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1294 and
Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294 1324 ( 1978 ) excerpt and text search
* 1294 Temür, grandson of Kublai, is elected Khagan of the Mongols and Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty with the reigning titles Oljeitu and Chengzong.
* Pope Celestine V ( 1215 96, r. 1294 )
** Capetian House of Anjou Taranto branch ( 1294 1374 )
Science 219: 1287 1294.
* 1294 Pope Boniface VIII is elected Pope, replacing St. Celestine V, who had resigned.
* 1294: Pomerelia was inherited by the future Polish king Przemysł II., and remained as part of Poland until
Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294 1324 ( 1978 ) excerpt and text search
Pope Boniface VIII ( c. 1235 11 October 1303 ), born Benedetto Gaetani, was Pope of the Catholic Church from 1294 to 1303.
Pope Saint Celestine V ( 1215 19 May 1296 ), born Pietro Angelerio ( according to some sources Angelario, Angelieri, Angelliero, or Angeleri ), also known as Pietro da Morrone, was elected Pope in the year 1294 in the last non-conclave papal election in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.
( c. 1214 1294 ), ( scholastic accolade Doctor Mirabilis, meaning " wonderful teacher "), was an English philosopher and Franciscan friar who placed considerable emphasis on the study of nature through empirical methods.
* 1215 Kublai Khan, Mongolian emperor ( d. 1294 )
Numbers in the ranges 1000 1294 and 2001 2159 ( GJ numbers ) are from the supplement
The range 1000 1294 represents nearby stars, while 2001 2159 represents suspected nearby stars.
Guittone d ' Arezzo rediscovered it and brought it to Tuscany where he adapted it to his language when he founded the Neo-Sicilian School ( 1235 1294 ).
However, a slightly younger ( c. 1270 1294 ) French poem called Li dis dou vrai aniel was Boccaccio's probable source.
* September 23 Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire ( d. 1294 )
* date unknown Zhu Derun, Chinese painter and poet ( b. 1294 )
# 18r: John, Duke of Brabant ( John I, 1252 / 1253 1294 )
* date unknown Simonida, queen consort of Serbia ( b. 1294 )
* February 1 King Charles IV of France ( b. 1294 )

1294 and Saint
In 1294, Henry III, Duke of Głogów, founded a church in honor of Saint Hedwig, patron saint of Silesia.
# John I, Duke of Brabant ( 1253 1294 ) Married first to Marguerite of France, daughter of King Louis IX of France ( Saint Louis ) and his wife Margaret of Provence, and later to Margaret of Flanders, daughter of Guy, Count of Flanders and his first wife Mathilda of Béthune.

1294 and Celestine
In a clear disagreement with Dante, in 1346 Petrach argued in his De vita solitaria that Pope Celestine V's refusal of the papacy in 1294 was as a virtuous example of solitary life.
Pope Celestine V abdicated on 13 December 1294 at Naples, where he had established the papal court under the patronage of King Charles II of Sicily.
A contemporary, Bartholomew of Lucca, who was present in Naples in December 1294 and witnessed many of the events of the abdication and election, said that Benedetto Gaetani was only one of several cardinals who pressured Celestine to resign.
Elected on 5 July 1294, he was crowned at Santa Maria di Collemaggio in the city of Aquila in the Abruzzo on 29 August, taking the name of Celestine V.
On various occasions the popes found asylum from the tumults of Rome within its walls, and it was the meeting-place of five conclaves ( Perugia Papacy ), including those that elected Honorius III ( 1216 ), Clement IV ( 1285 ), Celestine V ( 1294 ), and Clement V ( 1305 ); the papal presence was characterised by a pacificatory rule between the internal rivalries.
He was not consecrated immediately because of a papal vacancy ; Celestine V eventually performed the ceremony at Aquila on 12 September 1294.
They returned to Italy, where in 1294 Celestine V, noted for his asceticism but whose pontificate lasted scarcely six months, willingly permitted them to live as hermits in the strict observance of the Rule of St. Francis.
On August 29, 1294, the hermit Pietro del Morrone was consecrated as pope Celestine V in the church of Santa Maria di Collemaggio, in commemoration of which the new pope decreed the annual religious rite of the Pardon ( Perdonanza Celestiniana ), still observed today in the city on August 28 and 29: it is the immediate ancestor of the Jubilee Year.
Gregory X's strict regulations were abrogated in 1276 by Adrian V, but Celestine V, elected in 1294 following a two-year vacancy, restored them.
The best known example of the resignation of a Pope is that of Pope Celestine V in 1294.
On August 29, 1294 Pietro da Morrone was crowned Pope there, as Celestine V, and as part of his coronation instituted a plenary pardon of sins for all who would visit the church, confessed and repentant, on the 28th and 29th of August of any year.
The two best known cases are those of Pope Celestine V in 1294 ( who, though the poet Dante Alighieri pictured him condemned to hell for this action, was canonized in 1313 ) and Pope Gregory XII, who resigned in 1415 to help end the Great Western Schism.
# Pope Celestine V ( 1294 )

1294 and V
Eventually, it was decided based on several legal reasons ( later reinterpreted as Salic Law ) that Jeanne was ineligible to inherit the throne, which passed to the Comte de Poitou, who became Philip V. He, however, produced no surviving sons with his wife, Joan, Countess of Burgundy ( 1291 1330 ), who had been cleared of her charges of adultery ; thus, when he died in 1322, the crown passed to his brother, Charles ( 1294 1328 ), Comte de La Marche, who became Charles IV ; the County of Burgundy, brought to the Capetians by the marriage of Joan and Philip V, remained with Joan, and ceased to be part of the royal domains.

1294 and papacy
He issued two other decrees: one confirmed an earlier decree of Pope Gregory X that ordered the shutting of the cardinals in a conclave to elect a new pope ; the second declared the right of any pope to abdicate the papacy, a right that he himself exercised at the end of five months and eight days at Naples on 13 December 1294.
Nevertheless, the family had no more great importance in Rome until the election of Benedetto Caetani to the papacy as Pope Boniface VIII in 1294, when they at once became the most notable in the city.

1294 and after
The conclave began on 23 December 1294, ten days after Celestine's resignation, in strict accordance with the rules established by Pope Gregory X at the Second Council of Lyons of 1274.
Kublai Khan, after having conquered all of China and established the Yuan Dynasty, died in 1294, and was succeeded by his grandson Temur Khan, who continued Kublai's policies.
In a chronicle of 1652, Matthäus Merian stated that the town had been destroyed by Bogislaw of Pomerania, when after Mestwin's II death in December 1294 the Duke Przemysŀ claimed the town for Pomeralia, as he had done already five years before, and could not be persuaded to peacefully give up his claim and to withdraw from there.
The eldest, Hetoum II of Armenia, abdicated after four years in favor of his younger brother Thoros III of Armenia, but was placed back on the throne in 1294.
In 1294, Louis I began to expand Nyon as a center of his power after Amédée granted his share of the conquest to Louis.
Competition arose anew after his death in 1294.
The procedure of locking in the papal elections was intermittently used until, and exclusively used after, 1294.
Soon after his enthronement in 1294, Temür called off all preparations for further expansions to Japan and the Đại Việt whose new ruler ignored his grandfather's envoy in 1291.
John was born shortly before or after the death of his father and passed his early days at the Bohemian court and the town of Brugg in the Swabian home territory of the Habsburgs, where he is mentioned as titular duke in a 1294 deed.
Portrait of Kublai Khan executed shortly after his death in February 1294 by Anige

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