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**" and ",
**" Do not adjust your stocking ", 40 minutes broadcast 25 December 1968, Wednesday 16: 10.
**" High Anxiety ", a song performed by Brooks in the film
**" Return of the Swallow ", annual observance of the swallows ' return to Mission San Juan Capistrano in California.
**" Memoirs of the First Palestine War ", in 2, no.
**" Allentown Jail ", folk song written by Irving Gordon
**" Belleville Rendez-vous ", a song in the movie
**" Paradoxes ", in " The Aryeh Kaplan Reader ", Aryeh Kaplan, Artscroll 1983, ISBN 0-89906-174-5
**" the Jebusite ", offspring of Canaan, a tribe that lived around Jerusalem, that was formerly known as Jebus according to the Books of Chronicles.
**" the Amorite ", offspring of Canaan, a people living between the Jordan and Euphrates rivers by at least 2000 BC, known as Amurru to the Akkadians and Egyptians.
**" the Hivite ", offspring of Canaan
**" the Arkite ", offspring of Canaan, probably city-state of Arqa in Phoenicia.
**" the Sinite ", offspring of Canaan, possibly connected with the Wilderness of Sin, or the Sinn river in Syria.
**" the Arvadite ", offspring of Canaan, refers to the Phoenician city-state of Arwad, now ; inhabited island in Syria.
**" the Zemarite ", offspring of Canaan, refers to the Phoenician city-state of Zemar.
**" the Hamathite ", offspring of Canaan, refers to Syrian city of Hamath.
**" Chamber Music ", a song by the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, from their 2000 album The W
**" Chamber Music ", a song by Xzibit, from the album 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
**" Chamber Music ", a song by Paolo Nutini, from the album Sunny Side Up ( Paolo Nutini album )
**" The Smallest Dragonboy ", by Anne McCaffrey ( 1973 ; short story previously collected in Get Off the Unicorn )
**" The Girl Who Heard Dragons ", by Anne McCaffrey ( 1986 fine press book ; cover story in The Girl Who Heard Dragons ( 1994 ))
**" Runner of Pern ", by Anne McCaffrey ( 1998 novella original to Legends ; set some time before the events of Dragonflight )
**" The Quest for the ' Origins ' of Religion ", in History of Religions 4. 1 ( 1964 ), p. 154 – 169
**" On Windy Way When Morning Breaks ", partsong

", and offspring
Ossetic bættən " bind ", bast " bound ") and Iranian * arna-" offspring ", equating it with the δουλόσποροι " slave Sporoi " mentioned by Nonnus and Cosmas, where Sporoi is the people Procopius mentions as the ancestors of the Slavs.
Biblical scholars describe the Bible's theologically-motivated history writing as " salvation history ", meaning a history of God's saving actions that give identity to Israel-the promise of offspring and land to the ancestors, the exodus from Egypt ( in which God saves Israel from slavery ), the wilderness wandering, the revelation at Sinai, and the hope for the future life in the promised land.
The name of the language traces its origin to the Esperanto word ido, meaning " offspring ", since the language is a " descendant " of Esperanto.
Several verses speak of Isaac as a " gift " to Abraham ( VI: 84 ; XIX: 49-50 ), and XXIX: 26-27 adds that God made " prophethood and the Book to be among his offspring ", which has been interpreted to refer to Abraham's two prophetic sons, his prophetic grandson Jacob, and his prophetic great-grandson Joseph.
The Khmer Rouge explicitly targeted the Chinese, Vietnamese, and even their partially Khmer offspring for extinction ; although the Cham Muslims received disfavorable treatment, they were by contrast encouraged to " mix flesh and blood ", or intermarry and assimilate.
The Law of Independent Assortment, also known as " Inheritance Law ", states that separate genes for separate traits are passed independently of one another from parents to offspring.
For example, the faculty of " philoprogenitiveness ", from the Greek for " love of offspring ", was supposed to be located centrally at the back of the head ( see illustration of the chart from Webster's Academic Dictionary ).
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word is derived from Latin hybrida, meaning the " offspring of an tame sow and a wild boar ", " child of a freeman and slave ", etc.
The second jar then contains a second generation of " offspring ", consisting of 20 marbles of various colors.
In Attic accounts, her name means " strong-born ", " born to strength ", or " she who causes the birth of strong offspring.
Their collective cultures are known as " Creole ", though many non-Louisianans do not distinguish between the two groups, or do not recognize the distinctions made in the New Orleans area between the original white colonists whose offspring were the original first born in Louisiana and Creoles that were a mixture of people of European ancestry and slave populations ( or free men and women of color ) and whose skin was mulatto for lack of a better descriptor.
The name Petsuchos means " son of Sobek ", as the Ancient Egyptian word " pet " has a meaning of " son " or " offspring ".

