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1968 and
While he did well in Las Vegas and other areas, and made records for the Kapp Records label, he was largely a forgotten figure even though inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1968.
# Douglas R5D Skymaster 1956 – 1968
Additionally, Schaeffer ( 1968, 284 ) describes that the sound of classical music " has decays ; it is granular ; it has attacks ; it fluctuates, swollen with impurities and all this creates a musicality that comes before any ' cultural ' musicality.
Forth is so named because in 1968 " the file holding the interpreter was labeled FOURTH, for 4th ( next ) generation software but the IBM 1130 operating system restricted file names to 5 characters.
In March 1968, Bongo declared Gabon a one-party state by dissolving the BDG and establishing a new party the Gabonese Democratic Party.
* 1968 Joseph B. Platt ( President, HMC )
During his days in Atlanta, Aaron reached a number of milestones ; he was only the eighth player ever to hit 500 career home runs, with his 500th coming against Mike McCormick of the San Francisco Giants on July 14, 1968 exactly one year after former teammate Eddie Mathews had hit his 500th.
* 1955 – 1968 CJ-3B Long Spain
Keynesian economics advocates a mixed economy predominantly private sector, but with a significant role of government and public sector – and served as the economic model during the later part of the Great Depression, World War II, and the post-war economic expansion ( 1945 – 1973 ), though it lost some influence following the tax surcharge in 1968 and the stagflation of the 1970s.
* The History of the TUC ( Trades Union Congress ) 1868 – 1968: A pictorial Survey of a Social Revolution Illustrated with Contemporary Prints, Documents and Photographs, edited by Lionel Birch
* National Academy of Sciences John J. Carty Award, 1968
She rounded out 1967 with the raunchy but low-charting " Tony Rome " (# 83 ) the title track from the detective film Tony Rome starring her father while her first solo single in 1968 was the more wistful " 100 Years " (# 69 ).
In 1966 she also starred in Roger Corman's The Wild Angels with Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern, and in 1968 she shared the screen with Elvis Presley in Speedway her final film.
These developments re-evaluation of the entire Western value system ( love, marriage, popular culture, shift from industrial to service economy ) that took place since the 1950s and 1960s, with a peak in the Social Revolution of 1968 are described with the term Postmodernity, Influences on postmodern thought, Paul Lützeler ( St. Louis ) as opposed to Postmodernism, a term referring to an opinion or movement.
On the night of 20 – 21 August 1968, Eastern Bloc armies from four Warsaw Pact countries – the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary invaded the ČSSR.
When the U. K. announced a policy in 1968 ( reaffirmed in March 1971 ) of ending the treaty relationships with the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, Qatar joined the other eight states then under British protection ( the seven trucial sheikdoms the present United Arab Emirates -- and Bahrain ) in a plan to form a union of Arab emirates.
* Geddy Lee bass guitar, lead vocals, keyboards ( September 1968 – present )
* Alex Lifeson acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals ( August 1968 – present )
* Jeff Jones bass guitar, lead vocals ( August – September 1968 )
* John Rutsey drums, percussion, backing vocals ( August 1968 – July 1974 ; died 2008 )
* 1968: " I Can't Make It Alone " # 95 U. S.
* 1968: " Brown Eyed Woman " # 43 U. S.
* 1968: " Peace, Brother, Peace " # 48 U. S.

1968 and Brandon
* 1968 Brandon Carter uses Hamilton-Jacobi theory to derive first-order equations of motion for a charged particle moving in the external fields of a Kerr-Newman black hole
He had four sons who also were skilled pole vaulters ; Brandon, held the national high school record at 18 ' 2 " for fourteen years from 1985 ; Tom won the CIF California State Meet in 1988 ; Bob, Junior was second in the same meet in 1968 and later ranked # 7 in the USA in 1973.
He has also appeared in several movies, including The Man from Planet X ( 1951 ) with Robert Clarke, The Tarnished Angels ( 1958 ) with Robert Stack, Blue Denim ( 1959 ) with Brandon deWilde, In the Heat of the Night ( 1967 ) with Rod Steiger, Speedway ( 1968 ) with Elvis Presley, The Jerk ( 1979 ) with Steve Martin, Teachers ( 1984 ) with Nick Nolte, and Innerspace ( 1987 ), in which he played Martin Short's doctor.
1968 IFIP Congress, Brandon Systems Press, Princeton, NJ.
Coal mining finally came to an end at Brandon on 15 March 1968.
* 1968: Brandon Carter solves the geodesic equations for Kerr-Newmann electrovacuum,
* 1968: Brandon Carter solves the geodesic equations for Kerr – Newmann electrovacuum,

