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1219 and
# Héloise / Helvis of Lusignan ( c. 1190 1216 1219, 1216 / 1219 or c. 1217 ), married firstly c. 1205 Eudes de Dampierre sur Salon, Lord of Chargey-le-Grey, div.
* 3 Latin Emperors ( 1216 1217, 1219 1261 )
** Robert ( 1219 1228 )
In the mid-12th century, an independent state of Khorazm along the Oxus River broke away from the weakening Karakitai, but the bulk of the Kara-Khitan lasted until the Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan in 1219 1221.
In 1219, twenty-one Lithuanian dukes signed a peace treaty with Galicia Volhynia.
A treaty with Galicia Volhynia, signed in 1219, is usually considered the first conclusive evidence that the Baltic tribes in the area were uniting in response to these threats.
* Semigallians and Curonians ( 1219 1290 ),
The German crusaders enlisted newly baptised Livonian warriors to participate in their campaigns against Latgallians and Selonians ( 1208 1209 ), Estonians ( 1208 1227 ) and against Semigallians, Samogitians and Curonians ( 1219 1290 ).
Category: History of Lithuania ( 1219 1569 )
Other famous pieces include the Boecis, a 258-line-long poem written entirely in the Limousin dialect of Occitan between the year 1000 and 1030 and inspired by Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy ; the Waldensian La Nobla Leyczon ( dated 1100 ), la Cançó de Santa Fe ( ca 1054 1076 ), the Romance of Flamenca ( 13th c .), the Song of the Albigensian Crusade ( 1213 1219?
Nothing is known of his early life until he became chancellor of the church of Milan ( perhaps as early as 1219, certainly in 1223 27 ).
* September 17 Minamoto no Sanetomo, Japanese shogun ( d. 1219 )
* June 15 Duke Frederick II of Austria ( b. 1219 )
* May 29 King Christopher I of Denmark ( b. 1219 )
" Journal of Parasitology, 73: 1216 1219.
* Kempō ( 1213 1219 )
* Jōkyū ( 1219 1222 )

1219 and Northern
Danish rule of Tallinn and Northern Estonia started in 1219.
They are noted for their long resistance ( 1219 1290 ) against the German crusaders and Teutonic Knights during the Northern Crusades.
In 1219 the Danish fleet landed in the major harbor of Estonia and defeated the Estonians in the Battle of Lyndanisse that brought Northern Estonia under Danish reign until the Estonian uprising in 1343, when the territories were taken over by the Teutonic Order and sold by Denmark in 1346.
In 1219, Valdemar gathered his fleet, joined forces with the Rugian navy led by prince Wizlav of Rügen and landed at Northern Coast of Estonia in the Lyndanisse ( now Tallinn ) harbor in an Estonian province of Revala.

1219 and Danish
The legend states the origin of the flag to the Battle of Lyndanisse, also known as the Battle of Valdemar ( Danish: " Volmerslaget "), near Lyndanisse ( Tallinn ) in Estonia, on June 15, 1219.
In the 19th and early 20th century, these images were used by many Danish historians, with a good flair of nationalism, trying to date the origins of the flag to 1219.
While the Swedes made only one failed foray into western Estonia in 1220, the Danish Fleet headed by King Valdemar II of Denmark had landed at the Estonian town of Lindanisse ( present-day Tallinn ) in 1219.
After the Danish conquest in 1219 the town became known in the German, Swedish and Danish languages as Reval ().
Flag of Denmark | The Danish flag falling from the sky in the 1219 Battle of Lyndanisse.
Legend has it that the Danish flag, the Dannebrog fell from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia in 1219.
It has also been suggested that the Swedish flag might have been a resistance flag against the Danish flag, which is red with a white cross, and which has been known since 1219.
The Austrian triband is the second-oldest flag in use at least since 1230, after the Danish flag ( which has been in use since 1219 ).
In one of the Danish chronicles of 1219 it is mentioned that a damaged ship of King Valdemar II the Victorious was set ashore on an " Island of Hel ".
The three lions derive from the arms of Danish king Valdemar II who had conquered northern Estonia in 1219.
The Throne Room is decorated with a large ceiling painting by Kræsten Iversen, depicting how the Danish flag, Dannebrog, fell from the sky in Estonia in 1219.
More likely Reval is derived from the name of the adjacent ancient Estonian county of Revalia ( Rävala ), and in fact the first recorded occurrences of that name predate the Danish king's first visit to Estonia in 1219 by several years.
The capital of Danish Estonia was Reval ( Tallinn ), founded at the place of Lyndanisse after the invasion of 1219.
In 1219 the Danish conquered Northern-Estonia and chose Keila as the site on which the Vomentakŋ parochial Revala county church was to be built.

