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1993 and
* Walter Scott Houston ( 1912 1993 ) who wrote the " Deep-Sky Wonders " column in Sky & Telescope magazine for almost 50 years.
* 1913 Shannon Boyd-Bailey McCune, American geographer ( d. 1993 )
* 1941 Bobby Moore, English footballer ( d. 1993 )
* 1993 CERN announces World Wide Web protocols will be free.
* 1993 Virgin Radio broadcasts for the first time in the United Kingdom.
* 1993 Monica Seles is stabbed by Günter Parche, an obsessed fan, during a quarterfinal match of the 1993 Citizen Cup in Hamburg, Germany
* 1993 The Rainbow Bridge, connecting Tokyo's Shibaura and the island of Odaiba, is completed.
* 1916 Tony Harris, South African cricketer ( d. 1993 )
* 1993 Sarah Hecken, German figure skater
* 1993 Heavy rains and debris kill 72 in the Kagoshima and Aira areas of Kyushu, Japan.
* 1904 Henry Iba, American basketball player and coach ( d. 1993 )
* 1945 Ron Jones, English director ( d. 1993 )
* 1949 Dino Bravo, Italian-Canadian wrestler ( d. 1993 )
* 1993 The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan loses a 38-year hold on national leadership.
* 1920 Francis Lynch, American politician ( d. 1993 )
* Maj .- Gen. Dadash Rzayev ( February June 1993 )
* Colonel Safar Abiyev ( June August 1993 )
* Maj .- Gen. Vahid Musayev ( August September 1993 )
* 1958 Randy Shughart, American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient ( d. 1993 )
* 1993 Dominika Stará, Slovak singer
After re-establishing its credibility in 1989, Australia underlined its superiority with victories in the 1990 91, 1993, 1994 95, 1997, 1998 99, 2001 and 2002 03 series, all by convincing margins.

1993 and mortar
On 10 January 1993, just before the outbreak of hostilities in Gornji Vakuf, the Croat Defence Council ( HVO ) commander Luka Šekerija, sent a " Military Top Secret " request to Colonel Tihomir Blaškić and Dario Kordić, ( later convicted by ICTY of war crimes and crimes against humanity i. e. ethnic cleansing ) for rounds of mortar shells available at the ammunition factory in Vitez.

1993 and attack
Apparently, the 1993 understanding provided that Hezbollah combatants would not fire rockets at northern Israel, while Israel would not attack civilians or civilian targets in Lebanon.
* 1993 Israel launches a massive attack against Lebanon in what the Israelis call Operation Accountability, and the Lebanese call Seven-Day War.
* 1993 Bosnian War: The Bosnian Army executes a surprise attack on the village of Kravica in Srebrenica.
Motivated by his hatred of the federal government and angered by what he perceived as its mishandling of the Waco Siege ( 1993 ) and the Ruby Ridge incident ( 1992 ), McVeigh timed his attack to coincide with the second anniversary of the deadly fire that ended the siege at Waco.
Many initial news stories hypothesized the attack had been undertaken by Islamic terrorists, such as those who had masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
The U. S. launched a missile attack aimed at Iraq's intelligence headquarters in Baghdad 26 June 1993, citing evidence of repeated Iraqi violations of the " no fly zones " imposed after the Gulf War and for incursions into Kuwait.
This is the first major attempted terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on U. S. soil since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and marked the beginning of a series of attempted terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda against the U. S. that would continue into the 21st century.
* January 23 Mir Aimal Kasi is sentenced to death for a 1993 assault rifle attack outside CIA headquarters that killed 2 and wounded 3.
Li suffered a heart attack in 1993, and began to lose influence within the Party to vice-premier Zhu Rongji, a strong advocate for economic liberalization.
Producer Jim Hirschfeld took over as director following Birch's heart attack in 1980 and continued directing, as well as producing throughout the rest of the show's run, including the new segments inserted into the PBS reruns, until it went off the air in 1993.
Subsequently, Matsui published an attack on the Data Encryption Standard ( DES ), eventually leading to the first experimental cryptanalysis of the cipher reported in the open community ( Matsui, 1993 ; 1994 ).
In September 2003, four Chilean defendants were retried and convicted of membership in the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement and participation in an attack on the Peru North American Cultural Institute and a kidnapping-murder in 1993.
On 10 June 1993, during a check-up at a hospital in Whalley Range, Manchester, Les Dawson died suddenly after suffering a heart attack.
Campanella died of a heart attack on June 26, 1993, in his Woodland Hills, California home.
During the Troubles, Newtownards was the scene of a car bomb attack on July 5, 1993, when Roma's Bar in Regent Street was targeted.
Nilsson suffered a massive heart attack on February 14, 1993.
Bresslaw died of a sudden heart attack on 11 June 1993.
On March 12, 2009, Gaffney appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews and accused former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of being involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing, " There is also circumstantial evidence, not proven by any means, but nonetheless some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence of Saddam Hussein's Iraq being involved with the people who perpetrated both the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and even the Oklahoma City bombing.
He claimed that he committed the attack to help Graf reclaim the World No. 1 ranking, which she did on 7 June 1993.
The US Open was Monica Seles's first Grand Slam event since the 1993 attack.
One of these was a scenario package which include a number of disaster scenarios ranging from the fictitious ( such as a UFO attack in future Atlanta, Georgia ) to real world disasters, such as Great Flood of 1993.
More recently, the city became well known in the Anglosphere because of a May 29, 1993 arson incident, in which two women and three girls died in a fire attack on the house of a Turkish family in Solingen.
On 1 June 1993, 11 people were killed and 133 were wounded in an attack on a football game.

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