouche-Bevel Program to Save the Nation " Chapter 13: LaRouche's Program for a War on AIDS
**" In Love and War " ( 1977 )
**" Collateral Damage ", originally published in black and white under the title Martha Washington ’ s War Diary in the Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special ( 1991 )
**" The War Is Over "
**" War "
**" War Pigs " by Black Sabbath on 10 / 31 / 94

**" and King
**" King Andy ", 3 November 1866.
**" Return Of The King " ( by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra, 2000 AD # 733-735, 1991 )
**" Return Of The King " ( by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra, 2000 AD # 733-735, 1991 )
**" The Unicorn King "
**" I picked up one of the two guitars I'd been using, and just as we were about to start, Stephen King tapped me on the shoulder and said, ' We have a special guest.
**" Madame Zilensky and the King of Finland "( The New Yorker, 1941 )
**" King of the Early Evening " from Concrete Eclectica # 1, April 1993
**" Enough World ", " King of the Early Evening ", " American Christmas " from Collected Stories 1990-1995
**" The Night Has A Thousand Eyes ", "( Let Me Be ) Your Teddy Bear ", "( Till ) I Kissed You ", " Save The Last Dance For Me ", " Only Sixteen ", " Sealed With A Kiss ", " Lipstick On Your Collar ", " From A Jack To A King ", " My Boy Lollipop ", " Ain ’ t That A Shame ", " Don't Ever Change ", " Let's Dance ", " Under The Boardwalk ", " Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ", " Dream Lover ", " She Wears Red Feathers ", " Poetry In Motion ", " Blueberry Hill ", " Shakin ' All Over ", " Lucille "
**" The King of Wrestling "
**" King Rocker "
**" The Stumble " ( King, Thompson )
**" 3 O ' Clock Blues " ( King, Taub )
**" Rock ' n ' Roll Is King " by Electric Light Orchestra.
**" The King of Old School "
**" The King of Kings "
**" The Trouble King "
**" Iceman " King Parsons
**" Blackbird " King Parsons
**" Havelok " plays around 580 to 600 AD in Denmark and England, one or two generations after mythical King Arthur ( and his people's struggle with the Saxons ) and shows early relations between the Danes and Saxons ( now well-established in England with their own kingdoms ) and the already Christianized Welsh in England.
**" The King of Diamonds "
**" He ( the King ) slept around midnight yesterday, and has also slept for a short time at dawn.
**" King of the Streets ( Carnage Rules Mix )" by Boner ( ROH ; Used while a part of The Carnage Crew )

**" and Chikara
**" Sensi " by Long Beach Dub Allstars ( ROH / Chikara / IWA Mid-South / Shimmer )
**" Engel " by Rammstein ( Chikara ; used as a member of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes )
**" Im Namen Der Bruderschaft " by Kenny Pickett ( Chikara ; used as a member of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes )

War and King
* 1943 – World War II: First Québec Conference of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King begins.
* 1676 – Praying Indian John Alderman shoots and kills Metacomet, the Wampanoag war chief, ending King Philip's War.
* 1775 – American Revolutionary War: King George III delivers his Proclamation of Rebellion to the Court of St. James's stating that the American colonies have proceeded to a state of open and avowed rebellion.
* 1944 – World War II: King Michael of Romania dismisses the pro-Nazi government of Marshal Antonescu, who is arrested.
Once the Spanish Civil War broke out, Alfonso made it clear he favoured the military uprising against the Popular Front government, but General Francisco Franco in September 1936 declared that the Nationalists would never accept Alfonso as King ( the supporters of the rival Carlist pretender made up an important part of the Franco Army ).
* 1640 – Second Bishop's War: King Charles I's English army loses to a Scottish Covenanter force at the Battle of Newburn.
Stradling and half a dozen of the crew survived the loss of their ship, but were made prisoners by the Spanish, as the War of the Spanish Succession was going on ( England and the Netherlands were in conflict with France and Spain over who was to be King of Spain ).
* 1941 – World War II: The Greek government and King George II evacuate Athens before the invading Wehrmacht.
Aegina appears to have belonged to the Eretrian league during the Lelantine War ; hence, perhaps, we may explain the war with Samos, a leading member of the rival Chalcidian league in the reign of King Amphicrates ( Herod.
During the Civil War, prior to the siege of Raglan Castle in 1645, King Charles I visited Abergavenny and presided in person over the trial of Sir Trefor Williams, 1st Baronet of Llangibby, a Royalist who changed sides, and other Parliamentarians.
Gibson portrays William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England.
FBI records show that 85 % of COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed " subversive ," including communist and socialist organizations ; organizations and individuals associated with the civil rights movement, including Martin Luther King, Jr. and others associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Congress of Racial Equality and other civil rights organizations ; black nationalist groups ; the American Indian Movement ; a broad range of organizations labeled " New Left ", including Students for a Democratic Society and the Weathermen ; almost all groups protesting the Vietnam War, as well as individual student demonstrators with no group affiliation ; the National Lawyers Guild ; organizations and individuals associated with the women's rights movement ; nationalist groups such as those seeking independence for Puerto Rico, United Ireland, and Cuban exile movements including Orlando Bosch's Cuban Power and the Cuban Nationalist Movement ; and additional notable Americans — even Albert Einstein, who was a member of several civil rights groups, came under FBI surveillance during the years just prior to COINTELPRO's official inauguration .< ref >
From 1697 to 1698 he defended the right of King William III to a standing army during disarmament after the Treaty of Ryswick ( 1697 ) had ended the Nine Years ' War ( 1688 – 97 ).
At the same time, the English Civil War pitting King against Parliament was just beginning.
This legend is found in two sources, Hans Svaning's History of King Hans from 1558 – 1559 and Johan Rantzau's History about the Last Dithmarschen War, from 1569.
For assistance against the Order, the Confederation asked for help from King Casimir IV of Poland ; Casimir's subsequent claiming of Prussia led to the Thirteen Years ' War.
During the Thirty Years ' War, the Vistula Lagoon was the main southern Baltic base of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, who was hailed as the protector of the Protestants.
In 1914, due to the growing anti-German sentiments that swept across Europe during the first few months of World War I, Prince Louis of Battenberg was removed from his position as First Sea Lord in the Admiralty and publicly humiliated by King George V and Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill.
The Parliamentary victors of the First English Civil War failed to negotiate a constitutional settlement with the defeated King Charles I.
* 1660 – With the death of Swedish King Charles X Gustav, the Swedish government can start to seek peace with Sweden's enemies in the Second Northern War – something that Charles X Gustav had refused.
Despite those efforts, he failed to gain control over Hungary and Bohemia in the Bohemian War ( 1468-1478 ) and was even defeated in the Austrian-Hungarian War ( 1477-1488 ) by the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus in 1485, who managed to maintain residence in Vienna until his death five years later ( see Siege of Vienna ( 1485 )).
* 1607 25 April – During the Eighty Years ' War between the United Provinces and the King of Spain, a Dutch fleet surprised and engaged a Spanish fleet anchored at the Bay of Gibraltar ( Battle of Gibraltar ).
The staunch Protestant Duke Charles forced the Catholic King to let go of the throne of Sweden in 1599, a part of the preliminary religious strife before the Thirty Years ' War, and reigned as regent before taking the throne as Charles IX of Sweden in 1604.
In North America there is a long history of guerrilla warfare starting with King Phillips War, followed by the four French and Indian Wars, Father Rale's War and Father Le Loutre's War.

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