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Advanced and Automation
* Advanced Distribution Automation, the extension of intelligent control over an electrical power grid
Advanced Automation for Space Missions, edited by Robert Freitas, to produce a detailed proposal for self-replicating factories to develop lunar resources without requiring additional launches or human workers on-site.
NASA's Advanced Automation for Space Missions study directly inspired the science fiction novel Code of the Lifemaker ( 1983 ) by author James P. Hogan.
In May 1988 they introduced the high-end 20 inch DDM model ( Data Display Monitor ) with a maximum resolution of 2, 048 by 2, 048, which went on to be used in the FAA's Advanced Automation System air traffic control system.
As of 2009, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning set up a new School of Engineering Technology specializing in advanced technology programs related to: Robotics, Process Automation, Electronics, Communications, Engineering, and Information Technology.
These solutions include Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI ), Demand Response ( DR ), Smart Sensors, Power Systems Engineering Software and Services, Substation Automation, and Feeder Automation.
Sharif University was appointed as a Center of Excellence (: fa: قطب علمی ) by Iran's Ministry of Science and Technology in the fields of " Advanced Materials "," Aerospace Systems "," Biological Process Engineering "," Communication "," Design, Robotics, and Automation "," Energy Conversion "," Earthquake Engineering "," Mathematics "," Physics "," Power System Management and Control " and " Telecommunications ".
As part of its research mission, OU also supports a number of major research centers and institutes, including the Center for Biomedical Research, the Center for Robotics and Advanced Automation, the Fastening and Joining Research Institute, the Human Systems Initiative, and the renowned Eye Research Institute.
Because of the failure of the FAA's Advanced Automation System ( AAS ) project, the 9020E Display Channel Complexes lasted well into the 1990s.
Its clients have included companies such as Motorola, Royal Dutch Shell, Advanced Micro Devices, British Telecom, Applied Materials, General Motors, British Airways, TRW, McKinsey, A. T. Kearney, Unilever, IBM, Linde and Rockwell Automation.
* The V-Model first appeared at Hughes Aircraft circa 1982 as part of the pre-proposal effort for the FAA Advanced Automation System ( AAS ) program.
In 1980, inspired by a 1979 " New Directions Workshop " held at Wood's Hole, NASA conducted a joint summer study with ASEE entitled Advanced Automation for Space Missions to produce a detailed proposal for self-replicating factories to develop lunar resources without requiring additional launches or human workers on-site.
In the spirit of the 1980 " Advanced Automation for Space Missions " study, the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts began several studies of self-replicating system design in 2002 and 2003.
NASA's Advanced Automation for Space Missions study directly inspired the science fiction novel Code of the Lifemaker ( 1983 ) by author James P. Hogan.
* AdCiv. org-Post Scarcity through Open Design and Advanced Automation
When the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) awarded the contract of the Advanced Automation System ( AAS ) to IBM Federal Systems, the work was performed at a newly constructed campus in Rockville, Maryland.

Advanced and for
* Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope, the proposed successor for the Hubble Space Telescope
* Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator, a large hydraulic motion simulator for the theme park industry
In 1969, the institute established the Center for Advanced Film Studies at Greystone, the Doheny Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.
Advanced compositional verification methods have been developed for secure applet interactions.
The Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES ) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U. S. National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) in 2002.
This announcement followed a five-year standardization process in which fifteen competing designs were presented and evaluated, before the Rijndael cipher was selected as the most suitable ( see Advanced Encryption Standard process for more details ).
* Advanced Sound-ranging Programme, a portable, passive, acoustic sensing system for detecting and locating the source of artillery fire and loud detonations, operated by the Royal Artillery
He taught at the University of Chicago from 1947 to 1958, before spending the remainder of his career at the Institute for Advanced Study.
Category: Institute for Advanced Study faculty
The Advanced Plus 3 was very similar to the Acorn Plus 3 but packaged as an ADFS ROM cartridge for the Plus 1 with a disc drive connector at the head.
AIX ( Advanced Interactive eXecutive, pronounced ) is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems developed and sold by IBM for several of its computer platforms.
Bohr worked at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in early 1948, and later at Columbia University from January 1949 to August 1950.
In 1954, Martin Davis programmed Presburger's algorithm for a JOHNNIAC vacuum tube computer at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.
) is a bimonthly mathematical journal published by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study.
Princeton University continued to publish the annals on its own until 1933, when the Institute for Advanced Study took joint editorial control.
The current editors of the Annals of Mathematics are Jean Bourgain ( Institute for Advanced Study ), David Gabai, Nick Katz, Peter Sarnak, Yakov Sinai, and Gang Tian ( all from Princeton University ).
* Goldstine, Herman H., and von Neumann, John, " Planning and Coding of the Problems for an Electronic Computing Instrument ", Rep. 1947, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
He has served as scholar in residence at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D. C. and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
* University of North Texas's Center for Advanced Research and Technology
Advanced BBSes used Multiple CD-ROM disc changer units that switched 6 CD-ROM disks on demand for the caller ( s ).
The fantasy game supplement Thieves World, based on the popular series of books by Robert Lynn Asprin, used both the system for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as well as the RuneQuest variation of the BRP for character statistics, representing the two most popular game systems of the time.

