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Acts and Ordinances
* List of Acts and Ordinances of the Parliament of England, 1642 to 1660
A section entitled " An Alphabetical Table of the most material contents of the whole book " may be found in Henry Scobell's Acts and Ordinances of Parliament of 1658.
', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 ( 1911 ), pp. 184-86.
All Ordinances and Acts of Parliament passed during the English Civil War and the Interregnum were considered void after the English Restoration as they had not received Royal assent.
', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 ( 1911 ), pp. 1100-110.
Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 ( 1911 ), pp. 13-14, ' July 1642: The Ordinance for raising 2, 000 Men for relieving Hull.

Acts and Interregnum
It set about both systematic dismantling of all the legislation and institutions which had been introduced during the Interregnum, and the confirming of the Acts of the Convention Parliament.

Acts and 1642
* Acts and Monuments of the Church, London, 1642.

Acts and
* 1800 The Acts of Union 1800 is passed in which merges the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
* 1794 U. S. President George Washington invokes the Militia Acts of 1792 to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania.
About a fifth of the law code is taken up by Alfred's introduction, which includes translations into English of the Decalogue, a few chapters from the Book of Exodus, and the " Apostolic Letter " from Acts of the Apostles ( 15: 23 29 ).
The author is traditionally identified as Luke the Evangelist ; see Authorship of Luke Acts for details.
Acts 15: 22 24 from the 7th-century Codex Laudianus in the Bodleian Library, written in parallel columns of Latin and Greek language | Greek.
According to Richard I. Pervo, " Townsend's methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another valuable lesson in the danger of establishing the date of Acts or any work by arguing for the earliest possible time of origin.
* Alan Taylor, " The Alien and Sedition Acts " in Julian E. Zelizer, ed., The American Congress ( 2004 ), 63 76
* Constitution of 1967 after the 1964 coup d ' État against João Goulart, the military dictatorship passed the Institutional Acts, a supraconstitutional law.
* Acts Revelation: Novum Testamentum Graece.
The Thuggee and Dacoity Suppression Acts, 1836 1848 was enacted in British India under East India Company rule.
Longenecker, " Acts of the Apostles ", in volume 9 of The Expositor's Bible Commentary, Frank E. Gaebelein, editor ( Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Corporation, 1976 1984 ), page 476.
Moreover, Paul's description of the Council of Jerusalem ( Gal 2: 1 10 ) gives a different point of view from the description in Acts 15: 2 29.
In this view, the visit to Jerusalem, mentioned in Galatians 2: 1 10, is identical with that of Acts 15, which is spoken of as a thing of the past.
In order to see that these churches were properly established ( as was Paul's typical pattern, see Acts 14: 21 23 ), Paul left Titus in Crete.
Tertullian ( c. a. d. 160 225 ) wrote that when it was discovered that a church elder had composed a pseudonymous work, The Acts of Paul ( which included a purported Pauline letter, 3 Corinthians ), the offending elder “ was removed from his office ” ( On Baptism 17 ).
* 1958 Matthew Ward, American singer ( Second Chapter of Acts )
According to Acts of the Apostles, Paul founded the church in Corinth ( Acts 18: 1 17 ), then spent approximately three years in Ephesus ( Acts 19: 8, 19: 10, 20: 31 ).
After the " Helium Acts Amendments of 1960 " ( Public Law 86 777 ), the U. S. Bureau of Mines arranged for five private plants to recover helium from natural gas.
* 1774 Orangetown Resolutions adopted in the Province of New York, one of many protests against the British Parliament's Coercive Acts
* 1774 Intolerable Acts: The Quartering Act is enacted, allowing a governor in colonial America to house British soldiers in uninhabited houses, outhouses, barns, or other buildings if suitable quarters are not provided.
* 1948 National Health Service Acts created the national public health systems in the United Kingdom

Acts and 1660
The original ordinance of 1651 was renewed at the Restoration by Acts of 1660 and 1663, and subsequently subject to minor amendment.
For the acts of parliament passed in each session, see List of Acts of the Parliament of England, 1660 1699.
His career for the next decade is documented in the diary of Samuel Pepys who joined him as Clerk of the Acts to the Navy Board in 1660.
In 1660 Penn was appointed a Commissioner of the Navy Board where he worked with Pepys, Clerk of the Acts to the Navy Board.
He filled the office of vice-treasurer from 1660 till 1667, served on the committee for carrying out the declaration for the settlement of Ireland and on the committee for Irish affairs, while later, in 1671 and 1672, he was a leading member of various commissions appointed to investigate the working of the Acts of Settlement.
The number of Indian seamen employed on British ships was so great that the British tried to restrict this by the Navigation Acts in force from 1660, which required that 75 percent of the crew of a British-registered ship importing goods from Asia had to be British.
This problem was only partially solved by the inclusion of timber in the Navigation Acts of 1651 and 1660.

Acts and collection
Historians believe that the author of Acts did not have access to a collection of Paul's letters.
The assembled bishops informed the pope that a copy of all the " Acta " would be transmitted to him ; in March, 453, Pope Leo commissioned Julian of Cos, then at Constantinople, to make a collection of all the Acts and translate them into Latin.
He publicly opposed the collection of legislation intended to punish the Thirteen Colonies known as Intolerable Acts, and in 1774 assured his constituents that he would resist active duty against the Americans and asserted that the entire British army could not conquer America.
The constitution of New Zealand consists of a collection of statutes ( Acts of Parliament ), Treaties, Orders-in-Council, Letters patent, decisions of the Courts and unwritten constitutional conventions.
Latin fragments are found in the Acts of the second council of Constantinople, and an important collection of Syriac fragments from the Nitrian manuscripts of the British Museum was published by Dr. Eduard Sachau ( Th.
It was published in 1820 ( see 1820 in poetry ) by Charles and James Ollier in London as part of the Prometheus Unbound, A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts, With Other Poems collection.
The Acts of John is a collection of narratives and traditions concerning John the Apostle, well described as a " library of materials ", inspired by the Gospel of John, long known in fragmentary form.
* The Statutes of the Realm, a collection of all English and British Acts of Parliament from 1235 to the death of Queen Anne in 1713.

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