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1966 and for
The National Park Service hopes by 1966 to have 30,000 campsites available for 100,000 campers a day -- almost twice what there are at present.
The Atlanta Falcons hold the record among all major American sports leagues for the longest streak of seasons without consecutive winning seasons, a streak that lasted from 1966 – 2008.
It was announced at the 2009 state of the franchise meeting that the Falcons would wear 1966 throwback uniforms for a couple games during the 2009 season.
The Atlanta Falcons wore 1966 throwback jerseys for 2 home games in 2009 – against the Carolina Panthers on September 20 and against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 29.
He formed the Shiv Sena on 19 June 1966 with the intent of fighting for the rights of the natives of the state of Maharashtra ( called Maharashtrians ).
For the 1966 tour to Australia and New Zealand John Robins became the first Lions Coach, and the trip started off very well for the Lions, who stormed through Australia, winning five non-tests and drawing one ; and most notably defeating Australia in two tests as well.
During the 1960s, De Palma began making a living producing documentary films, notably The Responsive Eye, a 1966 movie about The Responsive Eye op-art exhibit curated by William Seitz for Museum of Modern Art in 1965.
A member of the England team who won the World Cup and Ballon d ' Or for European Footballer of the Year in 1966, he played almost all of his club football at Manchester United, where he became renowned for his attacking instincts and passing abilities from midfield and his ferocious long-range shot.
In between, there was the pressing matter for Charlton of the 1966 World Cup for which England, as hosts, had not needed to qualify.
Charlton's role was developing from traditional inside-forward to what today would be termed an attacking midfield player, with Ramsey planning to build the team for the 1966 World Cup around him.
The various groups reached a compromise, and in 1966 the governor unveiled the proposal for what would become Battery Park City.
It is one of the very few songs of the 1960s to cast the military in a positive light, yet it became a major hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard charts for five weeks in 1966.
The song was the # 1 hit in the U. S. for the five weeks encompassing March 1966, the # 1 hit on the Hot 100's end of the year chart for 1966, and the No. 21 song of 1960s, despite the later unpopularity of the Vietnam War and the competing " California Dreaming ", sharply dividing the popular music market.
Bovril's instant beef stock was launched in 1966 and its " King of Beef " range of instant flavours for stews, casseroles and gravy in 1971.
The FIA doubled the Formula One engine capacity limit to 3 litres for the 1966 season and suitable engines were scarce.
Both the first method for cladistic analysis and the school of taxonomy originated in the work of the German entomologist Willi Hennig, who referred to it as " phylogenetic systematics " ( also the title of his 1966 book ); the use of the terms cladistics and clade was popularized by other researchers.
Trends after 1965 ( like the fall of OZNA and UDBA chief Aleksandar Ranković from power in 1966 ), however, led to the Croatian Spring of 1970 – 71, when students in Zagreb organized demonstrations for greater civil liberties and greater Croatian autonomy.
On 28 September 2008, the CSU failed to gain an absolute majority, attaining 43 %, of the vote in the Bavaria state election for the first time since 1966 on a percentage basis and was forced into a coalition with the FDP.
As the anniversary of Confederation, Dominion Day, and later Canada Day, was the date set for a number of important events, such as the first national radio network hookup by the Canadian National Railway ( 1927 ), the inauguration of the CBC's cross-country television broadcast ( 1958 ), the flooding of the Saint Lawrence Seaway ( 1958 ), the first colour television transmission in Canada ( 1966 ), the inauguration of the Order of Canada ( 1967 ), and the establishment of " O Canada " as the country's national anthem ( 1980 ).
Both girls married and lived abroad for a time after they grew up, yet the photographs continued to hold the public imagination ; in 1966 a reporter from the Daily Express newspaper traced Elsie, who had by then returned to the UK.

1966 and numerous
Antonioni received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career, including the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize ( 1960, 1962 ), Palme d ' Or ( 1966 ), and 35th Anniversary Prize ( 1982 ); the Venice Film Festival Silver Lion ( 1955 ), Golden Lion ( 1964 ), FIPRESCI Prize ( 1964, 1995 ), and Pietro Bianchi Award ( 1998 ); the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Silver Ribbon eight times ; and an honorary Academy Award in 1995.
Jones has received numerous other awards throughout his career, including the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1966, an MTV Video Music Award in 1989 and two Brit Awards – winning Best British Male, in 2000, and Outstanding Contribution to Music, in 2003.
