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1941 and
E. B. Tylor ( 2 October 1832 2 January 1917 ) and James George Frazer ( 1 January 1854 7 May 1941 ) are generally considered the antecedents to modern social anthropology in Britain.
* Herbert Austin ( 1866 1941 ), British founder of the Austin Motor Company
* John Arnold Austin ( 1905 1941 ), American sailor
* 1941 World War II: Nazi Germany launches Operation 25 ( the invasion of Kingdom of Yugoslavia ) and Operation Marita ( the invasion of Greece ).
* 1941 Phil Austin, American comedian
* 1941 Hans W. Geissendörfer, German director
* 1941 Don " The Snake " Prudhomme, American drag racer
* 1941 Gheorghe Zamfir, Romanian musician
* 1871 Ioannis Metaxas, Greek general and dictator ( d. 1941 )
* 1941 Bobby Moore, English footballer ( d. 1993 )
* 1941 Stavros Dimas, Greek politician
* 1941 Johnny Farina, American musician and composer ( Santo & Johnny )
* 1941 Cesária Évora, Cape Verdean singer ( d. 2011 )
* 1941 János Konrád, Hungarian water polo player and swimmer
* 1941 Harrison Page, American actor
* 1908 Lajos Vajda, Hungarian painter ( d. 1941 )
* 1941 Lyle Berman, American poker player
* 1941 Ray Culp, American baseball player
* 1941 Way Bandy, American make-up artist ( d. 1986 )
* 1941 Shirlee Busbee, American novelist
* 1941 Erin Fleming, Canadian actress ( d. 2003 )
* 1902 Helen Morgan, American actress ( d. 1941 )
* 1941 Doris Coley, American singer ( The Shirelles ) ( d. 2000 )
* 1941 Jules A. Hoffmann, French biologist, Nobel Prize laureate

1941 and After
After his death from cancer in 1941 his manuscripts were curated by his linguist friends who also worked to spread the influence of Whorf's ideas on the relation between language, culture and cognition.
After 1941 42, armoured formations were increasingly used as a mobile reserve against Allied breakthroughs.
After Germany's failure to destroy the Soviets before the winter of 1941, the strategic failure above the German tactical superiority became apparent.
After years of silence on these developments, cables sent by Shoghi Effendi on 2 November 1941 provide background to developments among family members.
After successfully participating in the Louisiana Maneuvers, he was promoted to brigadier general on October 3, 1941.
After the defeat of the Italians by the Ethiopians who were assisted by soldiers from Britain in 1941, Haile Selassie was restored to the throne but Victor Emmanuel did not relinquish his claim to the title until 1943.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, his role was turned over to full-time director of OCD, James M. Landis.
After 1941, he continued to publish works on the economics of information, political philosophy, the theory of law, and psychology, but seldom on macroeconomics.
After initial successes ( mainly the conquest of western Poland, much of Scandinavia, France and the Balkans before 1941 ) the Axis powers began to over-extend themselves in 1941.
" After most of the 1941 season, however, he was honorably discharged when the United States Congress released men aged 28 years and older from service, being released on December 5, 1941, two days before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
After the fall of Yugoslavia and Greece in April 1941, the Italian Fascists added to the territory of the Kingdom of Albania most of the Albanian-inhabited areas that had been previously given to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
After the government ceased NYA operations, Robinson traveled to Honolulu in fall 1941 to play football for the semi-professional, racially integrated Honolulu Bears.
After a short season, Robinson returned to California in December 1941 to pursue a career as running back for the Los Angeles Bulldogs of the Pacific Coast Football League.
After coming back to Paris in May 1941, he participated in the founding of the underground group Socialisme et Liberté with other writers de Beauvoir, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jean-Toussaint Desanti and his wife Dominique Desanti, Jean Kanapa, and École Normale students.
After intervention from Alexander Dorner, Rhode Island School of Design, Schwitters was finally released on 21 November 1941.
After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Voroshilov was made commander of the short-lived Northwestern Direction, controlling several fronts.
After the Vichy forces in the Middle East surrendered in July 1941, volunteers from the Troupes Spéciales du Levant enlisted in the Free French forces and participated in combat in Italy, North Africa, and southern France.
After the Treaty of Versailles following World War I, Liegnitz was part of the newly created Province of Lower Silesia from 1919 to 1938, then of the Province of Silesia from 1938 to 1941, and again of the Province of Lower Silesia from 1941 to 1945.
After submitting his work, " Memorandum of Establishment of Service of Strategic Information ," Colonel Donovan was appointed as the " Co-ordinator of Information " in July 1941.
In the 1941 novel Sixth Column ( also known as The Day After Tomorrow ), a white resistance movement in the United States defends itself against an invasion by an Asian fascist state ( the " Pan-Asians ") using a " super-science " technology that allows ray weapons to be tuned to specific races.
After six months of combat against the Germans, the stavka abolished the Rifle Corps intermediate level between the Army and Division level because, while useful in theory, in the state of the Red Army in 1941, they proved ineffective in practice.

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