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1600 and
The Ancien Regime, 1600 1750 ( 1974 )
The memory of the Atanasoff Berry Computer was a pair of drums, each containing 1600 capacitors that rotated on a common shaft once per second.
During the Tokugawa period ( 1600 1868 ) the Ainu became increasingly involved in trade with Japanese who controlled the southern portion of the island that is now called Hokkaido.
From 1598 1600 is a triple Portrait, now in Naples, an example of genre painting.
Board game with inlays of ivory, rock crystal and glass paste, covered with gold and silver leaf, on a wooden base ( Knossos, Minoan chronology | New Palace period 1600 1500 B. C., Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Crete )
File: British Museum gold thing 501594 fh000035. jpg | Room 51-Mold gold cape, North Wales, Bronze Age, c. 1900 1600 BC ( one of the finest examples of prehistoric sheet-gold working )
Baroque dance is dance of the Baroque era ( roughly 1600 1750 ), closely linked with Baroque music, theatre and opera.
Archaeological findings providing evidence for the existence of the Shang Dynasty, c. 1600 1046 BC, are divided into two sets.
The Prince and the Law, 1200 1600: Sovereignty and Rights in the Western Legal Tradition.
Yin and yang are ancient Chinese concepts which can be traced back to the Shang dynasty ( 1600 1100 BC ).
Charles I ( 1600 1649 ) also bought cheese from the village.
Charles I ( 19 November 1600 30 January 1649 ) was King of England, King of Scotland, and King of Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution in 1649.
Occupation of the site at Delphi can be traced back to the Neolithic period with extensive occupation and use beginning in the Mycenaean period ( 1600 1100 BC ).
* 1525 Tadeáš Hájek, Czech physician and astronomer ( d. 1600 )
Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600 1945: The Age of the Gods.
Between 1600 and 1945, Edo / Tokyo was leveled every 25 50 years or so by fire, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions or war.
* 1600 Caspar Hennenberger, German Lutheran pastor, historian and cartographer ( b. 1529 )
* 1600 The Peruvian stratovolcano Huaynaputina explodes in the most violent eruption in the recorded history of South America.
* 1600 The philosopher Giordano Bruno is burned alive, for heresy, at Campo de ' Fiori in Rome.
* Woshinsky, Barbara R. Imaging Women ’ s Conventual Spaces in France, 1600 1800: The Cloister Disclosed.
* 1600 Gabriel Naudé, French librarian and scholar ( d. 1653 )
But according to another source, the word " Geology " comes from the Norwegian, Mikkel Pedersøn Escholt ( 1600 1699 ), who was a priest and scholar.
** Baroque ( 1600 1720 )
* Mustafa Ali ( 1541 1600 ), Ottoman historian, politician and writer

1600 and Gowrie
The so-called Gowrie conspiracy of 1600, in which the young Earl of Gowrie, John Ruthven, and his brother Alexander Ruthven were killed by James's attendants for a supposed assault on the King, triggered the dismissal of their sisters Beatrix and Barbara Ruthven as ladies-in-waiting to Anne, with whom they were " in chiefest credit.
One last Scottish attempt against the king's person occurred in August 1600, when James was apparently assaulted by Alexander Ruthven, the Earl of Gowrie's younger brother, at Gowrie House, the seat of the Ruthvens.
Two years later in 1586, the attainder was reversed and his son, the second Earl, was restored as Earl of Gowrie and Lord Ruthven, but both peerages were forfeited after the alleged plot and subsequent death of the second Earl's younger brother, the third Earl, in 1600.
Alexander Ruthven, third son of the first Earl of the first creation, took part in the Gowrie conspiracy of 1600, was condemned for treason and hung, drawn and quartered.
* John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie ( 1576 1600 )
It was created in 1621 by James VI for his friend and helper Sir David Murray who had saved him from the attack of Earl Gowrie in 1600.
John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie ( c. 1577 5 August 1600 ) was a Scottish nobleman, the second son of William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie and his wife Dorothea Stewart.
He died while attempting to kidnap King James VI in August 1600, during an event later known as the Gowrie conspiracy.
The earl's sons were slain in the attempt ( known as the Gowrie conspiracy ) to capture James VI ( 1600 ), consequent on which the Scots parliament ordered the name of Ruthven to be abolished, and the barony to be known in future as Huntingtower.
His son John Ruthven, Earl of Gowrie ( 1577 ?– 1600 ), continued the family tradition of intrigue by offering to serve Queen Elizabeth I, then leading the opposition to James VI.
He was killed by the king's attendants in 1600 and the earldom of Gowrie went extinct until 1945.
The reputation of the Ruthvens as assassins was strengthened by a mysterious affair which became known as the " Gowrie Conspiracy " in 1600.
Ruthven Castle's name was officially changed to Huntingtower in 1600 after the Gowrie House conspiracy.
* The Gowrie Conspiracy, an attempt to kidnap the soon-to-be James I of England in 1600

