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Proposed and for
Proposed new programs can be examined for appropriateness to goals and for present and future financial fitness.
" Proposed shooting locations included Black Wood and other areas in rural England, due to budgetary constraints and the potential setting as being outside of the city, an unusual change for the franchise.
Proposed physical layer transports include Ethernet-based protocols such as Audio Video Bridging and Architecture for Control Networks.
* Proposed diagnostic criteria for sex and gender section of DSM5
Proposed new layout for Potsdamer Platz and Leipziger Platz by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Proposed Out-Of-The-Ecliptic mission for 1974, but never launched.
Proposed functions for the site include usage as an astronomical observatory, or as a religious site.
Proposed and practiced fair trade policies vary widely, ranging from the common prohibition of goods made using slave labour to minimum price support schemes such as those for coffee in the 1980s.
Proposed logo for the stillborn Paramount Network.
# Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation
Proposed state quarter design for the state of Utah ( though not: File: 2007 UT Proof Rev. png | the one that was eventually minted )
Proposed penalties for violating the CBDTPA ranged from five to twenty years in prison, and fines between $ 50, 000 and $ 1 million.
* Petition for Bernie Sanders ' Proposed Amendment to revoke corporate personhood
Proposed by for the origin of English-based creoles of the West Indies, the Domestic Origin Hypothesis argues that, towards the end of the 16th century, English-speaking traders began to settle in the Gambia and Sierra Leone rivers as well as in neighboring areas such as the Bullom and Sherbro coasts.
Proposed by the US Navy in 1996, it has since had funding problems, with the United States Congress cancelling some funding, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) providing some funding to individual contractors for prototypes.
| An || Athenium || 99 || Proposed name for einsteinium.
| Ct || Centurium || 100 || Proposed name for fermium.
| Db || Dubnium || 104 || Proposed name for rutherfordium.
| Ha || Hahnium || 105 || Proposed name for dubnium.
| Ha || Hahnium || 108 || Proposed name for hassium.
| Jo || Joliotium || 105 || Proposed name for dubnium.
| Ku || Kurchatovium || 104 || Proposed name for rutherfordium.
| Md || Mendelevium || 97 || Proposed name for berkelium.
| Ns || Nielsbohrium || 105 || Proposed name for dubnium.

Proposed and by
Proposed property sales of general interest to small business concerns are publicized through SBA regional news releases, and by `` flyers '' directed to the small business concerns.
* 1996 – Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250, 000 workers who shut down services across Israel.
Proposed reconstruction of the Greek fire mechanism by Haldon and Byrne
** Israelian Hebrew – Proposed dialect of Hebrew used by the Northern Israelite tribes
An RFC that is to become a Standard or part of a Standard begins as an Internet Draft, and is later ( usually after several revisions ) accepted and published by the RFC Editor as a RFC and labeled a Proposed Standard.
Proposed designs prepared by Bailey, Banks, and Biddle and the Office of the Quartermaster General were provided to Assistant Chief of Staff ( G1 ) ( Colonel Heard ) by the QMG on January 5, 1942.
In October 1787, he wrote a pamphlet titled " An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution Proposed by the Late Convention Held at Philadelphia ," published under the pen name " A Citizen of America.
Proposed route, from Notes on the Nicaragua Canal, by Henry Isaac Sheldon, 1902.
* " Proposed Amendments to the Constitution " by James Madison ( 1789 )
** Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250, 000 workers, who shut down services across Israel.
Proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalist market economies and also an alternative to centrally planned socialism, it is described as " an anarchistic economic vision ", although it could be considered a form of socialism as under Parecon, the means of production are owned by the working class.
*: Plan of Bill Proposed by Hon.
* As-builts -– Problems & Proposed Solutions — Discussion on Building Surveys within Construction industry by Stephen R. Pettee, CCM
Proposed by the Norwegian Prime Minister and unionist Peder Anker, the white saltire on a red background was supposed to symbolize Norway, as the country had previously been united with Denmark and initially continued to use the same flag as an independent country, but with the national arms in the canton.
Proposed segments for the film included a battle between an ice god and a sun goddess set to Finlandia by Sibelius, one set in the Andes to the songs of Yma Sumac, and another featuring caricatures of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.
Proposed by André Griffe ( president of the Union des Audax Cyclistes Parisiens ), Desgrange ( president of l ' Auto ) replaced the touriste-routier group by an Audax, where cyclists rode in groups of 10 at an average 20kmh ( 22. 5kmh since 1961 ).
The Atom syndication format, whose creation was in part motivated by a desire to get a clean start free of the issues surrounding RSS, has been adopted as IETF Proposed Standard RFC 4287.
* Union with Rome: The Courtship and Proposed Marriage of Protestantism by Romanism and the Objections Thereto ( Ravenhill pulpit ) ( Ravenhill pulpit )
The process to form a City of Fairwood was restarted by the Fairwood Municipal Initiative when it filed a Notice of Proposed Incorporation with King County, Washington on April 16, 2007.
Pelosi voted against the 1995 Balanced Budget Proposed Constitutional Amendment, which was passed by the House by a 300 – 132 vote, but in the Senate fell two votes short of the 2 / 3 supermajority required ( with 65 out of 100 Senators voting in favor ).

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