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1927 and
Fifteen statuettes were awarded, honoring artists, directors and other personalities of the filmmaking industry of the time for their works during the 1927 1928 period.
Percy Bysshe Shelley composed a " Hymn of Apollo " ( 1820 ), and the god's instruction of the Muses formed the subject of Igor Stravinsky's Apollon musagète ( 1927 1928 ).
* Armstrong Whitworth Atlas, a British military aeroplane manufactured ( 1927 1933 )
* Atlas ( 1927 1962 ), a LMS Royal Scot Class steam locomotive
Leipzig, 1927 1928
* 1927 Gerry Mulligan, American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and arranger ( d. 1996 )
* 1927 April 12 Incident: Chiang Kai-shek orders the Communist Party of China members executed in Shanghai, ending the First United Front.
* 1927 The Federal Industrial Institute for Women opens in Alderson, West Virginia, as the first women's federal prison in the United States.
* 1927 Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford become the first celebrities to leave their footprints in concrete at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
* 1927 Five Canadian women file a petition to the Supreme Court of Canada, asking, " Does the word ' Persons ' in Section 24 of the British North America Act, 1867, include female persons?
* 1927 Jimmy C. Newman, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
* 1927 Daniel Keyes, American author
* 1927 Marvin Minsky, American computer scientist
* 1927 Robert Shaw, English actor ( d. 1978 )
* 2004 Nilo Soruco, Bolivian singer-songwriter ( b. 1927 )
* 2010 Tzannis Tzannetakis, Greek politician, 175th Prime Minister of Greece ( b. 1927 )
* 1927 The Nanchang Uprising marks the first significant battle in the Chinese Civil War between the Kuomintang and Communist Party of China.
* 1894 Ottavio Bottecchia, Italian cyclist ( d. 1927 )
* 1927 Gordon Scott, American actor ( d. 2007 )
* 2012 Martin Fleischmann, Czech-English chemist ( b. 1927 )
* 1927 The Peace Bridge opens between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York.
* 1927 Edwin Edwards, American politician
* 1927 Art Houtteman, American baseball player ( d. 2003 )
* 1927 Carl Switzer, American actor ( d. 1959 )

1927 and predecessor
It can also refer to one of its predecessor states, the ( united ) Kingdom of Great Britain ( 1707 1801 ), or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ( 1801 1927 ).
Boeing Air Transport ( a predecessor of United Airlines ) began scheduled flights to Oakland in December 1927.
This was the first time Fine Gael had ever defeated Fianna Fáil in a national election, as well as the first time Fianna Fáil had lost a national election since it finished second in the Irish general election, September 1927 to Cumann na nGaedheal, Fine Gael's immediate predecessor.
The predecessor institution was St. Mary ’ s Seminary Junior College ( 1949 1968 ), in turn preceded by St. Mary ’ s Female Seminary Junior College ( 1927 1949 ).
After the proclamation of the Kruger National Park in 1926, the first three tourist cars entered the park in 1927, jumping to 180 cars in 1928 and 850 cars in 1929. Warden James Stevenson-Hamilton retired on 30 April 1946, after 44 years as warden of the Kruger Park and its predecessor, the Sabi Game Reserve.
Since Alekhine won the title in 1927, he had been avoiding a rematch with his predecessor, Capablanca, whom many considered the strongest possible challenger.
He then worked briefly in the radio research institute before being recruited by the OGPU, a predecessor of the KGB, in May 1927.
The Times Literary Supplement review of the book publication struck a positive although incorrect note in its issue of 3 February 1927 when they assumed that the different style of the book from its immediate predecessor, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was a deliberate ploy: " M. Poirot, the Belgian detective who has figured in others of Mrs Christie's tales, is in very good form in the latest series of adventures.
Chiang Kai-shek sought to avoid repetition of such incidents, and in November 1927 he met with Tanaka Giichi, who had become Japan's premier in April of that year ( and also held the portfolio of Foreign Minister ) in part, on the strength of promises to take more active and aggressive measures than his predecessor toward protection of Japanese lives, property, and economic interests in China.
Board by the Jungfern Bridge built in 1927 after its predecessor was destroyed on 30 December 1925.
In 1927, he was placed by Prime Minister MacKenzie King as the first chairman of the Federal District Commission, the predecessor to the National Capital Commission.
In between, he had played sixty one innings without reaching double figures, which is the third longest such sequence after Eric Hollies between 1948 and 1950 ( 71 innings ) and his Northamptonshire predecessor Nobby Clark between 1925 and 1927 with 65 consecutive single figure innings.

1927 and Philippine
In 1925, at the Spring Council of the Far Eastern Division, it was voted that the academy be authorized to carry fourteen grades, adding one grade each year towards 1927, and that the name be changed to Philippine Junior College.
He was an instructor in weapons and tactics at the Infantry School, 1927 1931 ; was promoted to major, August 1932 ; was executive officer of the 23rd Brigade, Manila, and assistant chief of staff, G-2, Philippine Division, 1933 1934.
* Rizalina Calumpang De Montesa, Miss Tanjay 1927 ; Miss Negros Oriental 1927 ; only known candidate to have represented the Province in the Philippine National Carnivals in Manila
Amelita " Ming " Martinez-Ramos ( born December 29, 1927 ) is the wife of Philippine President Fidel Ramos and was the eleventh First Lady of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998.
In 1927, a Philippine Constabulary ( PC ) Commander assigned in the area, Ist Lt. Catalino Javier, initiated the development of some portions of the municipality.
The organization in 1925 of the Philippine Writers Association and in 1927 of the University of the Philippines National Writers Workshop, which put out the Literary Apprentice, also helped encourage literary production.
The University of the Philippines Rural High School was established as a subsidiary of the Department of Agricultural Education ( DAE, now Department of Agricultural Education and Rural Studies or DAERS ) of the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture, pursuant to Sec. 4 of Act 3377 of the Philippine Legislature which was approved on December 3, 1927.

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