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1860 and
On May 9 10, 1860, the Illinois Republican State Convention was held in Decatur.
* 1860 The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — later renamed Community of Christ — is organized by Joseph Smith III and others at Amboy, Illinois
* 1805 Joseph Locke, English railway and civil engineer ( d. 1860 )
* 1860 Annie Oakley, American target shooter ( d. 1926 )
* 1860 The Second Maori War begins in New Zealand.
* 1860 William Kennedy Dickson, France-Scottish actor, director, and inventor ( d. 1935 )
* 1860 Alan Leo, English astrologer ( d. 1917 )
* 1860 Henrietta Vinton Davis, American writer and public speaker ( d. 1941 )
* 1860 Florence Harding, American publisher, 31st First Lady of the United States ( d. 1924 )
* 1860 Jules Laforgue, French poet ( d. 1887 )
* 1860 Martin Hawke, 7th Baron Hawke, England cricketer ( d. 1938 )
* 1860 Klara Hitler, Austrian mother of Adolf Hitler ( d. 1907 )
" The Transubstantiation of a Poor White ", in Black Reconstruction: An Essay Toward the History of the Part Which Black People Have Played in the Attempt to Reconstruct Democracy in America, 1860 1880 ( 1935 ).
Unionism and Reconstruction in Tennessee, 1860 1869 ( 1934 ) online edition
* 1789 Stéphanie de Beauharnais, French wife of Charles, Grand Duke of Baden ( d. 1860 )
* 1860 On his phonautograph machine, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville makes the oldest known recording of an audible human voice.
* 1860 Isaac Levitan, Russian painter ( d. 1900 )
* 1860 The first Pony Express rider reaches Sacramento, California.
* 1860 Charles XV of Sweden of Sweden-Norway is crowned king of Norway in Trondheim.
Historians identify several waves of migration to the United States: one from 1815 1860, in which some five million English, Irish, Germanic, Scandinavian, and others from northwestern Europe came to the United States ; one from 1865 1890, in which some 10 million immigrants, also mainly from northwestern Europe, settled, and a third from 1890 1914, in which 15 million immigrants, mainly from central, eastern, and southern Europe ( many Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish, Lithuanian, Russian, Jewish, Greek, Italian, and Romanian ) settled in the United States.
* 1860 Ottó Bláthy, Hungarian engineer and inventor ( d. 1939 )
* 1860 Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, Indian singer and composer ( d. 1936 )

1860 and first
Peasant parties first appeared across Eastern Europe between 1860 and 1910, when commercialized agriculture and world market forces disrupted traditional rural society, and the railway and growing literacy facilitated the work of roving organizers.
Alcott voted in a presidential election for the first time in 1860.
In his journal for November 6, 1860, he wrote: " At Town House, and cast my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever cast for a President and State officers.
The first instrumental analysis was flame emissive spectrometry developed by Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff who discovered rubidium ( Rb ) and caesium ( Cs ) in 1860.
Following his conquest of most of Western Europe, the first Napoleon made his elder brother Joseph ( 1768 1844 ) king first of Naples ( 1806 1808 ) and then of Spain ( 1808 1813 ), his third brother Louis ( 1778 1846 ) king of Holland ( 1806 1810 ) ( subsequently forcing his abdication after his failure to subordinate Dutch interests to those of France ) and his youngest brother Jérôme Bonaparte ( 1784 1860 ) king of Westphalia, the short-lived realm created from some of the states of northwestern Germany ( 1807 1813 ).
* Willem Einthoven ( 1860 1927 ), a physiologist who built the first practical ECG and won the 1924 Nobel prize in medicine
Daniel Barringer ( 1860 1929 ) was one of the first to identify an impact crater, Meteor Crater in Arizona ; to crater specialists the site is referred to as Barringer Crater in his honor.
* 1860 The first ever inter-club football match takes place between Hallam F. C.
* 1860 South Carolina becomes the first state to attempt to secede from the United States.
* 1860 The first British seagoing iron-clad warship, HMS Warrior is launched.
The most significant figure of the era, however, was General José María Urbina, who first came to power in 1851 through a coup d ' état, remained in the presidency until 1856, and then continued to dominate the political scene until 1860.
The first few chapters of the novel, dealing with the discovery of Erewhon, are in fact based on Butler's own experiences in New Zealand where, as a young man, he worked as a sheep farmer on Mesopotamia Station for about four years ( 1860 1864 ) and explored parts of the interior of the South Island of which he wrote about in his A First Year in Canterbury Settlement ( 1863 ).
After an initial unsuccessful visit to leading doctors in Harley Street, Elizabeth decided to first spend six months as a hospital nurse at Middlesex Hospital, London in 1860.
The first chips fried in the UK were on the site of Oldham's Tommyfield Market in 1860.
* 1908 John Hope, 1st Marquess of Linlithgow, first Governor-General of Australia ( b. 1860 )
( The adjective genetic, derived from the Greek word genesis — γένεσις, " origin ", predates the noun and was first used in a biological sense in 1860.
* Artificial Paradises by Charles Baudelaire ; first edition 1860
Friedrich August Kekulé von StradonitzThe need for an international standard for chemistry was first addressed in 1860 by a committee headed by German scientist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz.
As the first building on campus, the Farm House was built in 1860 before campus was occupied by students or even classrooms.
After finishing the 1859 1860 theatre season in Richmond, Virginia, Booth embarked on his first national tour as a leading actor.
* Charles Dickens ' novel, Great Expectations ( first published in serial form in the publication All the Year Round from 1 December 1860 to August 1861 ), contains a reference in chapter 48 to a couple having been married " over the broomstick.
The new Republican Party, which was created in opposition to the act, aimed to stop the expansion of slavery and soon emerged as the dominant political party in the North, electing its first president, Abraham Lincoln, in 1860.

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