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According and CSIRO
According to the CSIRO, Coffs Harbour has the most liveable climate in Australia, and it is nestled between a high mountain backdrop and dozens of " unspoiled " beaches.

According and next
According to the latest projections of the Bureau of the Census, the annual rate of household formations will increase for the next 20 years.
According to the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest companies in 2008, Canada had 69 companies in the list, ranking 5th next to France.
According to one of the principal texts of Hindu philosophy, the Tattwa Kaumudi authored by Vacaspati in the 9th century A. D., the Creator used akasha ( ether ), the most " subtle " element, to create the other four traditional elements ; each element created is in turn used to create the next element, each less subtle than the last.
According to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, railroad workers while clearing way for the track and the next railroad camp saw Eureka, level land with little to clear, and declared, " Eureka!
According to a hospital spokesman, Coleman was " conscious and lucid " the next morning, but his condition subsequently worsened.
According to Aristotle's Constitution of Orchomenus, when the Thespians ravaged Ascra, the villagers sought refuge at Orchomenus, where, following the advice of an oracle, they collected the ashes of Hesiod and set them in a place of honour in their agora, next to the tomb of Minyas, their eponymous founder.
According to Mark Kurlansky, " Smoked foods almost always carry with them legends about their having been created by accident — usually the peasant hung the food too close to the fire, and then, imagine his surprise the next morning when …".
According to the Fraser Basin Council, scientists predict a one-in-three chance of a similar-sized flood occurring in the next 50 years.
According to her, testosterone levels rise gradually from about the 24th day of a woman's menstrual cycle until ovulation on about the 14th day of the next cycle, and during this period the woman's desire for sex increase consistently.
According to this view, 16 January was really the date of Marcellus ' death, the next occupant of the chair being Eusebius ( Neues Archiv, 1896, XXI, 350 – 3 ).
According to Marco Polo, the kings of Malabar wore a necklace of 104 rubies and pearls which was given from one generation of kings to the next.
According to the specification, an RTP port should be even and the RTCP port is the next higher odd port number.
According to the Apogee website the original storyline was the following: After the fall of Hitler, the true powers behind him have drawn into seclusion, planning their next strategy for world domination.
Following the success of The Stranglers ' previous four albums they were given complete freedom for their next, The Gospel According to The Meninblack, a concept album exploring religion and the supposed connection between religious phenomena and extraterrestrial visitors.
According to William L. Shirer, Hitler spends the next few days worrying that the Russians will not come to terms in time for the rest of the invasion plans to unfold as scheduled.
According to Valesius these were mainly Socrates and Sozomen ; Albert Guldenpenning's thorough research placed Rufinus first, and next to him, Eusebius of Caesarea, Athanasius, Sozomen, Sabinus, Philostorgius, Gregory Nazianzen, and, least of all, Socrates.
According to the Vision for Space Exploration, the next manned NASA program was to be Project Constellation with its Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion Spacecraft ; however, the Constellation program was never fully funded, and in early 2010 the Obama administration asked Congress to instead endorse a plan with heavy reliance on the private sector for delivering cargo and crew to LEO.
According to Dr. Bianchi, associate curator of the Brooklyn Museum " In tomb 15, the prince is looking on to things he enjoyed in life that he wishes to take to the next world.
According to an input bit the encoder at the next turn can convert either to the " 01 " state or the " 11 " state.
According to guitarist James " Munky " Shaffer, Korn has begun writing new material for their next album.
According to the authors, the " next industrial revolution " depends on the espousal of four central strategies: " the conservation of resources through more effective manufacturing processes, the reuse of materials as found in natural systems, a change in values from quantity to quality, and investing in natural capital, or restoring and sustaining natural resources ".
According to the authors, the " next industrial revolution " depends on the espousal of four central strategies: " the conservation of resources through more effective manufacturing processes, the reuse of materials as found in natural systems, a change in values from quantity to quality, and investing in natural capital, or restoring and sustaining natural resources.
According to the Greek mythology the phoenix lived in Phoenicia ( Lebanon ) next to a well.
According to Lawrence and Wolff, in 1984, there was a consensus among scholars that Carthaginian children were sacrificed by their parents, who would make a vow to kill the next child if the gods would grant them a favor: for instance that their shipment of goods were to arrive safely in a foreign port.