", and Canaan
After a popular uprising against his rule, Idrimi was forced into exile with his mother's relatives to seek refuge in " the land of Canaan ", where he prepared for an eventual attack to recover his city.
The Philistines, while an integral part of the Canaanite milieu, do not seem to have been ethnically homogenous with the Canaanites ; the Hurrians ( who spoke a language isolate ), Hittites ( Indo-European speakers ), as well as the Semitic Aramaeans, Moabites, and Ammonites, are also considered " distinct " from generic Canaanites / Amorites, in scholarship or in tradition ( although in the Biblical Book of Nations, " Heth ", Hittites are a son of Canaan, despite the fact that it has been proven beyond doubt that the Hittites spoke an Indo-European language ).
Nevertheless, the Egyptian and Hebrew uses of the term are not identical: the Egyptian texts also identify the coastal city of Qadesh in north west Syria near Turkey as part of the " Land of Canaan ", so that the Egyptian usage seems to refer to the entire levantine coast of the Mediterranean Sea, making it a synonym of another Egyptian term for this coastland, Retenu.
* Johnson House, " The Glass House ", New Canaan, Connecticut ( 1949 )
For example, in his Tunnel in the Sky settlers set out to the planet " New Canaan ", via an interstellar teleporter portal across the galaxy, in Conestoga wagons, their captain sporting mustaches and a little goatee and riding a Palomino horse — with Heinlein explaining that the colonists would need to survive on their own for some years, so horses are more practical than machines.
Achshaph-" fascination ", a royal city of the Canaanites, in the north of Canaan ( Josh.
** Heth, son of Canaan, considered ancestor of " Hittites ", a people of Canaan, possibly connected with Hatti, a powerful entity in Anatolia.
" During the late 1940s and 50s, a group of students and teachers from the Harvard Graduate School of Design migrated to New Canaan ... and rocked the world of architectural design ", according to an article in PureContemporary. com, an online architecture design magazine.
" Other architects, well known ( Frank Lloyd Wright, for example ) and not so well known, also contributed significant modern houses that elicited strong reactions from nearly everyone who saw them and are still astonishing today ... New Canaan came to be the locus of the modern movement's experimentation in materials, construction methods, space, and form ", according to an online description of The Harvard Five in New Canaan: Mid-Century Modern Houses, by William D. Earls.
Under Cooke's leadership, the group signed with Specialty Records and recorded the hits " Peace in the Valley ", " How Far Am I From Canaan?
Their first major-label release, also named Indigo Girls, which scored # 22 on the album chart, included a new version of " Land of Canaan ", which was also on their 1985 EP album and on Strange Fire.
( Messenger and Advocate 1: 82 ) This black wife, according to Phelps, was not just a descendant of Cain, but one of the pre-flood " people of Canaan ", not directly related to the Biblical Canaanites after the flood.
* Johnson, Charles S., " Bitter Canaan: The Story of the Negro Republic ", Transaction Books, New Brunswick, NJ, 1987.
Based on the Biblical account, Uriah was probably of the ethnic Hittite minority resident in Israel that had lived in and around the region, " the Land of Canaan ", since before the time of Abraham.

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