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1305 and
* 1305 Sir William Wallace is executed for high treason at Smithfield in London.
The Empire's problems were exploited by Theodore Svetoslav of Bulgaria, who defeated Michael IX and conquered much of northeastern Thrace in c. 1305 1307.
* 12 Kings and Queens of Navarre ( 1305 1441, 1572 1792 )
** Louis I ( 1305 1316 )
** John II ( 1286 1305 )
** Arthur II ( 1305 1316 )
An example of such would be Qian Xuan ( 1235 1305 AD ), who was an official of the Song Dynasty, but out of patriotism, refused to serve the Yuan court and dedicated himself to painting.
* 1358 Ashikaga Takauji, Japanese shogun ( b. 1305 )
* 1268 Lord Borchard de Herle, English diplomat ( d. 1305 )
* 1305 A peace treaty between the Flemish and the French is signed at Athis-sur-Orge.
King Philip IV of France ( 1268 1314 ) In 1305, the new Pope Clement V, based in France, sent letters to both the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and the Hospitaller Grand Master Fulk de Villaret to discuss the possibility of merging the two Orders.
Pope Clement V, born Raymond Bertrand de Got ( also occasionally spelled de Guoth and de Goth ) ( c. 1264 20 April 1314 ) was Pope from 1305 to his death.
* 1271 Wenceslaus II of Bohemia ( d. 1305 )
Not much is known about him beyond his military campaign of 1297 98, and the last few weeks of his life in 1305.
* December 29 Elizabeth of Poland, queen consort of Hungary ( b. 1305 )
* September 5 Charles d ' Évreux ( b. 1305 )
* 1276 William Wallace, Scottish patriot ( approximate date ; d. 1305 )
* Pope Clement V: 1305 1314
* Pope Clement V: 1305 1314 ( moved to Avignon March 9, 1309 )
After the conciliatory Papacy of Benedict XI ( 1303 04 ), Clement V ( 1305 1314 ) became the next pontiff.
# 10r: King Wenceslaus of Bohemia ( Wenceslaus II, 1271 1305 )
# 418r: Boppe ( of Bonndorf, d. 1320 ; from 1276 1305 serving as reeve of the count of Nellenburg )

1305 and William
While all this took place, William Wallace was finally captured near Glasgow and was hanged, drawn and quartered in London on 23 August 1305.
Sir William Wallace ( Medieval Gaelic: Uilliam Uallas ; modern Scottish Gaelic: Uilleam Uallas ; Norman French: William le Waleys ; ; died 23 August 1305 ) was a Scottish knight and landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.
The head of William Wallace was the first to appear on the gate, in 1305, starting a tradition that was to continue for another 355 years.
The Scottish nobleman William Wallace was executed here in 1305.
William Wallace was executed in London in 1305, and it was in Sheen that the Commissioners from Scotland went down on their knees before Edward.
* William Wallace ( died 1305 )
Soldiers from the castle were dispatched to arrest William Wallace at Robroyston in 1305 and escorted him to Dumbarton Castle.
On 19 May 1305 William married Joan of Valois, sister of the future king Philip VI of France, and had the following children:
However the ruins which exist today are those of the castle built in 1305 by Bishop William Langton, a friend of King Edward I of England and later Chancellor of England.
* 1305 Capture and execution of Scottish resistance fighter William Wallace by the English on a charge of treason
Between 1286 and 1307 he sat every year as a justice at the original Old Bailey, and sat as a justice at the trial of William Wallace at Westminster Hall in 1305.
Sir William De Strickland ( 1242 1305 ) married Elizabeth d ' Eyncourt who was descended maternally from the Clan Dunbar, cadets of the Scottish kings, and from the Uchtred, Earldorman of Northumberland and his third wife Aelfgifu, daughter of King Aethelred the Unready.
While all this took place, William Wallace was finally captured at Robroyston near Glasgow on 3 August 1305.
It was where Scottish leader William Wallace was turned over to English soldiers in 1305.
After the execution of William Wallace in 1305, his body was cut up and sent to different corners of the country to warn other dissenters.
William Wallace ( died 1305 ) was a Scottish knight, landowner and leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence.
William of Ware ( called the Doctor Fundatus ; flourished 1290 1305 ) was a Franciscan friar and theologian, born at Ware in Hertfordshire.
William Wallace was executed in London in 1305, and it was in Sheen that the Commissioners from Scotland went down on their knees before Edward.

1305 and Wallace
In 1305, Wallace was captured in Robroyston near Glasgow and handed over to King Edward I of England, who had him hanged, drawn, and quartered for high treason and crimes against English civilians.
Wallace evaded capture by the English until 5 August 1305 when John de Menteith, a Scottish knight loyal to Edward, turned Wallace over to English soldiers at Robroyston near Glasgow.
Following the trial, on 23 August 1305, Wallace was taken from the hall to the Tower of London, then stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield.
After the capture and execution of Wallace in 1305, Scotland seemed to have been finally conquered and the revolt calmed for a period.
A great propaganda victory was achieved in 1305 when Wallace was betrayed by Sir John de Menteith and turned over to the English, who had him taken to London where he was publicly executed.

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