Advanced and Space
* Advanced Interstellar Propulsion How to Travel Extreme Distances in Space.
The United States Central Command requested planners from SAMS along with its " sister schools ", the United States Air Force's School of Advanced Air and Space Studies ( SAASS ), which was designed to be similar to SAMS, as well as the United States Marine Corps's School of Advanced Warfighting ( SAW ).
Allen was assigned in December 1961 to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Space Technology Office, in the Directorate of Research and Engineering, Washington, D. C. From June 1965 to February 1973, he was assigned to the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, initially in Los Angeles, California, as the Deputy Director for Advanced Plans in the Directorate of Special Projects.
* Advanced Concepts Team, A research team of the European Space Agency
* Advanced Concepts Team, a research team of the European Space Agency
Developed by the Advanced Projects Group, a June 1958 report by Avro's Engineering Department described a Space Threshold Vehicle intended to " get a man into the threshold of space and recover him, flying back through the corridor ", where winged flight was possible between maximum altitude that could sustain lift from a winged vehicle and maximum tolerable structural temperature.
The proposed instrument package for the series initially included: the Advanced Baseline Imager ( ABI ); the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite ( HES ); the Space Environment In-Situ Suite ( SEISS ), which includes two Magnetospheric Particle Sensors ( MPS-HI and MPS-LO ), an Energetic Heavy Ion Sensor ( EHIS ), and a Solar and Galactic Proton Sensor ( SGPS ); the Solar Imaging Suite ( SIS ), which includes the Solar Ultraviolet Imager ( SUVI ), the Solar X-Ray Sensor ( XRS ), and the Extreme Ultraviolet Sensor ( EUVS ); the Geostationary Lightning Mapper ( GLM ); and the Magnetometer.
Marshall Space Flight Center presently has capabilities and projects supporting NASA's mission in three key areas: Lifting from Earth ( Space Vehicles ), Living and Working in Space ( International Space Station ), and Understanding Our World and Beyond ( Advanced Scientific Research ).
In the future, the facility will likely be used for another successor, the Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope ( AT-LAST ).
It consists of seven research centers: Advanced Optics, Biotechnology, Global Hydeology & Climate, Information Technology, Material Science, Propulsion, and Space Science.
In later iterations of Warhammer 40, 000-related products ( starting with the release of Advanced Space Crusade ) the Tyranids were given a complete makeover and became a major race, popularized by a number of successful expansions.
The first recognizable incarnation of Tyranid warriors appeared in Advanced Space Crusade in 1990, featuring biological weaponry such as boneswords and deathspitters.
That pattern would continue after 1957, when U. S. anxiety over the launch of Sputnik led to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( space science ) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( defense-related research ).
In 2005, the Advanced Camera for Surveys instrument of the Hubble Space Telescope finished capturing the most detailed image of the nebula yet taken.
Upon completion of training, Husband was named the Astronaut Office representative for Advanced Projects at Johnson Space Center, working on Space Shuttle Upgrades, the Crew Return Vehicle ( CRV ) and studies to return to the Moon and travel to Mars.

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