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1970 and Present
* Wehler, Hans-Ulrich " Bismarck's Imperialism 1862 – 1890 " Past and Present, No. 48, August 1970. pages 119 – 155 online edition
In 1970, he won the Pulitzer Prize for History for his memoirs of his tenure in the State Department, Present at the Creation: My Years in the State Department.
Other stage work at this time included The Night of the Ball ( New Theatre, 1955 ), the new Robert Bolt play Flowering Cherry ( Haymarket, 1958, Broadway, 1959 ), Toys in the Attic ( Piccadilly, 1960 ), The Wings of the Dove ( Lyric, 1963 ), A Measure of Cruelty ( Birmingham Repertory, 1965 ), A Present for the Past ( Edinburgh, 1966 ), The Sacred Flame ( Duke of York's Theatre, 1967 ) with Gladys Cooper, The Battle of Shrivings ( Lyric, 1970 ) with John Gielgud and Lies ( Albery, 1975 ).
* Paul Langford ( Fellow 1970Present, Rector 2000 – 2012 )
* The Family Guareschi: Chronicles of the Past and Present ( 1970 )
* September 21 – NFL Monday Night Football premieres on ABC ( 1970Present ); it moved to ESPN in 2006.
* O. Ismagulov ' Population of Kazakhstan from Bronze Epoch to Present ( Paleoanthropological research )', Science, Alma-Ata, 1970
* Rosalie Silberman Abella ( 1970 )-Puisne Justice of Supreme Court of Canada ( 2004 – Present )
( 1970 ), Academical Dress from the Middle Ages to the Present Day Including Lambeth Degrees.
* Wehler, Hans-Ulrich " Bismarck's Imperialism 1862-1890 ," Past & Present, ( 1970 ) 48: 119-55 online
* Wehler, Hans-Ulrich " Bismarck's Imperialism " pages 119-115 from Past and Present, Volume 48, 1970.
His many stage credits include Daddy Warbucks in the original West End run of Annie-he can be heard on the original London cast album-and the Ghost of Christmas Present in the original Birmingham cast of the stage adaptation of the film musical Scrooge ( 1970 ), on the recording of which he can also be heard.
** Mass of Paul VI ( 1970Present )
Aside from his contributions to music journalism, he published 13 books, most of them on music, including The Great Pianists: From Mozart to the Present ( 1963, revised 1987 ) — pianists were a specialty of Schonberg — and The Lives of the Great Composers ( 1970 ; revised 1981, 1997 ) which traced the lives of major composers from Monteverdi through to modern times.
* " Bismarck's Imperialism 1862 – 1890 " Past and Present, No. 48, August 1970. pages 119 – 155 online edition
* Agriculture: a Key to the Understanding of Chinese Society, Past and Present, Australian National University Press, 1970
* The Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present ( 1970 ) – A collection of writings from various people, gathered together and edited by Stern, to give a survey of historiography from the eighteenth century to the twentieth.
Among wide ranging contributions to physical chemistry Bockris is best known for his creation of Physical Electrochemistry, taking an old and decayed subject into modern times ( 1950 to 1970 ); for the introduction of a Hydrogen Economy ( 1971 to Present ); and for the first known nuclear reactions to be carried out in aqueous solutions ( 1989 to 1997 ).
Decline and Renewal ( 1970Present )
Linde, " Clear and Present Danger Reexamined: Dissonance in the Brandenburg Concerto ," 22 Stanford Law Review 1163 ( 1970 )
* A Clear and Present Danger ( 1970 ) ... Erin Stowe

1970 and At
At the time of his retirement from the England team in 1970, he was the nation's most capped player, having turned out 106 times at the highest level.
At the 1970 World Cup England wore a third kit with pale blue shirts, shorts and socks against Czechoslovakia.
At the end of the decade, in October 1970, the Phillies played their final game in Connie Mack Stadium and prepared to move into newly built Veterans Stadium, wearing new maroon uniforms to accentuate the change.
At the USA's San Jose State TV studios in 1970, Willoughby Sharp began the “ Videoviews ” series of videotaped dialogues with artists.
At the Stratford Festival, the play was directed in 1970 by Jean Gascon and in 1987 by Robin Phillips.
At the end of 1970 it operated 1903 miles of road on 3227 miles of track ; that year it carried 7733 ton-miles of revenue freight and 21 million passenger-miles.
At the collegiate level, academic quiz bowl competitions enjoyed broad exposure in the United States media via College Bowl, which started on radio in 1953 and aired on national television from 1959 to 1970.
At the age of twenty-four, Dr Castells became an instructor at the University of Paris, from 1967 to 1979 ; first at the Paris X University Nanterre, who fired him because of the 1968 student protests, then at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, from 1970 to 1979.
At a meeting in the town library in October 1968 the revival was initiated by Stanley Wotherington, and in August 1970 the new club played at a new ground, the Crown Ground.
At the release of their first album Focus Plays Focus ( aka In and Out of Focus ) ( 1970 ), Focus comprised keyboardist and flutist Thijs van Leer, guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist Martin Dresden, and drummer Hans Cleuver.
In " Toads Of The Short Forest " ( from the album Weasels Ripped My Flesh ), composer Frank Zappa explains: " At this very moment on stage we have drummer A playing in 7 / 8, drummer B playing in 3 / 4, the bass playing in 3 / 4, the organ playing in 5 / 8, the tambourine playing in 3 / 4, and the alto sax blowing his nose " ( Mothers of Invention 1970 ).
At the " Rock of Ages Folk Festival " held on February 26, 1970 in Northridge, California, Norman appeared as part of the Larry Norman Experience.
At the age of 14, Adjani starred in her first motion picture Le Petit bougnat ( 1970 ).
At Bridge Road the club has three full-size pitches, six dedicated mini pitches and a clubhouse which was built in 1970.
At the end of the 1968 – 1969 season, Judy Carne chose not to renew her contract, though she did make appearances during 1969 – 1970 ; producer George Schlatter blamed her for breaking up the " family.
At that time, Woodway high school students attended the old Edmonds High school until the new Woodway High School was opened in 1970.
At this point, significant suburban growth began spilling out of north Dallas, and the city grew tremendously between 1970 and 1980, with a documented growth of 193 % to 40, 595 inhabitants.
The mill was the subject of a 1971 World in Action investigation entitled " The Dust At Acre Mill " which revealed how the factory broke the law regarding asbestos-dust control between 1940 – 1970.
At the 1970 Conservative party conference, Hamilton called for mass privatisation.
At the 1970 general election he was elected as Member of Parliament ( MP ) for North Lanarkshire succeeding Peggy Herbison.
At the Conservative Party conference in October 1970, he made a notable speech commending the government for attempting to curb trade union power, and called for state aid to strikers ' families to be reduced or stopped altogether, a policy which the Thatcher government pursued over a decade later.
At the 1966 general election and 1970 general election, Howard unsuccessfully contested the safe Labour parliamentary constituency of Liverpool Edge Hill.
At the US Open, Graf defeated Sabatini in a three-set final to win the Calendar Year Grand Slam, a feat previously performed by only two other women, Maureen Connolly Brinker in 1953 and Margaret Court in 1970.
At the same time, Uttal was persuaded to release The Four Seasons Story, a two-record compilation of the group's biggest hit singles from 1962 to 1970.

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