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Additional and education
Additional education occurs through Koranic schools.
Additional education centers can be found at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Gowen Field and in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Additional facilities include network plug-in ports for laptop users, support for international distance education students, and DVD / video rentals with over 1, 500 titles.
Additional resources are invested in special education and classes for gifted children, including a special after-school program for honors students in science and math.
Additional venues within ACMI allow computer-based public education, and other interactive presentations.
Additional education, like obtaining a bachelor ’ s degree, may be required to fulfill certain job requirements.
Additional reviews have sought to provide more reliable results of the testing effect to improve education, a trend that after nearly 100 years, seems to be catching on.
Additional findings were a reduced earning potential in view of the education level that corroborates earlier studies of cult critics ( Martin 1993 ; Singer & Ofshe, 1990 ; West & Martin, 1994 ) and significant levels of depression and dissociation agreeing with Conway & Siegelman, ( 1982 ), Lewis & Bromley, ( 1987 ) and Martin, et al.
Additional museums and education buildings represented the continued expansion of Gund's practice in these years.
Additional differences on education issues concerned training requirements for new teachers, decentralization in education, school autonomy, curricula, textbook censorship, and, in the late 1980s, the reform movement.
Additional space for education was built in 1993 under pastor Fr.

Additional and courses
Additional courses can readily be added and special cooperative programs worked out with any new industry if the basic facilities, staff and program are in being.
Additional graduate courses and degree programs are offered through the University of South Carolina Extended Graduate Campus program.
Additional courses have been established, among them agronomy, archival science, theater, museology, control and automation engineering, computational mathematics, and speech therapy / audiology.
** The Department of Continuing Teacher Education offers Additional Qualification courses for Teachers
Additional courses of vocational training are also given opportunities.
Additional tutoring is available for math courses online and in person.
Additional courses were organized on which the soldiers were trained in basic covert operations, topography, cryptography, and sharpshooting.
Additional undergraduate courses of study are provided through the College of Information and Science, College of Humanities and Social Science, College of Art, and College of Oriental Medicine.
Additional upper-division courses through the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Boise State University are also offered.
( Additional courses can be bypassed through other exams, such as the AP examinations or a French II final ).
Additional Math courses are Precalculus, College Transitional Math, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics.
Additional fitness courses offered are: Yoga, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Cycling, Weight Training, Golf, Table Tennis, Dance, and Martial Arts.
* Additional courses in the natural and social sciences and in literature to round out the core curriculum of a scholar's program.
Additional courses used by study circles vary from country to country and include the " Fundamental Verities " and " Core Curriculum " materials developed in the United States, among others.
Additional courses were added for Security, Air Intelligence for RAF Bomber Command, a Far East Course and Air Intelligence for Senior Officers.
Additional courses in geographic / cultural orientation offered by the Air Force Special Operations Command are provided to increase members ' awareness of cultural areas they frequently transit on missions.

education and courses
Planning of vocational education programs and courses is oriented to local employer needs for trained workers.
Adult education courses, work-study programs of various sorts -- these are all evidence of a continuing interest of the schools in furthering educational opportunities for out-of-school youth.
She demonstrates a remarkably thorough education, including some art courses that involved study of human anatomy through the study of human cadavers.
Clinton and the committee were responsible for state educational improvement programs, notably more spending for schools, rising opportunities for gifted children, an increase in vocational education, raising of teachers ' salaries, inclusion of a wider variety of courses, and compulsory teacher testing for aspiring educators.
In English primary education grammar courses, a copula is often called a linking verb.
Associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees are granted by univerisites, but, in some courses of study, there may be an agreement between colleges and universities to collaborate on the education requirements toward a degree.
The community colleges also provide an infrastructure for rural communities to gain skills training through short courses as well as providing access to a post-secondary education.
* Developmental – Remedial education for high school graduates who are not academically ready to enroll in college-level courses.
* Industry training – Contracted training and education wherein a local company pays the college to provide specific training or courses for their employees.
Digital control and nonlinear control courses require z transformation and algebra respectively, and could be said to complete a basic control education.
or B. M ) are four-year programs that include individual bass lessons, amateur orchestra experience, and a sequence of courses in music history, music theory, and liberal arts courses ( e. g., English literature ), which give the student a more well-rounded education.
" Distance education courses that require a physical on-site presence for any reason ( including taking examinations ) have been referred to as hybrid or blended courses of study.
In the United States William Rainey Harper, first president of the University of Chicago developed the concept of extended education, whereby the research university had satellite colleges of education in the wider community, and in 1892 he also encouraged the concept of correspondence school courses to further promote education, an idea that was put into practice by Columbia University.
Today, there are many private and public, non-profit and for-profit institutions worldwide offering distance education courses from the most basic instruction through to the highest levels of degree and doctoral programs.
She sees sectors of education such as courses for business executives as being " more lucrative than traditional markets ".
In formal education, a curriculum is the set of courses and their content offered at a school or university.
The sole dependence on paper resources for subject information diminished and e-books and articles, as well as on-line courses, were anticipated to become increasingly staple and affordable choices provided by higher education institutions according to Whyte in a 2002 presentation.
Because of its mission statement, Harvey Mudd College places an unusually strong emphasis on general science education, requiring a full one-third of math, science, and engineering courses, known as the " common core ," outside of one's major.
While working on amateur productions he was also determined to improve his appearance and physique, buying bodybuilding courses, taking elocution lessons, and trying to redress his lack of education and culture.
Graduate education was inaugurated in 1928 when courses at the master ’ s degree level were offered in cooperation with the University of Michigan.
In all developed countries, entry-level medical education programs are tertiary-level courses, undertaken at a medical school attached to a university.

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