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1929 and
* 1929 Huey P. Long Governor of Louisiana is impeached by the Louisiana House of Representatives.
* 1929 Willis Hall, English playwright and writer ( d. 2005 )
* 1929 Joi Lansing, American model and actress ( d. 1972 )
* 1929 André Previn, German composer and conductor
* 1866 Princess Viktoria of Prussia ( d. 1929 )
* 1929 Mukhran Machavariani, Georgian poet ( d. 2010 )
* 1929 Ira Levin, American author ( d. 2007 )
* 1929 Mike Elliott, Jamaican saxophonist ( The Foundations )
* 1929 Roch La Salle, Canadian politician ( d. 2007 )
* 1929 Abdi İpekçi, Turkish journalist ( d. 1979 )
* 1929 Pat Harrington, Jr., American actor
* 2005 Harald Juhnke, German actor ( b. 1929 )
In Serbia Nikola Pašić ( 1845 1926 ) and his Radical Party dominated Serbian politics after 1903 ; they also monopolized power in Yugoslavia from 1918 to 1929 ; during the dictatorship of the 1930s, it furnished the prime minister.
* 1929 Hafizullah Amin, Afghan politician ( d. 1979 )
* 1929 Ann Calvello, American roller derby racer ( d. 2006 )
* 1929 Jiddu Krishnamurti, tapped to be the messianic " World Teacher ", shocks the Theosophy movement by dissolving the Order of the Star, the organisation built to support him.
* 1840 John Bigham, 1st Viscount Mersey, English jurist and politician ( d. 1929 )
* 1929 Emile Berliner, German-American inverter and businessman, invented the phonograph ( b. 1851 )
* 1929 Thorstein Veblen, American economist and sociologist ( b. 1857 )
A third generation was led by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie ( 1929 ) and includes Jacques Revel, and Philippe Ariès ( 1914 1984 ), who joined the group in 1978.
The French Historical Revolution: The Annales School 1929 89, ( 1990 ), the major study in English excerpt and text search
* 1929 Don Larsen, American baseball player
* 1929 The German airship Graf Zeppelin begins a round-the-world flight.
* 1876 Varghese Payapilly Palakkappilly, Indian-Syrian priest ( d. 1929 )

1929 and Hebron
The 1929 Palestine riots ( see also the Hebron Massacre ), led Ze ' ev Jabotinsky to create a right-wing militia group called the Irgun Tzvai Leumi ( National Military Organization, known in Hebrew by its acronym " Etzel ").
In 1972 Jewish Defense League leaflets were distributed around Hebron calling for the mayor to stand trial for the 1929 Hebron massacre.
In 1972, Jewish Defense League leaflets were distributed in Hebron, calling for mayor to stand trial for the 1929 Hebron massacre.
Two of the more famous incidents occurring during these riots were the August 23 and August 24 1929 Hebron massacre, in which 65 68 Jews were killed by Palestinians and the remaining Jews are forced to leave Hebron.
* August 23 and August 24 The 1929 Hebron massacre, in which 65 68 Jews are killed by Palestinians and the remaining Jews are forced to leave Hebron.
In the 1929 Hebron massacre, Arab rioters slaughtered some 64 to 67 Jewish men, women and children and wounded 60, and Jewish homes and synagogues were ransacked ; 435 Jews survived by virtue of the shelter and assistance offered them by their Arab neighbours, who hid them.
Supporters of Jewish resettlement within Hebron see their program as the reclamation of an important heritage dating back to Biblical times, which was dispersed or, it is argued, stolen by Arabs after the massacre of 1929.
Following the 1929 Hebron massacre, access by Jews was severely restricted by British Mandate authorities.
There were bloody anti-Arab and anti-Jewish riots in Jerusalem in 1921 and in Hebron in 1929.
He studied there until 1929, narrowly escaping the 1929 Hebron massacre because he was away for the weekend, on his way to see Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.
After the pogrom in Hebron in 1929, Hutner spent some years as a wandering scholar.
In the region of Palestine he founded his own institution in the town of Hebron called Knesses Yisroel-" Gathering of Israel ", which moved to Jerusalem following the massacre of Jews during the 1929 Palestine riots in which many of the yeshiva students perished.
The early settlers were evacuated from Talpiot in the wake of the 1929 Hebron massacre, but later returned.
A trooper, Avraham Vered, added another motive for revenge, the fact that the village was in the Hebron hills, some of whose villagers had been responsible for the 1929 Hebron Massacre.
* 1929 Hebron massacre

1929 and Massacre
The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder of 7 mob associates as part of a prohibition era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago: the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran.
Probably the most famous gangland drive-by-shooting happened with George " Bugs " Moran attacked Al Capone in a coffee shop, several months before the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.
The City News Bureau broke the story of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, but, for once, didn't quite believe its reporter, Walter Spirko, and sent the following bulletin:
17 Av-( 1929 )-Hebron Massacre
McGurn is associated with planning the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, in 1929, though this association has not been proven.
Sophia also claimed to have been present at the 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre ( at which time she would have been 22 ), to which she then took back stating, " Oh yeah, I was at the movies that day.
In later years, Accardo boasted over federal wiretaps he participated in the infamous 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre in which, allegedly, Capone gunmen murdered seven members of the rival North Side Gang.
In 1929, the Outfit had killed seven North Side gang members in the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
This begins a five year gang war between the North Side Gang, under Hymie Weiss, against Al Capone's Chicago Outfit that would end with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, in 1929.
In 1929 the St. Valentine's Day Massacre led to the opening of the first independent scientific crime detection laboratory in the United States.
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is a 1967 gangster film based on the 1929 Chicago mass murder of seven members of the Northside gang, directed against George " Bugs " Moran by Al Capone.

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