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Master and Our
Our wine the inspiration of Love, the draught the Master drank and commended to his followers ".
" Our Generation " and " Dog And His Master ," two songs found on Wozniak's Zog BogBean project, would appear on later Marcy Playground albums.
An Account of Our Master Basho's Last Days, translated by Nobuyuki Yuasa in Springtime in Edo.
To this end he is often referred to as HaMechaber ( Hebrew: " The Author ") and as Maran ( Aramaic: " Our Master ").
Originally from the late Roman-Italic name " Dominicus " its translation means " Of Our Lord ", " Lordly ", " Belonging to God " or " of the Master ".
In Hebrew, a Chasidic Rebbe is often referred to as an admor, which is an abbreviation for Adoneinu, Moreinu, veRabbenu (" Our Master, our Teacher, and our Rebbe ").
As a rule, among all Chasidim, Rebbe is referred to in Hebrew as " Admor ", an abbreviation for Adoneinu Moreinu V ' Rabeinu, Our Master Our Teacher Our Rebbe, which is now the modern Hebrew word in Israel for " rebbe " ( pl.
Our Master was an exceptional person, and he adopted Jackie Chan as his son, and doted on him the most.
Our Master took in many disciples, but he didn't take a single cent from us, and even slept on the floor together with us.
* The poet Fernando Pessoa-known defender of Masonic and Rosicrucian ideals and possible Rosicrucian Initiate, as he states " Initiated from Master to Disciple in the three minor degrees of the ( apparently extinct ) Portuguese Templar Order " ( Rosicrucians seem to have had a deep presence in Portugal, intermixed with Templar tradition, and with evidence in monuments and literature, from medieavel times into the 20th century )-wrote an hermetic poem titled " No Túmulo de Christian Rosenkreutz " the Tomb of C. R. C, which states in the final line / verse: " Our Father Rose-n-creuz knows and keeps silent.
The Moorish sultan was received with much love and courtesy and there they handed over to him his son, who had been a hostage from the time of his capture, and as they stood there, there came about four hundred captives, of this who were in the enclosure, with the cross and a solemn procession singing the Te Deum Laudamus, and their highnesses dismounted to adore the Cross to the accompaniment of the tears and reverential devotion of the crowd, not least of the Cardinal and Master of Santiago and the Duke of Cadiz and all the other grandees and gentlemen and people who stood there, and there was no one who did not weep abundantly with pleasure giving thanks to Our Lord for what they saw, for they could not keep back the tears ; and the Moorish sultan and the Moors who were with him for their part could not disguise the sadness and pain they felt for the joy of the Christians, and certainly with much reason on account of their loss, for Granada is the most distinguished and chief thing in the world …
He received his Master of Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University.
Several paintings from Europe portray the Virgin Mary knitting and date from the 14th century, including Our Lady Knitting by Tommaso da Modena ( circa 1325-1375 ) and Visit of the Angel, from the right wing of the Buxtehude Altar, 1400 – 10, by Master Bertram of Minden.
After a few decades Hallmark Hall of Fame began to offer original material, such as Aunt Mary ( 1979 ) and Thursday's Child ( 1983 ), although its lineup still primarily consisted of expensive-looking Masterpiece Theatre-style adaptations of American and European literary classics, such as John Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent ( 1983 ), Robert Louis Stevenson's The Master of Ballantrae ( 1984 ), and Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities ( 1980 ), Oliver Twist ( 1982 ), and A Christmas Carol ( 1984 ).
Later, Santha Swamy translated the Tamil sayings to English and compiled them as book with the caption of " Words of Our Master ".
* Words of Our Master, a collection of his sayings and teachings
Back at Cellini's workshop, his apprentice Ascanio and servant Emilia rejoice in the reprieve (" Our Master Is Free Again "), as Cellini presents an embellished version of his latest duel with Maffio (" I Had Just Been Pardoned ").
* Our Master is Free Again
He was also Sovereign Head and Grand Master of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Protector Egregio of Divisa of the Old Cavalry and Devotion of San Miguel the Milagroso.
The Bata Shoe Organization under the dynamic leadership of Thomas J. Bata, whose guiding principle was " Our customer-Our Master " was the largest of its kind in the world.
He did pastoral work in Glenview at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, taught at Saint Mary of the Lake Seminary, and served as a Master of Ceremonies under Cardinals Cody and Bernardin.
Master Yin Shun then said to her, " Our karmic relationship is very special.

