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** and anti-aircraft
** The transport ship HMAS Kanimbla carrying 350 crew and soldiers, including embarked Australian Army LCM-8 landing craft and an anti-aircraft contingent, a Sea King helicopter from 817 Squadron RAN, and a bomb disposal team.
** 4-8 × AIM-92 Stinger or Mistral anti-aircraft missiles
** 1 anti-aircraft cruiser:
** 15 Rheinmetall Rh-202 twin 20 mm anti-aircraft guns.
** 12 Hispano HS-831 30 mm anti-aircraft guns.

** and artillery
** anti-tank artillery: weapons, usually mobile, designed for attacking tanks.
** rocket artillery: rocket-launched instead of shot or shell.
** reserve artillery under Braun.
** the central artillery corps,
** the veteran artillery brigade,
** permanent artillery garrisons of the fortresses on the
** 3 Field artillery battalions
** 3 Field artillery battalions
** 3 Field artillery battalions
** BT-5A: artillery support version with 76. 2 mm howitzer ( few made ).
** BT-7A: artillery support version with 76. 2 mm howitzer.
** M31 TRV converted to the artillery tractor role, with turret and crane removed.
** 3 field artillery brigades ( 12 batteries-18 pounders (~ 8 kg ) with three ammunition columns )
** 1 field artillery howitzer brigade ( 4 batteries-4. 5 in.
** 2 field artillery brigades, each comprising 4 batteries with 6 x 18 pounders ( 8 kg ) and 2 x 4. 5-inch Howitzers
** rebelliously withholding from the sovereign his fortresses, ships, artillery etc.
** The U. S. responds to the suspension of talks with more air, artillery, and ground attacks.
** German aircraft attack U. S. Navy warships bombarding coastal artillery batteries near San Stéfano di Camastra, Sicily, but score no hits.
** List of artillery
** MT-LB ( izdeliye 6 )-basic model, often used as simple APC but also as artillery tractor or ambulance.
** Infantry, tanks and artillery, 223
** Nuclear artillery
** artillery shells, specifically unexploded ordnance
** EL / M-2084 multimission radar ( artillery weapon location, air defence and fire control )

** and weapons
** mountain guns: lightweight weapons that can be moved through difficult terrain.
** mortars: typically short-barreled, high-trajectory weapons designed primarily for an indirect-fire role.
** Thulegate, a political scandal involving nuclear weapons
** U. S. President Lyndon Johnson in New York, and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow, simultaneously announce plans to cut back production of materials for making nuclear weapons.
** Iran ( which has provided weapons for Russia ) refuses to support the Allied Forces after the October Revolution.
** North Korea nuclear weapons program: North Korea announces that it plans to withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and refuses to allow inspectors access to nuclear sites.
** South Africa officially abandons its nuclear weapons programme.
** The International Atomic Energy Agency orders Iraq to destroy an industrial complex at Al Atheer that was being used to manufacture nuclear weapons.
** – President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announces that Pakistan will immediately begin a nuclear weapons programme.
** Syria offers weapons to rebels in Jordan.
** The United States and the Soviet Union sign the START I treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons.
** The Soviet Union ratifies a treaty with the United States and the United Kingdom, banning nuclear weapons from outer space.
** September 24 – Hugo Schmeisser, German weapons designer ( d. 1953 )
** Gun control: U. S. President George H. W. Bush bans the importation of certain guns deemed assault weapons into the United States.
** NATO agrees to talks with the Soviet Union on reducing the number of short-range nuclear weapons in Europe.
** The CIA admits that there was no imminent threat from weapons of mass destruction before the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
** Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse ( NNEMP ) weapons.
** Added fixed-wing planes and airships with both civilian and military grade weapons
** Includes all previously published construction rules, weapons, and equipment, but the only play rules are minor updates to the CWC2E rules.
** 10 – 12 October: Onload of arms and weapons at Long Reach
** A hooded post front sight, replacing the blade on previous weapons.
** Military and defense: biological weapons program – sniffer dogs – weapons of mass destruction – x-ray searching

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