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1831 and
Reference to them is made according to the organization of Immanuel Bekker's Royal Prussian Academy edition ( Aristotelis Opera edidit Academia Regia Borussica, Berlin, 1831 1870 ), which in turn is based on ancient classifications of these works.
In 1859, Nobel's father left his factory in the care of the second son, Ludvig Nobel ( 1831 1888 ), who greatly improved the business.
* 1831 Soldiers marching on the Broughton Suspension Bridge in Manchester, England cause it to collapse.
* 1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion commences just after midnight in Southampton County, Virginia, leading to the deaths of more than 50 whites and several hundred African Americans who are killed in retaliation for the uprising.
* 1770 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher ( d. 1831 )
* 1831 Nat Turner sees a solar eclipse, which he believes is a sign from God.
* 1831 A new London Bridge opens.
* 1798 Sangolli Rayanna, Indian freedom fighter ( d. 1831 )
* 1831 John Jones Ross, Canadian politician, 7th Premier of Quebec ( d. 1901 )
* 1831 French intervention forces William I of the Netherlands to abandon his attempt to suppress the Belgian Revolution.
* 1831 Helena Blavatsky, Russian scholar and theosophist ( d. 1891 )
* 1831 Nat Turner leads black slaves and free blacks in a rebellion.
* Alexander, Prince of Lippe ( 1831 1905 ), prince of Lippe
* 1831 Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction.
* 1831 The University of Alabama is founded.
* 1831 John Abernethy, English surgeon ( b. 1764 )
* annual Amtsbürgermeister 1815 1831
In the late eighteenth and during the nineteenth century, Lithuanian participants in the 1794, 1830 1831, and 1863 rebellions against the Russian czarist rule were exiled to Abakan.
* Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first leader of free modern Greece ( 1776 1831 ), had a large building erected ; intended as a barracks, it was subsequently used as a museum, a library and a school.
* 1831 D. Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil, resigns.
* Pope Gregory XVI ( 1765 1846, r. 1831 46 )
Work was also progressing on the northern half of the West Wing ( The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery ) 1826 1831, with Montagu House demolished in 1842 to make room for the final part of the West Wing, completed in 1846, and the South Wing with its great colonnade, initiated in 1843 and completed in 1847, when the Front Hall and Great Staircase were opened to the public.
#* Napoleon Louis Bonaparte ( 1804 1831 )
The first Portalian president was General Joaquín Prieto, who served two terms ( 1831 1836, 1836 1841 ).

1831 and Samuel
A contractor reportedly named Samuel Hoosier preferred to hire workers from Indiana during the construction of the Louisville and Portland Canal ( 1826 1831 ) in Louisville.
* 1757 Samuel Bentham, English mechanical engineer ( d. 1831 )
In 1831 Georgia militia arrested Samuel Worcester for residing on Indian lands without a state permit, imprisoning him in Milledgeville.
* Jamaica's Baptist War, 1831 1832, led by the Baptist preacher, Samuel Sharpe.
* Samuel Miller, 1831.
Northbridge claims to history include: Native American Nipmuc lands, Colonel John Spring, who led the Uxbridge militia training company in the American Revolution, Samuel Spring, Revolutionary War Chaplain, the Residence of Ezra T. Benson 1830-1832, the birthplace of President Millard Fillmore's mother, Phoebe, and home to the Whitin Machine Works from 1831 to 1964
* Samuel M. Stephenson ( 1831 1907 ), member of United States House of Representatives from Michigan
Windham was the birthplace of Samuel Dinsmoor, Governor of New Hampshire from 1831 to 1834.
The area was first settled by Europeans in 1831 when Samuel Damon arrived from the United States.
Samuel Lover, writing in 1831, describes the leprechaun as ,... quite a beau in his dress, notwithstanding, for he wears a red square-cut coat, richly laced with gold, and inexpressible of the same, cocked hat, shoes and buckles.
Samuel Francis Smith wrote the lyrics to " My Country, ' Tis of Thee " in 1831, while a student at the Andover Theological Seminary in Andover, Massachusetts.
Madison Avenue was not part of the original New York City street grid established in the Commissioners ' Plan of 1811, and was carved between Park Avenue ( formerly Fourth ) and Fifth Avenue in 1836, due to the effort of lawyer and real estate developer Samuel B. Ruggles, a graduate of Yale University who had previously purchased and developed New York's Gramercy Park in 1831, who was in part responsible for the development of Union Square, and who also named Lexington Avenue.
Albert Samuel Anker ( April 1, 1831 July 16, 1910 ) was a Swiss painter and illustrator who has been called the " national painter " of Switzerland because of his enduringly popular depictions of 19th-century Swiss village life.
In 1822 the first class of boys and girls was confirmed at the Hamburg Temple, and in 1831 Rabbi Samuel Egers, a prominent traditional rabbi of his time, began to confirm boys and girls at the synagogue of Brunswick.
Samuel Prout painted by John Jackson in 1831
** Samuel Smith ( J ), first elected December 5, 1831
* Samuel W. Peel ( 1831 1924 ), U. S. Representative from Arkansas
The region had few inhabitants at this time, with the 1831 edition of Samuel Lewis's " Topographical Dictionary of England " claiming Crookham had 623 inhabitants and not even mentioning the ( at the time ) much smaller Fleet.
* Samuel Bentham ( 1757 1831 ), English mechanical engineer, brother of Jeremy
Sir Samuel Bentham ( 11 January 1757 in England 31 May 1831 in London, England ) was a noted English mechanical engineer and naval architect credited with numerous innovations, particularly related to naval architecture, including weapons.
* Samuel E. Smith ( 1788 1860 ), American politician ; Governor of Maine, 1831 1834
In 1831, Grimké was courted by Edward Bettle, the son of Samuel and Jane Bettle, both of whom were active members of Philadelphia Quaker society.
The island's last major slave revolt, the Christmas Rebellion or Baptist War ( 1831 1832 ) took place in the area around Montego Bay ; the leader of the revolt, Samuel Sharpe, was hanged there in 1832.
Samuel Henry Harkwood ( Sam ) Livingston ( 4 February 1831 4 October 1897 ) came to Canada following an unsuccessful venture in the Californian gold rush of 1849, and eventually found his way to Jumping Pound, North-West Territories, in 1873 where he opened a trading post.

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