1219 and at
In 1219 Pope Honorius III invited Saint Dominic and his companions to taken up residence at the ancient Roman basilica of Santa Sabina, which they did by early 1220.
In 1216 a war faction persuaded Xuānzōng to attack the Song, but in 1219 they were defeated at the same place by the Yangtze River, where Prince Hǎilíng had been defeated in 1161.
Yoritomo's second son and third shogun Minamoto no Sanetomo spent most of his life staying out of politics and writing good poetry, but was nonetheless assassinated in February 1219 by his nephew Kugyō under the giant ginkgo tree that still stands at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū.
In March 1219 he realised that he was dying, so he summoned his eldest son, also William, and his household knights, and left the Tower of London for his estate at Caversham in Berkshire, near Reading, where he called a meeting of the barons, Henry III, the papal legate Pandulf Masca, the royal justiciar ( Hubert de Burgh ), and Peter des Roches ( Bishop of Winchester and the young King's guardian ).
He died on 14 May 1219 at Caversham, and was buried in the Temple Church in London, where his tomb can still be seen.
In 1214 Theodore concluded a peace treaty with the Latin Empire at Nymphaion, and in 1219 he married a niece of Emperor Henry.
He fell ill early in 1219, and died on 14 May at his manor of Caversham near Reading.
In 1219 the Wendish castle Güstrowe was built at the place, the renaissance castle stands nowadays.
Pope Innocent III ( 1198 1216 ) in early papal tiara, Fresco at the cloister Sacro Speco, about 1219.
Second son Yoshinari, the only one of the three to reach adulthood, was forced to become a bonze and in 1219 murdered his uncle Sanetomo on the stone stairs at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū in the shogunal capital of Kamakura, an act for which he was himself slain on the same day.
Under heavy snow on the evening of February 12, 1219 ( Jōkyū 1, 26th day of the 1st month ), Sanetomo was coming down from the Senior Shrine at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū after assisting to a ceremony celebrating his nomination to Udaijin.
The courts of Windsor Forest were held at Wokingham and the town had the right to hold a market from 1219.
In 1217 he was once more at Vienna, and again in 1219 after the return of Duke Leopold VI from the crusade.
Pope Innocent III ( 1198-1216 ) in early papal tiara, Fresco at the cloister Sacro Speco, about 1219.
He is consecrated in 1219 as the first Archbishop of the Serbian church, given autocephaly by Patriarch Manuel I of Constantinople, who was then in exile at Nicaea.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. about Francis of Assisi's mission to the Egyptian Sultan Al-Kamil at Damietta in 1219
It is noteworthy that the Archbishop of Uppsala, Valerius ( 1207 1219 / 1224 ), was also in Denmark at the time, temporarily exiled from Sweden after having allied with the deposed King Sverker, yet another exile in Denmark.
The list of Swedish bishops which survives from this era is from king John Sverkerson's coronation from the year 1219 and it mentions the bishops which have been present at the coronation.
Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, well aware of the extinction of the Minamoto line in 1219, had realized that his direct descendants might die out, leaving the Tokugawa family at risk of extinction.
Unfortunately, the foundation at Deer has left no other trace of its existence, although a Cistercian monastery, founded nearby in 1219, owned some of the lands mentioned in the Gaelic texts.
It is located east of Mariposa, at an elevation of 3999 feet ( 1219 m ).
He also laid out the town of Salisbury in 1219, to allow the workers building the cathedral a less cramped town than the old garrison town at Old Sarum.

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