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1822 and Palace
and for the Royal Mews ( 1822 – 24 ) and Marble Arch ( 1828 ) The arch was originally designed as a triumphal arch to stand at the entrance to Buckingham Palace.
* Prince William Alexander Ernst Frederick Casimir of the Netherlands Dutch: Willem Alexander Ernst Frederik Casimir ( Brussels ( per one source ) or Soestdijk Palace ( per another ), 21 May 1822 – Brussels, 22 October 1822 ).
( 1822 ); and he prepared designs for a frieze and other decorations for Buckingham Palace, which were not executed, owing to the death of George IV.
Princess Augusta was born on 19 July 1822 at the Palace of Montbrillant, Hanover.
He wrote the Encyclopaedia of Gardening in 1822, and invented a flexible iron-bar sash which made possible such monumental greenhouses as the Palm House at Kew Gardens and the Crystal Palace.
In 1822 as an official architect of the Office of Works, Soane was asked to make alteration to the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster.
Krasiński Palace in Warsaw's Ursynów district — from 1822, Niemcewicz's residence
The main duties of the company are now ceremonial, and since 1822 appointment as the Sovereign's ' Body Guard in Scotland ' for George IV's visit to Edinburgh, include attending the Sovereign at various functions during the annual Royal Visit to Scotland when he or she approach within five miles of Edinburgh, including the Order of the Thistle investitures at The High Kirk of Edinburgh ( St Giles Cathedral ), the Royal Garden Party and the Ceremony of the Keys at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the presentation of new colours to Scottish regiments.
* Palazzo Vecchio, begun in 1822 as headquarters for the Delegation of Velletri, in 1870 it became the headquarters of the courts and the Palace of Justice.
At the time his family did not even have an heir to their land, but he took the name Tsultrim Gyatso and was enthroned at the Potala Palace in 1822.
Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed two nights at Dalkeith in 1745, King George IV slept here during his visit to Edinburgh in 1822, in preference to Holyroodhouse Palace which was in a poor state, as did Queen Victoria in 1842.
King George spent some days in 1822 as the Duke's guest at Dalkeith Palace, the first visit of a reigning Hanoverian monarch to Scotland.
The Palace of the Council of State was completed on the eastern side of the Senate Square in 1822.
The first was when presented to King George IV, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in 1822, during his visit to Scotland ( the first visit to Scotland by a reigning monarch since 1651 ).
On February 9, 1822, Boyer formally entered the capital city, Santo Domingo, where he was met with enthusiasm and received from Núñez the keys of the Palace.

1822 and demolished
By 1822 the house was in poor repair and the current owner, the Marquess of Anglesey, had it demolished.
Country homes for the landed gentry included: new rooms and remodelling of Wimpole Hall and garden buildings, ( 1790 – 94 ) for his friend Philip Yorke that he met on his Grand Tour ; remodelling of Baronscourt, County Tyrone, Ireland ( 1791 ); Tyringham Hall ( 1792 – 1820 ); the remodelling of Aynhoe Park ( 1798 ); In 1804 Soane remodelled Ramsey Abbey none of his work there now survives ; the remodelling of the south front of Port Eliot and new interiors ( 1804 – 06 ); the Gothic Library at Stowe House ( 1805 – 06 ); Moggerhanger House ( 1791 – 1809 ); for Marden Hill, Hertfordshire, Soane designed a new porch and entrance hall ( 1818 ); remodelling of Wotton House after damage by fire ( 1820 ); a terrace of six houses above shops in Regent Street London, ( 1820 – 21 ) demolished ; Pell Wall Hall ( 1822 ).
The old town of Cullen was demolished in 1822 and its remains are next to Cullen House.
* Wanstead House, Essex ( 1714 – 15 ) demolished ( 1822 )
The complex replaced the old school building near St. Trinity church, which was placed there at least since 1822 and demolished in 1967.
* Saint-Jacques Cathedral ( Montreal ), built in 1822 and demolished in 1973.
There were also 5-apartment semi-detached houses, and 3-apartment terraced houses built, next to the Estate of Barlanark House, which was constructed by David Hamilton in 1822, demolished in 1954.

