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. and D
And ( D ) all action of a physical kind pertinent to the mission is relegated to the line of men on the lower rank.
( D ) honesty in government.
Meaningful policies include: ( A ) kinds of cars the state should own, ( B ) when cars should be traded, ( C ) the need and assignment of vehicles, ( D ) use of cars in lieu of mileage allowances, ( E ) employees taking cars home, and ( F ) need for liability insurance on state automobiles.
For the year 2000 this means servicing ( A ) the protection requirements of a watershed producing at least 200 million acre-feet of water each year, ( B ) recreation and wildlife resources used each year by 635 million visitors, ( C ) a timber resource supporting an annual cut of 21 billion board feet, and ( D ) 60 million acres of rangelands.
For United States expenditures under subsections ( A ), ( B ), ( D ), ( E ), ( F ), ( H ) through ( R ) of Section 104 of the Act or under any of such subsections, the rupee equivalent of $200 million.
pattern D for lid fits over top diameter of Aj.
score other side of D and one side of disk E and join as before.
Companies of all types have made great advances in production capabilities and efficiencies -- in modern equipment and new processes, enlarged R & D facilities, faster new product development.
Many companies have systems, particularly in R & D, which work more or less well, depending upon size and actual belief in the policy on the part of administration, as will be abundantly apparent in subsequent quotations.
We have set up a central R & D department, as well as engineering-management departments -- about 80 people working on problems related to those of our plants.
the doors of the D train slid shut, and as I dropped into a seat and, exhaling, looked up across the aisle, the whole aviary in my head burst into song.
( D ) Since the shape of the drop conforms to the force field, it does not appreciably affect the distribution of forces in the fluid.
By Theorem 10, D is a diagonalizable operator which we shall call the diagonalizable part of T.
Then there is a diagonalizable operator D on V and a nilpotent operator N in V such that ( A ) Af, ( b ) Af.
The diagonalizable operator D and the nilpotent operator N are uniquely determined by ( A ) and ( B ) and each of them is a polynomial in T.
We have just observed that we can write Af where D is diagonalizable and N is nilpotent, and where D and N not only commute but are polynomials in T.
hence they commute with D and with N.
Since D and D' are both diagonalizable and they commute, they are simultaneously diagonalizable, and Af is diagonalizable.
Then every linear operator T in V can be written as the sum of a diagonalizable operator D and a nilpotent operator N which commute.
These operators D and N are unique and each is a polynomial in T.
If D denotes the differentiation operator and P is the polynomial Af then V is the null space of the operator p (, ), because Af simply says Af.

. and McClure's
Carl Schurz, in Volume I of his ' Reminiscences ' ( New York: McClure's Publ.
He had fourteen stories published under various pseudonyms while he was in prison, but was becoming best known as " O. Henry ", a pseudonym that first appeared over the story " Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking " in the December 1899 issue of McClure's Magazine.
The novel originally appeared as a serialization in McClure's, beginning with the November 1896 edition.
Cover of the November 1896 edition of McClure's, which began the serialization of the novel.
To further boost McClure's career, McClure's agent suggests that he get married.
Unaware of McClure's motivation, Selma accepts his proposal, and moves into McClure's house, a Modernist building which resembles the Chemosphere.
Homer says nothing at the wedding, but later offhandedly mentions McClure's admission to Marge, who then informs her sister.
Having a child will secure McClure's casting as McBain's sidekick in McBain IV: Fatal Discharge, but Selma is unwilling to bring a child into a loveless relationship and decides to leave McClure.
Writer Mike Reiss later met Doug McClure's daughter, who revealed that her father had found the homage funny.
McClure's visual appearance is similar to that of Hartman himself.
McClure's character is most developed in " A Fish Called Selma ", which provides a more in-depth look into his private life and backstory.
McClure's most prominent episode, " A Fish Called Selma ", is often regarded as one of the best episodes in the show's history, and is a favorite of many staff members.
Its northwest and west coasts were charted by men from Robert McClure's expedition in 1850 and 1851.
Literary ' variety ' magazines like Strand, McClure's, and Harper's quickly became central to the overall structure and function of popular fiction in society, providing a mass-produced medium that offered cheap, illustrated publications that were essentially disposable.
Elmer in his history reports that when the courthouse was finished, pictures of it were published in McClure's Magazine and newspapers in the East to show the development of the West.
The film is a spinoff from the Superman film series starring Christopher Reeve, to which it is connected by Marc McClure's character Jimmy Olsen.
The course was allegedly designed to play to then-commanding officer Major General Robert B. McClure's terrible slice, and thus has a series of holes nicknamed " Combat Corner " with substantial doglegs.
Post Offices, began in 1860, were located in McClure's log cabin, Vandiver's Store ( now Blue Mountain Pizza ) and Shope's Furniture.
While the phone company remains in McClure and has yet to be consolidated into a larger telecom company, today most of McClure's businesses are long closed, as are those in most of the boom towns which grew up in the same era as McClure.

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