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deity's and aspect
In relation to the deity's iconography, she denotes the Brahminical aspect and Vaishnava connection of the deity contrasting with the accompanying dogs — symbolizing a non-Brahminical aspect.
In many polytheistic religions, such as in ancient Greek and Roman religions, a deity's epithets, easily multiplied in the practice of cultus generally reflected a particular aspect of that god's essence and role, for which their influence may be obtained for a specific occasion: Apollo Musagetes is " Apollo, leader of the Muses " and therefore patron of the arts and sciences while Phoibos Apollo is the same deity, but as shining sun-god.

deity's and ;
On two of the Dresden Codex's very first pages, god D is shown within the maw of a caiman representing the earth ; a case has been made for identifying the caiman as the deity's transformation ( Thompson, Taube ).
In the ritual known as abhisheka ( Sanskrit, " sprinkling ; ablution "), the deity's murti or image is ritually bathed with water, curd, milk, honey, ghee, cane sugar, rosewater, etc.
* Elonan: An evil female cleric, Elonan's evil career as a worshipper of Uthok ended when Piffany covered her armor with smileys ; however, after losing her deity's favor, she started again as a cleric of Baphuma ' al.
Their plumage is colored like the deity's wings in red, black and white ; it is bilaterally similar but not perfectly symmetrical.

deity's and theology
One way of investigating the complex nature of Janus is by systematically analysing his cultic epithets: religious documents may preserve a notion of a deity's theology more accurately than other literary sources.

aspect and ;
In a symposium and general exploration of the field of Personal Perception and Interpersonal Behavior the discussion does not touch upon this aspect of the subject, with one possible exception ; ;
That he mastered every aspect of his medium according to his own great talents and contemporary judgments, is a good and solid symbol of his people under the tremendous pressures of proclaiming and practising the rigors of a new culture ; ;
But there is also a firm aspect to lexicostatistics: the aspect of learning the internal organization of obvious natural genetic groups of languages as well as their more remote and elusive external links ; ;
I am prepared to demonstrate at anytime that it represents the spirit of Imperial Russia in its most vulgar, infantile, and reactionary aspect ; ;
Motivation usually makes the difference between " good " and " bad ," but motivation also includes the aspect of ignorance ; so a well-intended action from an ignorant mind can easily be " bad " in that it creates unpleasant results for the " actor.
Note, however, that the fifth article did not completely deny perseverance of the saints ; Arminius, himself, said that " I never taught that a true believer can … fall away from the faith … yet I will not conceal, that there are passages of Scripture which seem to me to wear this aspect ; and those answers to them which I have been permitted to see, are not of such as kind as to approve themselves on all points to my understanding.
Analog ( or analogue ) television is the analog transmission that involves the broadcasting of encoded analog audio and analog video signal: one in which the information to be transmitted, the brightness and colors of the points in the image and the sound waves of the audio signal are represented by continuous variations of some aspect of the signal ; its amplitude, frequency or phase.
On 14 July 1879, another feast took place, with a semi-official aspect ; the events of the day included a reception in the Chamber of Deputies, organised and presided over by Léon Gambetta, a military review in Longchamp, and a Republican Feast in the Pré Catelan.
The competition aspect of cheerleading can be very enduring ; styles and rules changing every year make it important and difficult to find the newest and hottest routines.
According to Eliade, Christianity retains a sense of cyclical time, through the ritual commemoration of Christ's life and the imitation of Christ's actions ; Eliade calls this sense of cyclical time a " mythical aspect " of Christianity.
Often, stylized theatrical costumes can exaggerate some aspect of a character ; for example Harlequin and Pantaloon in the Commedia dell ' arte.
This method continued even when cathode ray tubes were manufactured as rounded rectangles ; it had the advantage of being a single number specifying the size, and was not confusing when the aspect ratio was universally 4: 3.
This last aspect of Erewhon reveals the influence of Charles Darwin's evolution theory ; Butler had read On the Origin of Species soon after it was published in 1859.
Since at least the 1960s, when Marc Bloch's Feudal Society ( 1939 ) was first translated into English in 1961, many medieval historians have included a broader social aspect that includes not only the nobility but all three estates of the realm, adding the peasantry bonds of manorialism and the estates of the Church ; this is sometimes referred to as " feudal society " since it encompasses all members of society into the feudal system.
* aspect — Ancient Greek: imperfective, perfective ( traditionally called aorist ), perfect ( sometimes also called perfective ; see note about terminology );
The term is used in various ways: to refer to a particular aspect of an individual, or the individual in their entirety ; to a scholar in many subjects ( e. g. Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci ) or a scholar in a single subject ( e. g., Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking ).
For example, the K ' iche ' language spoken in Guatemala has the inflectional prefixes k-and x-to mark incompletive and completive aspect ; Mandarin Chinese has the aspect markers-le 了 ,-zhe 着, zài-在, and-guò 过 to mark the perfective, durative stative, durative progressive, and experiential aspects, and also marks aspect with adverbs ; and English marks the continuous aspect with the verb to be coupled with present participle and the perfect with the verb to have coupled with past participle.

