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1887 and
* 1887 Harold Lockwood, American actor ( d. 1918 )
* 1887 George, Crown Prince of Serbia ( d. 1972 )
* 1887 Dudley Benjafield, English race car driver ( d. 1957 )
There was more chopping and changing in the teams, given that there was no official board of selectors for each country ( in 1887 88, two separate English teams were on tour in Australia ) and popularity with the fans varied.
* 1887 Tommy Ward, South African cricketer ( d. 1936 )
* 1887 Mumbai Fire Brigade is established.
* 1922 Charles I of Austria ( b. 1887 )
After 1890 came philosopher Josiah Royce ( 1855 1916 ), botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey ( 1858 1954 ), the Southern Agrarians of the 1920s and 1930s, novelist John Steinbeck ( 1902 1968 ), historian A. Whitney Griswold ( 1906 1963 ), environmentalist Aldo Leopold ( 1887 1948 ), Ralph Borsodi ( 1886 1977 ), and present-day authors Wendell Berry ( b. 1934 ), Gene Logsdon ( b. 1932 ), Paul Thompson, and Allan C. Carlson ( b. 1949 ).
* 1887 Rupert Brooke, English poet ( d. 1915 )
Alfred William Lawson ( March 24, 1869 November 29, 1954 ) was a professional baseball player, manager and league promoter from 1887 through 1916 and went on to play a pioneering role in the US aircraft industry, publishing two early aviation trade journals.
* 1851 Doc Holliday, American gambler and dentist ( d. 1887 )
* 1887 Marija Leiko, Latvian actress ( d. 1937 )
* 1860 Jules Laforgue, French poet ( d. 1887 )
* 1887 Erwin Schrödinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1961 )
* 1887 James Paul Moody, English 6th Officer of the RMS Titanic ( d. 1912 )
1929 portrait of King Alfonso XIIIOn 31 May 1906, at the Royal Monastery of San Geronimo in Madrid, Alfonso married Scottish-born Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg ( 1887 1969 ), a niece of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
* 1887 István Kühár, Prekmurian priest, politician, and writer ( d. 1922 )
* 1814 Dimitri Kipiani, Georgian politician and writer ( d. 1887 )
* 1887 Muhammad Sharif Pasha, Egyptian statesman ( b. 1826 )

1887 and week
Wyalusing is also home to The Rocket Courier founded in 1887, is a newspaper that is printed once a week.
On 29 January 1887, one week after the opening night of Ruddigore, Grossmith fell dangerously ill.
The next week, 20 November 1887 the popular mood of protest continued to expand.
" Chicago feels a special interest in Mr. Lowell at this particular time because he is perhaps the foremost representative of the enterprising and opulent community which within the last week has secured the services of one of Chicago ’ s honored sons for the base-ball season of 1887 ," Field wrote.
Coincidentally, John Jacob Astor's wife, Charlotte Augusta Astor also died of uterine cancer just a week shy of the hospital's grand opening in December 1887, missing her chance to be presumably cured.
Then, in 1887, Moon wrote to the Foreign Mission Journal and proposed that the week before Christmas be established as a time of giving to foreign missions.
The earliest known issue of the Reveille was published at Louisiana State University in 1887, but did not become a permanent part of campus until Jan. 14, 1897, when it began weekly publication ; in the 1920s it began publishing twice a week.

1887 and after
In 1887, the stolen base was given its own individual statistical column in the box score, and was defined for purposes of scoring: "... every base made after first base has been reached by a base runner, except for those made by reason of or with the aid of a battery error ( wild pitch or passed ball ), or by batting, balks or by being forced off.
In 1999, Pissarro's " Boulevard Montmartre, Spring, 1887 " turned up in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem after being donated, its donor having been unaware of its pre-war provenance.
Dar es Salaam fell into decline after Majid's death in 1870, but was revived in 1887, when the German East Africa Company established a station there.
The university's colours of gold and black were officially adopted in 1887, after the rugby team led the debate about the college colours for the football jerseys.
The term dialectical materialism was coined in 1887, by Joseph Dietzgen, a socialist tanner who corresponded with Karl Marx, during and after the failed 1848 German Revolution.
Fans of the literary detective Sherlock Holmes are widely considered to have comprised the first modern fandom creating some of the first fan fiction as early as 1887 and holding public demonstrations of mourning after Holmes was " killed " off in 1893.
The publication of their result in 1887, the null result, was the first clear demonstration that something was seriously wrong with the aether concept of that time ( after Michelson's first experiment in 1881 that wasn't fully conclusive ).
Though the Phillies moved into a permanent home at Baker Bowl in 1887, they did not win their first pennant until nearly 30 years later, after the likes of standout players Billy Hamilton, Sam Thompson, and Ed Delahanty had departed.
The rivalry started when the Pittsburgh Pirates entered National League play in their fifth season of 1887, four years after the Phillies.
Holmes shares the majority of his professional years with his good friend and chronicler Dr. Watson, who lives with Holmes for some time before his marriage in 1887, and again after his wife's death.
Laura, under her married name, also won a high reputation as an artist, and appears in numerous of Alma-Tadema's canvases after their marriage ( The Women of Amphissa ( 1887 ) being a notable example ).
The is named after James Curtis Hepburn, who used it to transcribe the sounds of the Japanese language into the Latin alphabet in the third edition of his Japanese English dictionary, published in 1887.
The first league, the National Colored Base Ball League, was organized strictly as a minor league but failed in 1887 after only two weeks owing to low attendance.
The MTOC's three lines fed their cable tram system — Victoria Bridge cable tram terminus to Kew ( Boorondara Cemetery ), opened in 1887 and closed in 1915 after its sale to Kew Council for conversion to a Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust electric line.
The commune of Dakar has been in continuous existence since 1887, being preserved by the new state of Senegal after independence in 1960, although its limits have varied considerably over time.
French Indochina was formed in October 1887 from Annam, Tonkin, Cochinchina ( which together form modern Vietnam ) and the Kingdom of Cambodia ; Laos was added after the Franco-Siamese War.
He was named after his father, also James Callaghan ( 1887 1921 ), who was of Irish descent and was a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer.
The disease is named after the British ophthalmologist Waren Tay, who in 1881 first described a symptomatic red spot on the retina of the eye, and after the American neurologist Bernard Sachs of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, who described in 1887 the cellular changes of Tay Sachs disease and noted an increased disease prevalence in the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish population.
The city was essentially founded after Britain ceded the island to France in 1887.
* In 1887, the town of Burnett in Nebraska was renamed Tilden by the U. S. Post Office after Samuel J. Tilden.
In 1887 he went to Paris to study law, working as a court administrator in Le Cateau-Cambrésis after gaining his qualification.
Soon after, he became house surgeon at the Chichester Infirmary ( 1887 9 ) and, although he enjoyed the town and the company of his colleagues, an appointment at Bart's and the opportunity to return to the company of productive researchers in medicine proved too much to resist.
In 1887, after visiting Panama, Gauguin spent several months near Saint Pierre in Martinique, in the company of his friend the artist Charles Laval.

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