1822 and by
In 1802 a Buildings Committee was set up to plan for expansion of the museum, and further highlighted by the donation in 1822 of the King's Library, personal library of King George III's, comprising 65, 000 volumes, 19, 000 pamphlets, maps, charts and topographical drawing.
The name Carboniferous means " coal-bearing " and derives from the Latin words carbo ( coal ) and ferre ( to carry ), and was coined by geologists William Conybeare and William Phillips in 1822.
The Cretaceous as a separate period was first defined by a Belgian geologist Jean d ' Omalius d ' Halloy in 1822, using strata in the Paris Basin and named for the extensive beds of chalk ( calcium carbonate deposited by the shells of marine invertebrates, principally coccoliths ), found in the upper Cretaceous of western Europe.
David created his last great work, Mars Being Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces, from 1822 to 1824.
Agustín de Iturbide, the general who helped secure Mexican independence from Spanish rule, was proclaimed Emperor Agustín I in 12 July 1822, but was overthrown by the Plan of Casa Mata the next year.
The first reported clitoridectomy in the West was carried out in 1822 by a surgeon in Berlin on a teenage girl regarded as an " imbecile " who was masturbating.
In 1880, Sullivan wrote the cantata The Martyr of Antioch, presented at the Leeds Triennial Music Festival, with a libretto modified by Gilbert from an 1822 epic poem by Henry Hart Milman concerning the martyrdom of St. Margaret of Antioch in the 3rd century.
The liberal government, which reminded European statesmen entirely too much of the governments of the French Revolution, was viewed with hostility by the Congress of Verona in 1822, and France was authorized to intervene.
Scott's " staging " of the royal Visit of King George IV to Scotland in 1822 and the king's wearing of tartan, resulted in a massive upsurge in demand for kilts and tartans that could not be met by the Scottish linen industry.
One of the major states to emerge from the Mfecane was the Sotho Kingdom founded at Thaba Bosiu by Moshoeshoe I around 1821 to 1822.
* 1822 – First day of the three-day Battle of Dervenakia, between the Ottoman Empire force led by Mahmud Dramali Pasha and the Greek Revolutionary force led by Theodoros Kolokotronis.
* 1822 – The design of the Greek flag is adopted by the First National Assembly at Epidaurus.
* 1822 – Greek War of Independence: Acrocorinth is captured by Theodoros Kolokotronis and Demetrios Ypsilantis.
* Deutsche Grammatik ( Göttingen, 1819, 2nd ed., Göttingen, 1822 – 1840 ) ( reprinted 1870 by Wilhelm Scherer, Berlin )
The invention of the Fresnel lens ( pronounced ) in 1822 by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel revolutionized lighthouses in the 19th century, focusing 85 % of a lamp's light versus the 20 % focused with the parabolic reflectors of the time.
Louis Pasteur ( 1822 – 1895 ) expanded upon Spallanzani's findings by exposing boiled broths to the air, in vessels that contained a filter to prevent all particles from passing through to the growth medium, and also in vessels with no filter at all, with air being admitted via a curved tube that would not allow dust particles to come in contact with the broth.
On the basis of a land grant made to him by the Anglophile native King of the Mosquito people in what is present-day Honduras, MacGregor wove one of history's most elaborate hoaxes, managing to charm the highest levels of London's political and financial establishment with tales of the bucolic, resource-rich country he claimed to rule as a benevolent sovereign prince, or " Cazique ", when he arrived in the UK in 1822.
* 1822 – The massacre of the population of the Greek island of Chios by soldiers of the Ottoman Empire following an attempted rebellion, depicted by the French artist Eugène Delacroix.
Beginning with the famous decipherment and translation of the Rosetta Stone by Jean-François Champollion in 1822, a number of individuals attempted to decipher the writing systems of the Ancient Near East and Aegean.
The notion of physical dimension of a physical quantity was introduced by Joseph Fourier in 1822.
Regarding Argentina as a potential threat to Paraguay, he shifted his foreign policy toward Brazil by quickly recognizing Brazilian independence in 1822.

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