Among the most damaging of the numerous strikes during Wilson's periods in office was a six-week stoppage by the National Union of Seamen, beginning shortly after Wilson's re-election in 1966, and conducted, he claimed, by " politically motivated men ".
The 4, 500-megawatt Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station was built between 1954 and 1966, bringing numerous workers to the town.
He achieved great film success in a 1966 comedy as a shyster lawyer called " Whiplash Willie " Gingrich starring opposite Lemmon in The Fortune Cookie, the first of numerous collaborations with Billy Wilder, and a role that would earn him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
In Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings ( 1966 ) and The Path of the Pole ( 1970 ), Hapgood proposed the hypothesis that the Earth's axis has shifted numerous times during geological history.
Since 1966, Disney has released numerous features starring Winnie-the-Pooh and related characters.
Because he relied so much on his fastball, he also surrendered numerous home runs, leading the American League in home runs allowed for three consecutive years between 1966 and 1968.
The Smothers Brothers have appeared on numerous television shows over the past three decades, including two shows of their own: The Smothers Brothers Show, a sit-com from 1965 to 1966 ; and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, a variety show in 1967.
The band released numerous top ten singles in North America during the mid-and late-1960s, including the # 1 hits " Good Lovin '" ( 1966 ), " Groovin '" ( 1967 ), and " People Got to Be Free " ( 1968 ), as well as A Beautiful Morning (# 3 1968 ) and the lesser-known A Girl Like You.
Merrill appeared regularly as a guest star on numerous television series in the 1960s, notably as villainess Calamity Jan in a 1966 episode of Batman alongside her then-husband, Cliff Robertson.
As a child Thibodeaux also made numerous appearances on The Andy Griffith Show, between 1962 and 1966, as Opie's friend " Johnny Paul Jason ".
Cheeta ( sometimes billed as Cheetah, Cheta and Chita ) is a chimpanzee character who appeared in numerous Hollywood Tarzan movies of the 1930s – 1960s as well as the 1966 – 1968 television series, as the ape sidekick of the title character, Tarzan.
He relocated to Italy during the late 1960s, and had roles in numerous spaghetti westerns, including For a Few Dollars More ( 1965 ), A Bullet for the General ( 1966 ), The Great Silence ( 1968 ), and A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe ( 1975 ).
After numerous revisions to its design, the new building opened September 16, 1966 with the world premiere of Samuel Barber's Antony and Cleopatra.
Paul Brandon Gilbert ( born November 6, 1966 in Illinois, USA ) is an American musician, best known for his technical guitar work with Racer X and Mr. Big, as well as many solo albums and numerous collaborations and guest appearances with other musicians.
From 1966 – 1970, radical factions within the Communist Party, led by Lin Biao and Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, singled out Peng for national persecution, and Peng was publicly humiliated in numerous large-scale struggle sessions and subjected to physical and psychological torture in organized efforts to force Peng to confess his " crimes " against Mao Zedong and the Communist Party.
Among the genre's songs that are now considered standards are Bonfá's " Manhã de Carnaval " ( 1959 ), Marcos Valle's " Summer Samba " ( 1966 ), and numerous Jobim's songs, including " Desafinado " ( 1959 ), " The Girl from Ipanema " ( 1962 ) and " Corcovado " ( 1962 ).
Mike Nystul ( born March 22, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois ) created and wrote numerous role-playing game products in the 1990s.
Brecht's Life of Galileo ( premiered on May 17, 1966 ), transformed by Lyubimov into a powerful allegory of Soviet intelligentsia's set of moral and intellectual dilemmas, brought Vysotsky his first leading theater role ( along with some fitness lessons: he had to perform numerous acrobatic tricks on stage ).
In numerous counties, the 1961 or the 1966 Tower election was the first in which that county had supported a Republican candidate.
The liquid form was test marketed in 1966 and finally widely introduced in the fall of 1968 ( with numerous magazine ads and television commercials ), and the capsules were introduced in the late 1980s.
Fiji has held nine general elections for the House of Representatives since becoming independent of the United Kingdom in 1970 ; there had been numerous elections under colonial rule, but only one with universal suffrage ( in 1966 ).
During the late 1960s / early 1970s, numerous buildings were constructed as part of a major urban renewal project, such as the Pullen Library ( 1966 ), Classroom South ( 1968 ), the expansion of the Pullen Library in 1968, the Arts and Humanities Building ( 1970 ), the ten-story General Classroom Building ( 1971 ), the Sports Arena ( 1973 ), and the twelve-story Urban Life Building ( 1974 ).

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