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** and howitzers
** gun howitzers: capable of high or low angle fire with a long barrel.
** IV Heavy self-propelled Field Artillery Group with M44 howitzers
** V Heavy self-propelled Field Artillery Group with M110 howitzers

** and capable
** field guns: capable of long range fire.
** Von Neumann probes, hypothetical space probes capable of self-replication
** Nanorobots capable of self-replication
** An RS capable of deploying, in addition to the warheads, penetration aids such as chaff and decoys.
** Stepper motor, a type of electric motor capable of rotating its output shaft in equally spaced fractions of a full rotation, known as steps
** Synthetic molecular motor, molecular machines capable of rotation under energy input
** Job control capable of running jobs sequentially from the card reader.
** 95 % of a network operator's in-service phones must be E911 compliant (" location capable ") by December 31, 2005.
** Fomite, any inanimate object or substance capable of carrying infectious organisms
**: creates a new set structure, initially empty but capable of holding up to n elements.
** Sung: a species of winged humanoids of smaller stature than humans, whose technological development is close to but not as great as humanity's ( they are currently only capable of interplanetary travel ).
** the line to Amstelveen partly runs on metro track, therefore the light rail vehicles on this line are capable of using both 600 volt DC and 750 volt DC
** S-YXG100plus-PolyVL SoftSynth for then-powerful PCs ( e. g. 333 + MHz Pentium III ), capable of up to eight VL notes at once ( all other Yamaha VL implementations except the original VL1 and VL1m were limited to one, and the VL1 / 1m could do two ), in addition to up to 64 notes of XG wavetable from the MU50-emulating portion of the soft synth.
** This is one of a very few Bf-109s that is capable of flying in its current condition.
** Folding boxboard ( FBB ) – a bending grade capable of being scored and bending without fracture
** Mk 47 ( Mk 47 Mod 0 ) ( 40 mm automatic grenade launcher capable of using smart 40 mm airburst grenades )
** Suffering from brain damage, Drax the Destroyer was only ever capable of tapping unconsciously into his gem's potential, and served only to make his already formidable strength nearly limitless.
** Species 8472 pilot bioships capable of destroying Borg cubes and even planets.
** Metroid Prime Hunters features an extravagant weapon: The Judicator is said to be powered by cold-fusion synthesis and fires supercooled plasma, with temperatures close to absolute zero, and is capable of freezing the target at close ranges when used by Noxus.
** Transactional: Is this capable of acting as part of a larger transaction and if so, how do we control that?
** Bi-axis stabilised 120 mm smoothbore main gun ( NATO compatible ), with semi-automatic loader, capable of firing ATGMs
** 2030 – Robots capable of performing at human level at most manual jobs Marshall Brain
** X ( Horizontal ) Resolution: variable, maximum of 565 ( programmable to 282, 377 or 565 pixels, or as 5. 37mhz, 7. 159mhz, and 10. 76mhz pixel dot clock ) Taking into consideration overscan limitations of CRT televisions at the time, the horizontal resolutions were realistically limited to something a bit less than what the system was actually capable of.

** and high
** Ajax High School, a public high school located in the town
** coathanger – slang for high contact to the head, usually by a stiff arm, which causes a player to land flat on their back.
** Tachycardia ( abnormally high heart rate )
** Light level reduction of 0 % in low latitudes to 90 % in high smoke injection areas
** Darlington transistors are two BJTs connected together to provide a high current gain equal to the product of the current gains of the two transistors.
** Insulated gate bipolar transistors ( IGBTs ) use a medium power IGFET, similarly connected to a power BJT, to give a high input impedance.
** Dual gate FETs have a single channel with two gates in cascode ; a configuration optimized for high frequency amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators.
** Conventional: Chemicals such as gunpowder and high explosives store significant energy within their molecular bonds.
** A non maskable interrupt ( NMI ) which can be used to respond to power down situations and / or other high priority events ( and allowing a minimalistic Z80 system to easily implement a two-level interrupt scheme in mode 1 ).
** Three high school friends in Hoboken, N. J., open the first BLIMPIE on Washington Street.
** Heike Henkel, German high jumper
** The Super Dimension Fortress Macross ( 1982 – 1983 ): A huge spaceship appears high above Earth and crashes into an island in the Pacific, triggering a world war.
** The 6th World Festival of Youth and Students, a high point of the Khruschev Thaw, kicks off in Moscow.
** British forces launch Operation Goodwood, an armoured offensive aimed at driving the Germans from the high ground to the south of Caen.
** A 14-meter high tsunami strikes Hilo and Laupāhoehoe on the Big Island of Hawaii ; 173 are killed, thousands injured.
** 1996 Everest disaster: A sudden storm engulfs Mount Everest with several climbing teams high on the mountain, leaving 8 dead.
** Stefan Holm, Swedish high jumper
** Battle of George Square: The British Army is called in to deal with riots and protests against high rents in Glasgow, Scotland.
** Ulrike Meyfarth, German high jumper
** A major heat wave strikes North America ; high temperature records are set and thousands die.
** A tsunami 85 m high rises over the Ryukyu Islands in Japan.
** Javier Sotomayor, Cuban high jumper
** The Dow Jones Industrial Average surges 43. 41 points, or 4. 25 %, to close at 1, 065. 49, its first all-time high in more than 9 years.

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