Master and Time
He explained that he would not like to be the one to kill off one of the Doctor's greatest enemies, having supposedly killed off the Master ( although he was revived later in The End of Time, where he seemingly perishes again ).
In " The End of Time, Part One ", the Master refers to his father's land on Gallifrey which had red grass and stretched across the slopes of Mount Perdition.
These suspicions are later borne out in " Utopia " ( 2007 ), when the Tenth Doctor discovers that the renegade Time Lord the Master has survived the Time War and has been living in human form in the year 100 trillion, at the end of the material universe, a point so far forward in time that no Time Lord has ever travelled there.
Also seen is a ceremony initiating 8-year-old Gallifreyans — in particular the Master — into the Time Lord Academy.
The 2009 story The End of Time once again featured Gallifrey, which the Master releases from the Time Lock the Doctor had created to contain the war.
" Upon realizing this, the Doctor and the Master worked together to send the Time Lords and Gallifrey back into the Time Lock, at the expense of the Master's disappearance.
It was stated by the 10th doctor in The End of Time that Gallifrey was not how he and The Master knew it in their youth.
A Time magazine article on the visit states that Schloss referred to him in uppercase as " He, Him, His, Himself " and that Baba was described by his followers variously as the " God Man ," " Messiah " or " Perfect Master.
It includes a previously unreleased 64DD expansion known as Ura Zelda in Japan and Ocarina of Time Master Quest in North America.
Prior to the release of The Wind Waker, a bonus disc called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest was released, containing a port of Ocarina of Time and a GameCube-modified version of Ocarina of Time Ura.
The Traynor clone is also a projection of the Time Barrier, charged with implementing Devereaux's vision of the future: the catastrophic Master Plan that will lead to the “ Burn Up ”.
Played by the British actor Peter Butterworth, the character appeared in two stories, The Time Meddler and The Daleks ' Master Plan, as an adversary of the First Doctor.
The Time Lords made a subsequent appearance as a race in 2010 when they schemed to escape the resulting time lock and resume their plan, as well as in the appearance of individuals such as the Master, and at times, inadvertent human-time lord hybrids.
In the 2005 television series, Gallifrey has been destroyed and the Time Lords are functionally extinct as a result of a mutually destructive Time War with the Daleks, with only two Time Lords known to have survived: the Doctor and his nemesis, the Master.
In The Daleks ' Master Plan the First Doctor is able to resist the effects of the Time Destructor better than his companions, who are visibly aged by it ; one of them, Sara Kingdom ages to dust before the Destructor device can be reversed.
In The End of Time the Master uses the same technique, allowing the Doctor to hear the drumming sound the Master constantly hears.

Master and Study
The Faculty of Education and Humanities runs Master of Psychology programmes specializing in Social Psychology, Theoretical and Clinical Psychoanalysis, Clinical Psychology specializing in Family and Couples Therapy, and Cognitive Development specializing in Dynamic Learning Propensity Assessment Device ; Postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychoanalysis specializing in Adults, Clinical Psychology: Specialist in Transpersonal Humanist Psychotherapy, Psychomotricity, Specialist in Juvenile-Infant Clinical Psychology ; Specialist Programmes in Education ( Language and Communication, English as a Foreign Language, Artistic Education, Mathematical Education, Nature Study, Social Studies and Physical Education ); and Diplomas in Juridical and Forensic Psychology and an International Diploma in Sports Psychology.
( 2001 ) The Physiological Correlates of Kundalini Yoga Meditation: A Study of a Yoga Master, Appl Psychophysiol Biofeedback, Jun 2001 ; 26 ( 2 ): 147-53, PubMed Abstract PMID 11480165.
* Ginther, James R. Master of the Sacred Page: A Study of the Theology of Robert Grosseteste ( ca.
She furthered her education with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a PhD in 19th century British literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison ( her dissertation was entitled " Matthew Arnold's Possible Perfection: A Study of the Kantian Strain in Arnold's Poetry ").
* Master of Study ( 공부의 신 ; 2010 )
The concept for Cosumnes River College was included in a Master Facility Need Study that was approved by the Board of Trustees of the Los Rios Community College District in February 1967.
Oath of the Peach Garden-Oboi-Ocean University of China-Octopus card-Oktoberfest ( Hong Kong )-Old Chinese-Old Master Q-Old Summer Palace-One-child policy-One-China policy-One Country on Each Side-One country, two systems-Ong Iok-tek-Oolong-Open Door Policy-Opium-Opium trade-Opium War-Oracle bone-Oracle script-Ordos Desert-Orkhon inscriptions-Orkhon script-Oriental Daily News-Oriental Pearl Tower-Oriental Sports Daily-Oroqen Autonomous Banner-Oroqen language-Oroqen people-Our Lady Fatima Parish-Outer Manchuria-Ouyang Xiu-Overseas Chinese-Overseas Chinese Youth Language Training and Study Tour to the Republic of China-Ox ( zodiac )-Ox heads & horse faces-Oirats
However, in The Buddha from Dolpo: A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen, scholar Cyrus Stearns details that the writings of Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen ( 1292 – 1361 ) and even those of Sakya proponents of zhentong were sealed and banned from publication and study, and that the Jonang monks and nuns forcibly were converted to the Gelug lineage.
The Buddha from Dolpo: A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen.
Part III of the Mathematical Tripos ( officially Master of Mathematics / Master of Advanced Study ) is a one year Masters-level taught course in mathematics offered at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cambridge currently taken by over 200 students each year.
In the 1980s the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics was introduced, and in 2010 CASM was replaced by two new degrees, the Master of Mathematics and Master of Advanced Study.
Students who complete Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, but did not complete undergraduate studies at Cambridge will be awarded the Master of Advanced Study ( M. A. St.
She received her Master of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York and subsequently spent a year working with Mary Kelley and Ron Clark in the Whitney Independent Study Program.
The school offers the Master of Science in Applied Finance ( China ) programme, a collaborative effort between SMU and Wangyanan Institute for the Study of Economics ( WISE ) at Xiamen University, China, and the Master of Science in Communication Management, in partnership with Università della Svizzera italiana ( USI ) and with 10 days spent at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.
* Master of Advanced Study, a professional degree
Funding opportunities under the Talent program include SSHRC Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships ; Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships ( CGS ) Master ’ s and Doctoral Scholarships ; CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements ; and the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships ( doctoral ) and Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships.
A Master of Advanced Studies or Master of Advanced Study ( MAS, MAst., M. A. S.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk: A Biographical Study of the Chasidic Master.

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