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third and older
Inevitably, the surviving evidence is not complete enough to determine whether one should interpret, with older scholars, that he wisely curtailed the activities of the Roman Empire to a careful minimum, or perhaps that he was uninterested in events away from Rome and Italy and his inaction contributed to the pressing troubles that faced not only Marcus Aurelius but also the emperors of the third century.
During the first years of the reign of his older brother as Elector, Anton was the third in line, preceded only by his older brother Karl.
In these courts, the older decision remains controlling when an issue comes up the third time.
This long running conflict widened with the third canon of the First Council of Constantinople which granted the see of Constantinople primacy over the older sees of Alexandria and Antioch.
Sher Ali Khan, his third son, and proclaimed successor, failed to recapture Kabul from his older brother, Mohammad Afzal ( whose troops were led by his son, Abdur Rahman ) until 1868, after which Abdur Rahman retreated across the Amu Darya and bided his time.
Seafarers provides scenarios for four players ( the older third edition had separate maps for three-and four-player versions of the scenarios ), while the extension provides scenarios for six players ( the older third edition also included separate maps for five-and six-player scenarios ).
He had previously agreed to take royalties of one third of the savings in coal from the older Newcomen steam engines.
In some cases, the third letter is the initial for " new " in that country's language, to distinguish it from an older currency that was revalued ; the code sometimes outlasts the usage of the term " new " itself ( for example, the code for the Mexican peso is MXN ).
He became the third Soviet leader to die in less than three years, and, upon being informed in the middle of the night of his death, US President Ronald Reagan, who was seven months older than Chernenko and just over three years older than his predecessor Andropov, is reported to have remarked " how am I supposed to get any place with the Russians if they keep dying on me?
The third generation embraces the car based SUV, and leaves behind the older wagon design ; it's larger in nearly every dimension, taller, and features a sloping roof line with more cargo space.
In the U. S., third parties include older ones such as the Libertarian Party and the Green Party and newer ones such as the Pirate Party.
The primary reason for this reluctance to upgrade is that many XMMS plugins ( written by third parties ) are dependent on the older version of GTK + to properly function ( e. g. about boxes and configuration dialogs ).
Unlike older legacy systems, the newer generation of Unix systems featured standardized programming interfaces and peripheral interconnects ; third party development of hardware and software was encouraged, a significant departure from the norm of the time, which saw companies such as Amdahl and Hitachi going to court for the right to sell systems and peripherals that were compatible with IBM's mainframes.
For more expensive equipment, manufacturers and third parties provide calibration services so that older equipment may be recalibrated and recertified.
Games designed for older graphical chipsets — such as those of the third and fourth generations of video game consoles, those of dedicated TV games, or those of similar handheld systems — take advantage of the raster characteristics to create the illusion of more layers.
The older avantgarde ( Teige, Nezval ) also turned away from poetism to surrealism, and a third group ( Hora, Seifert, František Hrubín ) turned instead to lyricism, to quiet, memory-filled poetry.
The first and third are " head couples " or " heads " ( or, in older parlance, the " first four "); the second and fourth are " side couples " or " sides " ( formerly " side four " or " second four ").
A third series for older V8 Supercars, the V8 Touring Car National Series, was held for the first time in 2008.
The northern two thirds of the county were covered with an ice sheet during the Wisconsinan Stage, while the southern third was covered by ice sheets during the much older Illinoian Stage.
Founded by Karl Baedeker in 1827, the company relocated in 1872 to Leipzig under his third son Fritz Baedeker, who took over control of the company following the death and disablement of his older brothers.

third and theory
The third need is for better theory.
A third theory assumes common authorship of the Western and Alexandrian texts, but claims the Alexandrian text is the short first draft, and the Western text is a longer polished draft.
Here the first equality follows from the first part of Einstein's theory, the third equality follows from the definition of Boltzmann's constant as, and the fourth equality follows from Stokes ' formula for the mobility.
A third common theory is Lewis acid-base theory, which is based on the formation of new chemical bonds.
Most quantitative calculations in modern quantum chemistry use either valence bond or molecular orbital theory as a starting point, although a third approach, Density Functional Theory, has become increasingly popular in recent years.
The third theory says that humans indirectly caused the extinction of diprotodonts, by destroying the ecosystem on which they depended.
“ This doctrine is rooted in Aristotle's conception of the soul, and has antecedents in Hobbes's conception of the mind as a ‘ calculating machine ’, but it has become fully articulated ( and popularly endorsed ) only in the last third of the 20th century .” In so far as it mediates stimulus and response, a mental function is analogous to a program that processes input / output in automata theory.
* The third stratum is metalogical, what he called a " theory of all possible forms of theories.
The ontological correlate to the third stratum is the " theory of manifolds ".
The third was an important one in number theory, in which the concept of a finite field was first articulated.
A third theory is that Galatians 2: 1-10 describes Paul and Barnabas ' visit to Jerusalem described in Acts 11: 30 and 12: 25.
A third class of information theory codes are cryptographic algorithms ( both codes and ciphers ).
Similarities between jackals and coyotes led Lorenz Oken, in 1816, in the third volume of his Lehrbuch der Naturgeschichte, to place these species into a new separate genus, Thos, after the classical Greek word " jackal ", but his theory had little immediate impact on taxonomy at the time.
* Legal realism is a third theory of jurisprudence which argues that the real world practice of law is what determines what law is ; the law has the force that it does because of what legislators, judges, and executives do with it.
" Marx responds to this in his third volume of Capital with his competition of capitals theory, a mathematical transformation that has been fiercely debated.
A third approach, described as " radical memetics ", seeks to place memes at the centre of a materialistic theory of mind and of personal identity.
Although originally expressed in Newton's third law, the conservation of linear momentum also holds in special relativity ( with a modified formula ) and, with appropriate definitions, a ( generalized ) linear momentum conservation law holds in electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and general relativity.
The third theory links the name of Mieszko with his other name, Dagome, as it appeared in the document called Dagome iudex.
The examples are usually drawn from fusional languages, where a given " piece " of a word, which a morpheme-based theory would call an inflectional morpheme, corresponds to a combination of grammatical categories, for example, " third person plural.
He is the third, and possibly most important, pillar of that field ( he soon was the only one to have discovered a relativistic generalization of the theory ).
In his above-mentioned account, he introduced the bra-ket notation, together with an abstract formulation in terms of the Hilbert space used in functional analysis ; he showed that Schrödinger's and Heisenberg's approaches were two different representations of the same theory, and found a third, most general one, which represented the dynamics of the system.
* A third theory suggests that Nepal came from compounding the words NE, which means wool, and PAL, which means a tented house ; a long time ago, Nepal used to produce a lot of wool and the houses were used to store the wool — hence the word NE-PAL.
In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the Earth, after the geosphere ( inanimate matter ) and the biosphere ( biological life ).
A third theory of perception, enactivism, attempts to find a middle path between realist and anti-realist theories, positing that cognition arises as a result of the dynamic interplay between an organism's sensory-motor capabilities and its environment.

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