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1973 and
* 1973 Launch of Pioneer 11 spacecraft.
* 1973 The American League of Major League Baseball begins using the designated hitter.
* 1973 Donnie Edwards, American football player
* 1973 Randall Godfrey, American football player
* 1973 Joe Machine, English artist, poet and writer
* 1973 Rie Miyazawa, Japanese actress and model
* 1973 Sun Wen, Chinese footballer
* 1973 J. Scott Campbell, American writer and illustrator
* 1973 Claudia Jordan, American model
* 1973 Christina Moore, American actress
* 1973 Antonio Osuna, Mexican baseball player
* 1973 Watergate Scandal: U. S. President Richard Nixon announces that top White House aides H. R.
* 1948 Alexander Onassis, American Greek socialite, son of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis ( d. 1973 )
* 1973 Jeff Timmons, American singer and producer ( 98 Degrees )
* 1973 Kinna McInroe, American actress
* 1908 Lyndon B. Johnson, American politician, 36th President of the United States ( d. 1973 )
* 1973 Jazz, American wrestler
* 1973 Cory Bowles, Canadian actor and choreographer
* 1973 Danny Coyne, Welsh footballer
* 1973 Dietmar Hamann, German footballer
* 1973 Burak Kut, Turkish singer-songwriter
* 1973 Johan Norberg, Swedish author
* 1973 Vera Farmiga, American actress
* 1973 Monica Goodling, American lawyer
* 1973 Max Kellerman, American sportscaster

1973 and handing
His last game was against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 28 April 1973, and before the game the BBC cameras for Match of the Day captured the Chelsea chairman handing Charlton a commemorative cigarette case.
In 1973, Raymond and Rosemary separated, and they both left the Long Island Coven, handing over the role of High Priest and High Priestess to people whose craft names were Theos and Phoenix.

1973 and down
In its " Agreement ", on August 22, 1973, the Chamber of Deputies of Chile asserted that Chilean democracy had broken down and called for " redirecting government activity ", to restore constitutional rule.
* 1973 Over the Sinai Desert, Israeli fighter aircraft shoot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 jet killing 108.
In 1973, Gygax attempted to publish the game through Avalon Hill, who turned down his offer.
Until his death, " Stringbean " played the field's ' scarecrow ,' delivering one-liners before being shouted down by the ' crow ' on his shoulder ; after his 1973 murder, he was not replaced, and the ' scarecrow ' simply was seen in the field as a memorial.
In 1973 1974 Hellas finished the season in 4th last place thus avoiding relegation, but were sent down to Serie B during the summer months as a result of a scandal involving team president Saverio Garonzi.
The first incident occurred on 21 February 1973, during a period of tension led to the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War in October that year, when Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 was shot down by Israeli F-4 jets over the Sinai Peninsula.
It failed when Weissmuller and the owners did not see eye to eye, it was shut down for good in 1973.
By 1973, I knew that what was needed was some pure, stripped down, no bullshit rock ' n ' roll.
In 1973 74, Arafat closed Black September down, ordering the PLO to withdraw from acts of violence outside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
An Overseas Development Institute briefing paper of April 1979 highlights one reason for success as being down to the 1973 Oil Crisis and the encouragement of LDCs to make gains through producers of other commodities.
Unique " fuselage " styling was employed for 1969 through 1973 and then was toned down again for the 1974 to 1977 models.
Kingdom of Earth ( 1967 ), In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel ( 1969 ), Small Craft Warnings ( 1973 ), The Two Character Play ( also called Out Cry, 1973 ), The Red Devil Battery Sign ( 1976 ), Vieux Carré ( 1978 ), Clothes for a Summer Hotel ( 1980 ) and others were all box office failures, and the relentlessly negative press notices wore down his spirit.
The 1973 Sunningdale Agreement, which proposed a power-sharing deal, was strongly repudiated by many Unionists and the Ulster Unionist Party who withdrew its MPs at Westminster from the Conservative whip, The proposal was finally brought down by the Loyalist Ulster Workers ' Council strike in 1974.
The barriers were taken down in 1922 with the creation of the Irish Free State, but vehicle access has been curtailed since 1973 when metal barriers were placed across the entrance to the street.
* 9 June 1973: a Varig cargo Boeing 707-327C registration PP-VJL flying from Campinas-Viracopos to Rio de Janeiro-Galeão while making an instrument approach to Rio de Janeiro-Galeão had technical problems with the spoilers which eventually caused the aircraft to pitch down, descended fast, struck approach lights and ditch.
The PLO closed Black September down on September 1973, on the anniversary it was created by the " political calculation that no more good would come of terrorism abroad " according to Morris ( ibid.
In December 1973, long term manager Ted Bates stood down to be replaced by Lawrie McMenemy who was unable to prevent The Saints becoming the first victims of the new 3-down relegation system in 1974 when they were relegated, along with Manchester United and Norwich City.
In an interview with Joe Creason of the Louisville Courier-Journal, done a few years before he died but not published until March 9, 1973, Handy said: " I didn ’ t write any songs in Henderson, but it was there I realized that experiences I had had, things I had seen and heard could be set down in a kind of music characteristic of my race.
However Fine Gael, which was confident that its prospective candidate, Tom O ' Higgins, would win the 1973 presidential election ( he had almost defeated de Valera in 1966 ) turned down the offer.
Decision of the case was contentious, and Miller was put over for reargument for October term 1972, and did not come down until June 1973, with Burger prevailing by a bare 5-4 vote.
In 1973, Stein stepped down from the company he founded and Wasserman took over as chairman and chief executive officer, while Sidney Sheinberg was appointed president and chief operating officer of MCA.
Arthur turned down the role of the lady missionary in Lost Horizon ( 1973 ), the unsuccessful musical remake of the 1937 Frank Capra film of the same name.
In 1973, he put down a coup attempt by Brigadier General Thao Ma, reportedly executing some 60 conspirators.

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