According and decade
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
According to the Lanercost Chronicle, Alexander did not spend his decade as a widower alone: " he used never to forbear on account of season nor storm, nor for perils of flood or rocky cliffs, but would visit none too creditably nuns or matrons, virgins or widows as the fancy seized him, sometimes in disguise.
According to a number of authors, approximately 100, 000 of the total Kashmiri Pandit population of 140, 000 left the valley during that decade.
According to Luther H. Martin, Roman Mithraism came to an end with the anti-pagan decrees of the Christian emperor Theodosius during the last decade of the 4th century.
* According to the National Endowment for the Arts ( NEA ), the decade showed a continuous increase in reading, although circulation of newspapers has declined in conjunction with the Economic Recession.
According to the UNRISD, increasing labour productivity appears to have a negative impact on job creation: in the 1960s, a 1 % increase in output per worker was associated with a reduction in employment growth of 0. 07 %, by the first decade of this century the same productivity increase implies reduced employment growth by 0. 54 %.
According to Sir Patrick Neill QC, the vice-chancellor, Macmillan ' would talk late into the night with eager groups of students who were often startled by the radical views he put forward, well into his last decade.
According to him, past labels used by the media include " silent majority " in the 1960s, " forgotten middle class " in the 1970s, " angry white males " in the 1980s, " soccer moms " in the 1990s, and " NASCAR dads " in the 2000s ( decade ).
According to Terri McLean, author of New Harmonies, old-guard churches ( United Methodist is given as an example ) of the late 1990s were experiencing a rapid decline in membership and were under threat of disbandment within the next decade, a trend that has been going on since the 1980s.
According to the Times, because the village is below sea-level and sinking, the town could be washed away within a decade.
According to the 2010 census, the population of the town is 341, an increase of 13. 3 % over the previous decade.
According to 2010 census figures, the population of the town is 379, a 10. 8 % increase over the last decade.
According to the 2010 census, the population of the town is 449, a decrease of 8. 7 % over the previous decade.
According to a Los Angeles Times news story from 1956, two swans named Rudie and Susie hatched their five new cygnets on the island in MacArthur Park Lake, and according to the park superintendent, these were the first swans born in the park in over a decade.
According to a contemporary letter from Alcuin of York, an English deacon and scholar who spent over a decade at Charlemagne's court as one of his chief advisors, " the vengeance of the blood shed by the father has reached the son "; and Alcuin adds " This was not a strengthening of the kingdom, but its ruin.
According to Hanna biographer William T. Horner, the episode was the start of the negative image of Hanna in the press which would be further developed by the Hearst newspapers over a decade later.
According to hotor's case: Refining his analysis a decade later, Freud stressed that while childhood sexuality involved a wide and unfocused range of perverse activities, by contrast with adult perversion there was ' an important difference between them.
In 1964 the choir performed the world premier of Hungarian composer Miklós Rózsa ’ s major vocal piece, “ The Vanities of Life .” A decade later the choir would perform the west coast premier of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki ’ s “ Passion According to St. Luke ”.
According to Stanley Weintraub, " The color of The Yellow Book was an appropriate reflection of the ' Yellow Nineties ," a decade in which Victorianism was giving way among the fashionable to Regency attitudes and French influences ; For yellow was not only the decor of the notorious and dandified pre-Victorian Regency, but also of the allegedly wicked and decadent French novel.
According to a dozen witnesses interviewed by Swedish aid worker Göran Björkdahl in the 2000s ( decade ), Hammarskjöld's plane was shot down by another aircraft.
According to Davis, Sesame Streets second decade was spent " turning inward, expanding its young viewers ' world ".
According to IGN, " he is probably the most famous hero in the history of the Final Fantasy series ," and although " his star has faded somewhat over the last decade and change, maybe it's just a consequence of overexposure.
According to the Global Internet Statistics in 2003, internet population around the world has grown exceptionally fast in less than a decade, rising from 16 million users in 1995 to approximately 680 million in late 2003.
According to Ioan Stanomir, Iorga and fellow historian Ioan C. Filitti were together responsible for " the most memorable pages " in Romanian conservative theory for " the 1928 – 1938 decade ".

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