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** and way
** Limit ( music ), a way to characterize harmony
** This can be done through metaphor, amplification, storytelling, or presenting the topic in a way that evokes strong emotions in the audience.
** The fact that this pattern of speciation occurred the same way on three separate occasions suggests strongly that ecological factors in a sympatric population can cause speciation.
** On their way to Lebanon, 2 Israeli troop-transport helicopters collide, killing 73.
** The steamer Danae () carrying 350 Cretan Jews and 250 Cretans on the first leg of their way to Auschwitz was sunk without survivors off the shore of Santorini.
** An avalanche in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania kills 26, including Vulcan Crucible Steel Co heir-apparent Samuel A. Stafford Sr., when two 100 ton boulders fall on a bus filled with wartime steel workers on their way home.
** The Communist Party of the Soviet Union votes to end its monopoly of power, clearing the way for multiparty elections.
** Cold War: The two German states and the Four Powers sign the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany in Moscow, paving the way for German reunification.
** The Hacienda in Las Vegas is imploded to make way for the Mandalay Bay.
** James Hoskins forces his way into WCPO's television studio in Cincinnati, holding 9 employees hostage for several hours before releasing them and taking his own life.
** Cable 243: In the wake of the Xa Loi Pagoda raids, the Kennedy administration orders the US Embassy, Saigon to explore alternative leadership in South Vietnam, opening the way towards a coup against Diem.
** Cold War: Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev pounds his shoe on a table at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, his way of protesting the discussion of the Soviet Union's policies toward Eastern Europe.
** Beaumont children disappearance: Three children disappear on their way to Glenelg, South Australia, never to be seen again.
** The United Nations deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm.
** British colonial officers Rand and Ayerst in Pune, Maharashtra, India are assassinated on their way back from a Government house party celebrating the diamond jubilee coronation anniversary of Queen Victoria, by the Chapekar brothers and Ranade, who are later caught and hanged.
** Vietnam War: North Vietnamese troops attack Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam, on their way to capturing Saigon.
** The Big Bang in the London Stock Exchange abolishes fixed commission charges, paving the way for electronic trading.
** At 5: 50 a. m. a ground fault gives way, causing the mine and part of the town of Worthington to collapse into a large chasm located in Ontario.
** Sverker the Elder, king of Sweden since 1130 ( murdered on his way to church )
** With the remaining vowels a vocalised is not absorbed, but remains phonetically present as a back vocoid in such a way that and are kept distinct.
** The Tau ' ri, or humans of Earth, have a totally opposite spin on interference than the Federation, holding it to be Earth's duty to assist humans on other planets, and most other non-hostile races, wherever possible in whatever way possible.
** Unique factorization domain, an integral domain in which every non-zero element can be written as a product of irreducible elements in essentially a unique way
** The vertical deflection system operates the same way as the horizontal, though at a much lower frequency ( 59. 94 Hz on NTSC, 50 Hz for PAL and SECAM ).
** Ambisonics, a studio or live way of recording with many channels
** Crassus sacks the Temple of Hierapolis and the Temple in Jerusalem on his way to engage the Parthians.

** and purchase
** emō, emere, ēmī, ēmptus ( to buy, to purchase )
** Food rationing in Great Britain ends with the lifting of restrictions on sale and purchase of meat, 14 years after it began early in World War II and nearly a decade after the war's end.
** Kaypro 286i-A 6 MHz 286 desktop, it was the first IBM PC / AT compatible, with dual 1. 2 MB floppy drives standard and an extensive software package but no MS-DOS 3. 0, which had not yet been released, requiring the user to purchase PC-DOS 3. 0 from IBM.
** determining the time it takes to make a purchase decision
** electronic checkout scanners-records purchase behaviour
** garbology-looking for traces of purchase patterns in garbage
** James IV makes the first recorded purchase of golf equipment, a set of golf clubs from a bow-maker in Perth.
** A 1996 Supernatural B-Horror movie where Rumpelstiltskin is trapped as a rock of Jade for 500 years until a woman is compelled to purchase it from an unusual antique shop.
** Evaluation of other options, like a purchase of an off-the-shelf product or enhancement of an existing product ;
** Investment purchase or sale
** Thomson Reuters, a media company created by The Thomson Corporation's purchase of Reuters on 17 April, 2008
** A life annuity ( provided there is at least $ 3, 500 available in the account to purchase the annuity ), based on one of several different features depending on what is chosen ( single life or joint, survivor benefit, cash refund or " 10-year certain ").
** If the participant does not provide information for TSP to purchase the annuity for either themselves or their spouse, the account will be declared abandoned.
** Kaiser-Fleetwings, an aircraft manufacturer formed by the purchase of Fleetwings.
** November 12 — $ 8 million allocated to purchase land where North Avenue crosses the Beltline for a park ( which can later be expanded to ).
** Frequent purchase
** hire purchase, a contract, in which persons usually agree to pay for goods in parts
** Kansas City Southern Railway completes its controlling interest purchase of TFM.
** Lagardère, a French publishing giant, is to purchase Time Warner Book Group from Time Warner.

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