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Some Related Sentences

** and Weapons
** episode: * Secret Weapons ( 1972 )
** M151A1C Weapons Platform
** A Sentinel Weapons Platform in the shape of a purple spider with green blasters, which can bash and use a green wave that reverses the controls
** Chemical Weapons Convention ( CWC ) signed.
** Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ( OPCW ), CWC treaty enters into force.
** Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting cities of the United States and her allies with Nuclear Weapons.
** The U. S. and the Soviet Union join some 70 nations in signing the Biological Weapons Convention, an agreement to ban biological warfare.
** Concord Naval Weapons Station
** 1980 Protocol III on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons
** 1995 Protocol IV on Blinding Laser Weapons
** Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, U. S. Navy facility
** The Four False Weapons, Being the Return of Bencolin
** 441st AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion
** Weapons Training Unit ( Range )
** Weapons and ammunition
** Weapons employment: Currently, Phase I of the Growler will carry the AIM-120 AMRAAM for self-protection at the two conformal fuselage stations and AGM-88 HARM missiles.
** Hitler's Secret Weapons
** 1st Special Weapons Battalion
** 2nd Special Weapons Battalion
** Atomic Weapons Establishment
** " Weapons of War " ( with Dylan Teague, in 2000 AD # 1305, 2002 )
** Special Weapons and Tactics Teams
** Rifle Squad Tactics / Weapons
** Design and Development of Weapons: Studies in Government and Industrial Organisation, M. M. Postan, 1964

** and Mass
** American Academy of Arts & Sciences, in Cambridge, Mass.
** Mass suicide in Demmin.
** Archbishop Óscar Romero is killed by gunmen while celebrating Mass in San Salvador.
** Mass media, all means of mass communications
** Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass ( CREAM )
** Mass defect scattering, a phonon hitting an impurity within the system and scattering ;
** Mass flow meter
** St Matthew, Brixton ( now also home to Mass nightclub )
** The priest, after processing in with the servers and, at Low Mass, placing the veiled chalice on the centre of the altar, makes the sign of the Cross at the foot of the altar.
** This part of Mass is a linguistic marker of the origins of the Roman liturgy in Greek.
** After greeting the people once more (" Dominus vobiscum / Et cum spiritu tuo ") and giving the invitation to pray ( Oremus ), the priest enters upon the Mass of the Faithful, from which the non-baptized were once excluded.
** At a High Mass, the priest blesses the incense, then incenses the bread and wine.
** The altar servers and ( in dialogue Mass ) the congregation respond: " Amen.
** Consecration ( transubstantiation ) and major elevationElevation of the Chalice ( cup ) | chalice during the Canon of the Mass at a Solemn Mass
** Mass may be celebrated using the 1962 Missal on working days, while on Sundays and feast days one such celebration may be held.
** Mass Driver 1
** Body Mass Index ( BMI ) is the quotient between weight and height squared ( kg / m < sup > 2 </ sup >).
** Some hold that celebration of any modern-language translation even of the Tridentine Mass would have to be presumed invalid.
** The Tridentine Mass, which supplanted the various versions of the Pre-Tridentine Mass and in turn, with the introduction of the Mass of Paul VI ceased to be the ordinary form of the Roman Rite but some versions of which continue to be used as extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite, with official approval in the case of the 1962 version.
** won by the team of Jochen Mass / Manuel Reuter / Stanley Dickens driving a Sauber-Mercedes
** Mass murder

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