aspect and see
Until they see the ecumenical movement in terms of the difference it makes in their own attitudes, programs, and relationships, it will have an inevitable aspect of unreality.
Note that the aspectual systems of certain dialects of English, such as African-American Vernacular English ( see for example habitual be ), and of creoles based on English vocabulary, such as Hawaiian Creole English, are quite different from those of standard English, and often distinguish aspect at the expense of tense.
One important aspect is that these may have simpler topological properties: see for example Kuiper's theorem.
For example, the BBC suggests program makers who are recording in 16: 9 frame their shots in a 14: 9 aspect ratio which is then broadcast for non-widescreen televisions with small black bars at the top and bottom of the picture, while owners of widescreen TV sets see the full 16: 9 picture.
Both languages have the dual for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs ; very few known living Indo-European languages retain this feature as a productive aspect of the grammar ( see Slovenian grammar or Lithuanian grammar for other ones ).
To those unfamiliar with this aspect of a TARDIS, stepping inside the ship for the first time usually results in a reaction of shocked disbelief as they see the interior dimensions (" It's bigger on the inside!
Another aspect is to see the setter as an attacking force, albeit a weakened force, because when the setter is in the front court they are able to ' tip ' or ' dump ', so when the ball is close to the net on the second touch, the setter may opt to hit the ball over with one hand.
While some scholars see warfare as an inescapable and integral aspect of human culture, others argue that it is only inevitable under certain socio-cultural or ecological circumstances.
It involves a great departure from the methods of political action established in this country, where reforms, and especially financial reforms, have always been considerate and even tender ... I do not yet see the ground on which it can be justly held that any one description of property should be more heavily burdened than others, unless moral and social grounds can be shown first: but in this case the reasons drawn from those sources seem rather to verge in the opposite direction, for real property has more of presumptive connection with the discharge of duty that that which is ranked as personal ... the aspect of the measure is not satisfactory to a man of my traditions ( and these traditions lie near the roots of my being )... For the sudden introduction of such change there is I think no precedent in the history of this country.
For that use of the term, see " Grammatical aspect ".
Linguists now recognize that creole formation is a universal phenomenon, not limited to the European colonial period, and an important aspect of language evolution ( see ).
Studies of patients with cognitive deficits due to brain lesions constitute an important aspect of cognitive neuroscience ( see neuropsychology ).
Hylton and Matlack also describe the router as a versatile tool ( see Books below ): " You can use it in just about every aspect of a job but assembly ... used creatively, it will do almost any kind of cutting or shaping of wood ".
Late in the series, it is revealed that the Despair we see is not the first Despair, but a second aspect.
Landscapes covered in peat also have specific kinds of plants, particularly Sphagnum moss, ericaceous shrubs, and sedges ( see bog for more information on this aspect of peat ).
-For further information about the mining and smelting aspect of Midvale see UtahRails. net
* Execution ( management ), an aspect of management effectiveness whereby managers see that their plans are carried out by the members of the organization
Of course farm names sometimes follow environmental descriptions given in the vernacular of the time, but it is quite difficult to see what environmental aspect would yield the name form of " Grane " in the speech of the 17th century.
In the French New Wave film La jetée ( 1962 ), director Chris Marker depicts the self-fulfilling aspect of a person being able to see their future by showing a child who witnesses the death of his future self.
When determining whether an aspect is disharmonious, therefore, one would need to look at the planets involved and see the influence they play in the situation.
Cinematography, however, has a temporal aspect ( see persistence of vision ), unlike still photography, which is purely a single still image.
* Nexus, an aspect of state income tax code in the United States ; see State income tax # Nexus

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