1968 and Carter
In 1968, Carson biographer Harvey L. Carter stated:
* Carter, Harvey Lewis " Dear Old Kit ": The Historical Christopher Carson, University of Oklahoma Press, hardcover ( 1968 ), 250 pages ; trade paperback reprint, University of Oklahoma Press ( August 1990 ), 250 pages, ISBN 978-0-8061-2253-3 Pages 38 to 150 of " Dear Old Kit " consist of an annotated edition of " The Kit Carson Memoirs, 1809-1856 ", an original manuscript dictated by Kit Carson with 322 annotations by Carter.
* On May 1, 1968, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were married at the Methodist Church in Franklin by Reverend Leslie Chapman.
Maybelle and her daughters toured during the 1950s and 1960s as " Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters " but after the death of A. P. Carter in 1960 the group revived the name " The Carter Family ", frequently touring with Johnny Cash ( her son-in-law from 1968 on ); the group were regular performers on Cash's weekly network variety show from 1969-71.
Benny Carter visited Australia in 1960 with his own quartet, performed at the 1968 Newport Jazz Festival with Dizzy Gillespie, and recorded with a Scandinavian band in Switzerland the same year.
* Cargo of Eagles ( 1968 ) ( completed posthumously by Philip Youngman Carter )
From then until he died twenty years later Hines recorded endlessly both solo and with jazz notables like Cat Anderson, Harold Ashby, Barney Bigard, Lawrence Brown, Dave Brubeck ( they recorded duets in 1975 ), Jaki Byard ( duets in 1972 ), Benny Carter, Buck Clayton, Cozy Cole, Wallace Davenport, Eddie " Lockjaw " Davis, Vic Dickenson, Roy Eldridge, Duke Ellington ( duets in 1966 ), Ella Fitzgerald, Panama Francis, Bud Freeman, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Gonsalves, Stephane Grappelli, Sonny Greer, Lionel Hampton, Coleman Hawkins, Johnny Hodges, Peanuts Hucko, Helen Humes, Budd Johnson, Jonah Jones, Max Kaminsky, Gene Krupa, Ellis Larkins, Marian McPartland ( duets in 1970 ), Gerry Mulligan, Ray Nance, Oscar Peterson ( duets in 1968 ), Russell Procope, Pee Wee Russell, Jimmy Rushing, Stuff Smith, Rex Stewart, Maxine Sullivan, Buddy Tate, Jack Teagarden, Clark Terry, Sarah Vaughan, Joe Venuti, Earle Warren, Ben Webster, Teddy Wilson ( duets in 1965 & 1970 ), Jimmy Witherspoon, Jimmy Woode and Lester Young.
* Charles E. O. Carter ( 1887 – 1968 ), English astrologer and astrological writer
In 1968, with the departure of Arthur Carter, the firm was renamed Cogan, Berlind, Weill & Levitt ( Marshall Cogan, Arthur Levitt ), or CBWL jokingly referred to on Wall Street as " Corned Beef With Lettuce ".
** The Second Great Quintet ( 1964 – 1968 ) Miles Davis, trumpet ; Wayne Shorter, tenor saxophone ; Herbie Hancock, piano ; Ron Carter, bass ; Tony Williams, drums.
* Here's Lucy-Harrison Otis Carter ( 1968 – 1974 )
* 1968: Here's Lucy Craig Carter ( 1968 – 1972 )
*... And Others Shall Be Born ( Belmont Books, Jan 1968 ) ( bound with The Thief of Thoth by Lin Carter )
While at Emory in 1968, he sent paper he had written on southern populism to Jimmy Carter, and began working for the future president, who at the time, was running for governor of Georgia.
Led by vocalist Tony Burrows, who had been in the Ivy League with Carter and Lewis, the band also included Billie Davis's backing band, and for a while ( though not for recordings ) later Deep Purple members Jon Lord, who replaced Billy Davidson on keyboards in January 1968, and Nick Simper on bass.
When the third Carter-Lewis single " Man Without a Woman " / " You Can Never Be Wrong " failed to chart in April 1968, the label had the touring band record " In A Moment of Madness " by Roger Greenaway without the involvement of Carter and Lewis, which also failed to chart.
* The Littles To the Rescue, Roberta Carter Clark, illustrator, 1968
In presidential races, Georgia has not given its electoral college votes to the Republican candidate only four times since 1964: in 1968, segregationist George Wallace won a plurality of Georgia's votes on the American Independent Party ticket ; former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter won his home state by landslide margins in 1976 and 1980 ; and then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton won a plurality of votes in 1992 against incumbent Republican George H. W. Bush and Independent Ross Perot.
* Michael Caine's character is rescued by a woman in a white 1968 Alpine roadster in the 1971 British crime film Get Carter.

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