1600 and against
Baroque Art emerged in Europe around 1600, as a reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerist style which dominated the Late Renaissance.
In 1600, Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud, the principal secretary to the Moroccan ruler Mulai Ahmad al-Mansur, visited England as an ambassador to the court of queen Elizabeth I, in order to negotiate an Anglo-Moroccan alliance against Spain.
There were a number of theologians who defended Calvinistic orthodoxy against Amyraut and Saumur, including Friedrich Spanheim ( 1600 1649 ) and Francis Turretin ( 1623 1687 ).
Mineral wool Insulation, 1600 dpi scan against the grain
The first related to those lords who had fought against Tokugawa forces at Sekigahara ( in 1600 AD ) and had from that point on been exiled permanently from all powerful positions within the shogunate.
In 1998 he was convicted of crimes against humanity for his participation in the deportation of more than 1600 Jews to concentration camps during World War II when he was secretary general for police in Bordeaux.
As religious laws against Catholics increased, the castle became used as a prison from 1580 onwards ; by 1600 the castle prison contained 40 prisoners, Roman Catholic priests and recusants.
Some of the ideas that were part of the charges of heresy ( along with many other purely religious ones ) against Giordano Bruno, who in 1600 was burned alive at the stake in Campo de ' Fiori in Rome, now form some of the foundations of modern cosmology, and of theories such as that of parallel universes.
In 1600, Ishida Mitsunari, born in the eastern part of Nagahama and based in Sawayama Castle, made war against Tokugawa Ieyasu in Sekigahara, Gifu.
The first related to those lords who had fought against Tokugawa forces at the Battle of Sekigahara ( in 1600 ) and had from that point on been excluded permanently from all powerful positions within the shogunate.
A classic argument against earth motion is the lack of speed sensations of the earth surface, though it moves at 1600 km / h.
In 1600, he took part in the brief campaign in Savoy, and in 1603 fought in Hungary against the Turks for emperor Rudolf II.
After this he joined in the Holy Roman Empire ’ s campaign against the Ottoman Turks in Hungary and Transylvania as a mercenary in 1600 and through rapid promotion became a Field Marshal in only five years.
However, the Hungarian noblemen, dissatisfied with the disorder, rebelled against his rule, and defeated him at Mirăslău on September 18, 1600.
In 1600, Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud went to the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England to promote the establishment of an Anglo-Moroccan alliance against Spain.
Kagemochi followed in many battles against the Oda and remained with the Uesugi even when they were moved to Aizu after Sekigahara in 1600.
At the conference at Fontainebleau in 1600 he argued with much eloquence and ingenuity against Du Plessis Mornay ( 1549 1623 ).
The siege of Ueda was staged in 1600 by Tokugawa Hidetada, son of the warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu, against Ueda castle in Shinano province, which was controlled by the Sanada family.
The term was originally a pejorative word coined in 1600 by the Scottish royalist and Catholic William Barclay ( 1548 1608 ) from the Greek μόναρχος ( monarchos-" monarch, sole ruler ") and μάχομαι (" makhomai "-the verb meaning " to fight "), meaning " those who fight against monarchs.
Tuberculosis was responsible for 20 % of all European deaths between 1600 and 1900, so even partial protection against the disease could account for the current gene frequency.
The C10 raced against many cars including the Toyota 1600 GT ( RT55 ), Isuzu Bellett GTR, Mazda Familia ( R100 ) & Capella ( RX-2 ) even Porsche.
In 1600 he fought against Michael the Brave ( Michal Waleczny, Mihai Viteazul ), hospodar of Wallachia and the new Prince of Transylvania, who had conquered Moldavia a few months earlier.
In 1600 and 1601 he took part in the war against Sweden commanding the Commonwealth forces in Livonia ( Inflanty ).

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