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1959 and
* Brett Austin ( 1959 1990 ), New Zealand swimmer
British Medical Journal, Jan. 3, 1959, 1 ( 5113 ): 1 6.
* 1959 Gail Shea, Canadian politician
* 1883 Dally Messenger, Australian footballer ( d. 1959 )
* 1959 Paul Gross, Canadian actor, director, and writer
* 1959 Stephen Harper, Canadian politician, 22nd Prime Minister of Canada
* 1959 W. Thomas Smith, Jr, American author and columnist
* 1909 Lester Young, American saxophonist ( d. 1959 )
* 1959 Gerhard Berger, Austrian race car driver
* 1959 Downtown Julie Brown, English television host and actress
* 1959 Juan Fernando Cobo, Colombian painter and sculptor
* 1959 András Petöcz, Hungarian author
* 1959 Jeanette Winterson, English novelist
* 1959 Rajendra Singh Indian water conservationist
* 1875 Albert Ketèlbey, English conductor, composer, and pianist ( d. 1959 )
* 1959 Kurtis Blow, American rapper and producer
* 1959 Stuart Hughes, Canadian actor
* 1959 Michael Kors, American fashion designer
* 1959 Toni Servillo, Italian actor and director
* 1959 Danny Bonaduce, American actor
* 1959 Michael Bradley, Irish bass player and radio host ( The Undertones )
* 1959 Bruce French, English cricketer
* 1959 Tom Niedenfuer, American baseball player
* 1959 Victoria Jackson, American comedian, actress, and singer
* 1959 Apollonia Kotero, American singer and actress ( Apollonia 6 )

1959 and values
The values agree with the data from 1958 Alpha and 1959 Eta.
* National Bureau of Standards: Refinement of values for the yard and the pound ( 1959 )
Georg Johannesen's first publication Dikt ( Poetry ) in 1959 introduced a new interest in political and social values, that had not been particularly evident in the 1950s.
" Ford issued a statement that it would distribute coupons to customers who purchased 1960 models ( and carryover 1959 models ) prior to the announcement, valued at $ 300 to $ 400 toward the purchase of new Ford products to offset the decreased values.
They produced and co-wrote " There Goes My Baby ", a hit for The Drifters in 1959, which introduced the use of strings for saxophone-like riffs, a tympani for the Brazilian baion rhythm they incorporated, and lavish production values into the established black R & B sound, laying the groundwork for the soul music that would follow.
Combining small town values with progressive policies, he took the Tories through three successive electoral victories winning majority governments in 1951, 1955 and 1959.
Examples include the Dodecanese union set ( twenty-three values released between 1947 and 1951 ), the Marshall Plan set ( six values, 1951 ), the National products set ( seven values, 1953 ), the ancient art series ( 1954 55, 1958 60 ), the ancient coins series ( 1959, 1963 ), the tourist publicity set ( seventeen values, 1961 ), the King Paul set ( ten values, 1964 ), the labors of Hercules set ( eleven values, 1970 ), the national costumes series ( 1972 74 ), the Homer's epics set ( fifteen values, 1983 ), the capitals of prefectures series ( 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994 ), the Greek dances set ( 2002 ) and the Greek islands series ( 2004, 2006 ).
His novels, including One Man, One Wife ( 1959 ), One Man, One Matchet ( 1964 ), Kinsman and Foreman ( 1966 ), Chief the Honourable Minister ( 1970 ) and His Worshipful Majesty ( 1973 ), are satirical in tone, and deal with the clash of new and old values in a changing Africa.
It is said in Mexico that the club was founded in 1916, but reborn in 1959, with the vision and values that were set forth by the son of Televisa's founder, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo.
The Alsask weather station is now inactive, the daily average values are based on reading between 1973 and 1997 while the record readings are based on date from 1959 to 1997.
Although the Republic was proclaimed in November 1958, the people continued to use the stamps of French Equatorial Africa, and the first issue of the Republic came on its 1st anniversary, 28 November 1959, with two values depicting different views of Prime Minister Léon M ' ba.
The full set of 13 values went on sale 1 February 1959, and included additional scenes of oil-related activities.
As part of independence in 1961, the government established the Kuwaiti dinar as its currency and reissued the 1959 stamps in the new values, also adding some new designs, for a total of 18 values, ranging from 1 fils to 3 dinars.
For instance, when the Ryukyu Islands ( at the time a United States protectorate ) changed its currency from Yen to Dollars, a number of airmail stamps originally printed with Yen values were overprinted and re-denominated to cents in 1959 1960.
Thurstone ( 1959, p. 20 ) used the term discriminal process to refer to the " psychological values of psychophysics "; that is, the values on a psychological continuum associated with a given stimulus.

1959 and for
Cars were operated in 1959 for an average $.027 per mile.
The Institute of Public Administration, in its report to the State Fiscal Study Commission in 1959, recommended `` consolidating and centralizing all aspects of property tax administration in a single state agency professionally organized and equipped for the job ''.
Its purpose was to find ways of offsetting the United States' declining balance of trade for 1958 and 1959.
During fiscal years 1959 and 1960, there were 139 military and civilian students who came to the Institute for varying periods of special instruction.
Beginning with the October 1959 issue of the Journal, the method of production of copy for photo-offset reproduction was changed from varityping to hot typesetting.
Two special issues were published, one for November 1959 on Space Medicine, the other the Tenth Anniversary issue for January 1960.
In the budget message for 1959, and again for 1960, I recommended immediate repeal of section 601 of the Act of September 28, 1951 ( 65 Stat. 365 ).
Sales and net income for the year ended December 31, 1960 showed an improvement over 1959.
In accordance with the two-year contract signed in May, 1959, with the International Association of Machinists, AFL-CIO, wages of hourly employees were increased by 4% in May, 1960, and pay levels for non-exempt salaried employees were increased proportionately.
I look for TV sales and production to be approximately equal at 5.7 million sets for the year, but I look for some decline in radios from the high rate in 1961 to more nearly the 1959 level of 15.0 - 15.5 million sets.
Production totalled about 123 million units against 82 million in 1959, and I look for a further gain to 188 million units worth approximately $380 million in 1961.
In 1959, according to the Engineers, Lake Texoma was only one of thirty-two artificial lakes and reservoirs which were used for recreation by over 1,000,000 persons.
In 1959, the Yacht Safety Bureau was reorganized by the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers and a group of insurance underwriters to provide a testing laboratory and labeling service for boats and their equipment.
Preliminary data from 1959 Eta give an average impact rate of Af for masses larger than Af for about 1000 events in a 22-day period ( LaGow and Alexander, 1960 ).
There is some reason to think that thyroglobulin synthesis may proceed independently of iodination, for in certain transplantable tumours of the rat thyroid containing essentially no iodinated thyroglobulin, a protein that appears to be thyroglobulin has been observed in ultracentrifuge experiments ( Wolff, Robbins and Rall, 1959 ).
Brown ( 1959 ) has reviewed generally the various methods of assaying TSH, and the reader is referred to her paper for further information on the subject.
This patient was a 65-year-old white male accountant who entered the New York Hospital for his fourth and terminal admission on June 26, 1959, because of disabling weakness and general debility.
Voting preparations began in the fall of 1959, although the actual demarcation and planning for the rural communes was completed in 1958.
The final step was a vote for a $230,000 bond issue for the construction of a sewage system by the 1959 town meeting, later confirmed by a two-thirds vote at a special town meeting June 21, 1960.

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