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Absalom and is
Another monument near Jerusalem ( not the modern " Absalom Tomb "-" Yad Avshalom " which is of later origin ) was erected by Absalom in his lifetime to perpetuate his name ():
" Now Absalom in his lifetime had taken and reared up for himself a monument, which is in the king's dale: for he said, I have no son to keep my name in remembrance: and he called the pillar after his own name: and it is called unto this day, Absalom's monument.
* Absalom and Achitophel ( 1681 ) is a landmark poetic political satire by John Dryden.
* Absalom is the name of Stephen Kumalo's son in " Lost in the Stars ", Kurt Weil's play based on the novel " Cry the Beloved Country ".
* Absalom is the name of a short science fiction story by Henry Kuttner about the conflict between a father and son over the son's education.
* Absalom is the name of a character in Eiichiro Oda's manga One Piece during the Thriller Bark arc.
* Throughout Robertson Davies's The Manticore a comparison is repeatedly made between the protagonist's problematic relations with his father and those of between the Biblical Absalom and King David.
* Absalom is the name of a comedic character in " The Miller's Tale " in the Canterbury Tales.
* Absalom is the name of a character in Michael Crummey's Newfoundland-set Galore.
* Absalom is also the oldest and most powerful alliance in the first textbased game on internet called Utopia-World of Legends and holds Kingdoms as Equilibrium, Mercy, Sanctuary and Rage of Absalom.
* Absalom is the name given to the caterpillar by screenwriter Linda Woolverton in Disney's " Alice in Wonderland ," directed by Tim Burton.
* Absalom Greer, is the name of a character in Jan Karon ’ s Mitford series.
Also, " Absalom, Absalom Would I die for you my son, I would have it all undone, The way it all came down " is found on the 1998 album Largo in the song " Gimme A Stone ".
* " Absalom, Absalom " is the title of a song on the 1996 Compass CD Making Light of It by singer / songwriter Pierce Pettis, incorporating several elements of the biblical narrative.
* The story of Absalom is referred to several places in folk singer Adam Arcuragi's song " Always Almost Crying.
* The garage folk band David's Doldrums references Absalom in their song, " my name is Absalom.
* In " Every Kind Word " by Lackthereof, Danny Seim's project parallel to Menomena, Seim sings "... and your hair is long like Absalom.
* " Absalom " is a song on Brand New Shadows's debut album, White flags.

Absalom and album
* The San Francisco-based band Om mentions Absalom in their song " Kapila's Theme " from their debut album Variations on a Theme.

Absalom and by
The Death of Absalom by Gustave Dore
After his full sister Tamar was raped by Amnon, their half-brother and David's eldest son, Absalom waited two years and avenged her by sending his servants to murder Amnon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons.
While at Jerusalem, Absalom built support for himself among the populace by promising justice for all " if only I were appointed judge in the land ", and by showing humility by kissing those who approached him rather than accepting supplication.
Absalom himself was caught by his head in the boughs of an oak-tree as the mule he was riding ran beneath it-an irony given that he was previously renowned for his abundant hair and handsome head.
Joab avenged David by fatally striking and killing Absalom, by the use of three spears, followed by a group of swordsmen, an act that caused David great sorrow.
* " Absaloms Abfall " by Rainer Maria Rilke (" The Fall of Absalom ," trans.
* During the finale of the song Distant Early Warning by Canadian band Rush, Geddy Lee sings, " Absalom Absalom Absalom.
* One of Willie Trombone's letters in The Neverhood reads, " Hang me from a tree by my hoop so I can play ' Absalom '".

Absalom and Progressive
* The Progressive Metal band from Barranquilla, Colombia, Absalom has his name.

Absalom and band
* The grindcore band Discordance Axis references Absalom at the end of the track entitled Castration Rite.
Some of the first artists to sign included Ian Matthews, Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Mike Absalom, Dr. Z, Catapilla, Cressida, Colosseum, Gentle Giant, Jade Warrior, Metallica, Nirvana ( UK band ), Kraftwerk, Ben, Keith Tippett Group, Tudor Lodge, Streetwalkers, Lucifer's Friend and Magna Carta.

Absalom and Men
* The Caravan Moves On-Joab, Absalom, David, Saul, Samuel and Men

Absalom and featuring
** featuring " Absalom, Absalom "

Absalom and .
According to the Bible, Absalom or Avshalom () was the third son of David, King of Israel with Maachah, daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur.
Absalom eventually rebelled against his father and was killed during the Battle of Ephraim Wood.
Hushai convinced Absalom to ignore Ahithophel's advice to attack his father while he was on the run, and instead prepare his forces for a major attack.
Absalom was the name of Stephen Kumalo's son in the novel.
Like the historical Absalom, Absalom Kumalo was at odds with his father, the two fighting a moral and ethical battle of sorts over the course of some of the novel's most important events.
Absalom kills and murders a man, and also meets an untimely death.
* Ender's Shadow references the story of Absalom and King David's lament.
Bean, as he sends his soldiers on a suicide mission to destroy the Buggers, says to them, " O my son Absalom.
My son, my son Absalom.
Would God I could die for thee, O Absalom, my son.
* The character of Absalom appears in Susannah Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

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