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After and Expansion
In 1982, a radical liberalization of the law on cable was proposed by the Information Technology Advisory Panel, for the sake of promoting a new generation of broadband cable systems leading to the wired society After setting up and receiving the conclusions of the Hunt Inquiry into Cable Expansion and Broadcasting Policy, the Government decided to proceed with liberalization and two pieces of legislation: the Cable and Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act, were enacted in 1984.
After another season with Fredericton, Vokoun was chosen by the Nashville Predators in the 1998 NHL Expansion Draft on June 26, 1998.
After the 1984 election, which resulted in a Tory landslide, Stevens became Minister of Regional Industrial Expansion
After the 2004 season, Ara was selected 18th overall by Real Salt Lake in the Expansion Draft.
After the 2006 season, Cancela was taken by Toronto FC in the 2006 MLS Expansion Draft, but dealt to the Colorado Rapids in April of the following year in exchange for a Youth International slot to be held by Toronto until 2009.
After missing almost all of the previous season to injury, Hartford exposed Babych in the 1991 NHL Expansion Draft, where he was selected by the Minnesota North Stars.
After his first season, Taylor was left unprotected for the 2004 MLS Expansion Draft, and was selected 8th overall by Chivas USA.
After the 2006 season, Regan was picked up by Toronto FC in the 2006 MLS Expansion Draft, but later traded to New York Red Bulls ( the former MetroStars ) for forward Edson Buddle.
After the 2004 season, he was selected seventh overall in the MLS Expansion Draft by Chivas USA.
After the 2004 season, Akwari was selected tenth overall by Real Salt Lake in the Expansion Draft, reuniting him with old coach John Ellinger.
After spending all of the 1997 season injured with a torn ACL, Cassar was selected tenth overall in the 1997 MLS Expansion Draft by the Miami Fusion.
After a season and a half with Philadelphia, Mapp was selected by expansion franchise Montreal Impact in the 2011 MLS Expansion Draft on November 23, 2011.
After two and a half seasons with the Revs, it was time once again to pack his bag, as he was chosen by Real Salt Lake with the eighth overall pick of the 2004 MLS Expansion Draft.
After serving in a few other minor portfolios, he was promoted to Minister of Industry and Minister of Regional Economic Expansion in 1982.
After playing in parts of 11 seasons with the Rangers, he was taken in the 1993 NHL Expansion Draft by the Florida Panthers.
After averaging 11. 0 points and 8. 3 rebounds for the Bullets during the 1965-1966 season, Kerr was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Expansion Draft.
After her WNBA rookie season in 1999, she was selected by the Portland Fire in the WNBA's Expansion Draft in December 1999, but she was later traded to the New York Liberty just prior to the start of the WNBA's 2000 season.
Terrorism Early Warning Group Expansion Project – Having worked with the Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group since 1997, the TRC and L. A. S. D submitted a grant application to the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism to expand the TEW to six high threat cities in the U. S. After the September 11 attacks and the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, the TEW program was migrated to DHS and expanded to cover 56 high threat urban areas.
After meeting Expansion Records executive Ralph Tee at a Berwick Soul Weekender, Burke signed with the Sony distributed UK label.
After spending the entirety of 1990 – 91 with the Islanders, the San Jose Sharks claimed him in the 1991 NHL Expansion Draft.
After he spent three years in Indiana with little playing time, he was picked up in the 2004 NBA Expansion Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats.
After two more seasons with the Canucks thereafter, Staios was left unprotected for the 1999 NHL Expansion Draft and was selected by the Atlanta Thrashers.
After one season with Houston, where Serioux played well and helped the team to the MLS Cup, he was drafted by Toronto FC in 2006 MLS Expansion Draft.

After and Time
After the 11 September 2001 attacks " Only Time " was used as a soundtrack in many radio and television reports about the attacks.
* After the airing of the season 5 episode " Games, Flames, and Automobiles ", in which Al created a game based on Tool Time, Northern Games released The Home Improvement Board Game.
After Ithaca Hours began, he discovered that Owen's Hours were based on Josiah Warren's " Time Store " notes of 1827.
*" Time After Time "
After discovering quaternions, William Rowan Hamilton commented, " Time is said to have only one dimension, and space to have three dimensions.
After another hiatus, the series made the transition to 3D with Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, which was released in November 1998.
After Once Upon a Time in the West, Leone directed Duck, You Sucker!
Fox, however, did air a nationally based morning show called Fox After Breakfast ( which was formerly Breakfast Time on Fox's FX cable channel ) between 1996 and 1998, which aired on all affiliates from 9 to 10 am as opposed to the other major networks airing theirs from 7 to 9 am Fox tried its hand again in 2001, at a morning show called Good Day Live, inspired by KTTV's Good Day L. A .— this time in syndication mode.
His books of poetry include Poems 1913 and 1914 ( 1914 ); Poems Translated from the French ( 1914 ); Three Poems ( 1916 ); The Barn ( 1916 ); The Silver Bird of Herndyke Mill ; Stane Street ; The Gods of the World Beneath, ( 1916 ); The Harbingers ( 1916 ); Pastorals ( 1916 ); The Waggoner and Other Poems ( 1920 ); The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War ( 1922 ); Old Homes ( 1922 ); To Nature: New Poems ( 1923 ); Dead Letters ( 1923 ); Masks of Time: A New Collection of Poems Principally Meditative ( 1925 ); Japanese Garland ( 1928 ); Retreat ( 1928 ); Winter Nights: A Reminiscence ( 1928 ); Near and Far: New Poems ( 1929 ); A Summer's Fancy ( 1930 ); To Themis: Poems on Famous Trials ( 1931 ); Constantia and Francis: An Autumn Evening, ( 1931 ); Halfway House: A Miscellany of New Poems, ( 1932 ); Choice or Chance: New Poems ( 1934 ); Verses: To H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor, ( 1936 ); An Elegy and Other Poems ( 1937 ); On Several Occasions ( 1938 ); Poems, 1930-1940 ( 1940 ); Shells by a Stream ( 1944 ); After the Bombing, and Other Short Poems ( 1949 ); Eastward: A Selection of Verses Original and Translated ( 1950 ); Records of Friendship ( 1950 ); A Hong Kong House ( 1959 ); Poems on Japan ( 1967 ).
After giving Campbell a new leg to replace one lost in combat years before, the Time Corps attempt to recruit Campbell for a special mission.
After touring with various artists like Bobby Womack and Billy Preston, they were hired by Quincy Jones for a tour in Japan and produced their debut album Look Out For # 1, released in March 1976 (# 9 U. S .) Their Right On Time album was released in May 1977 and reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 200.
After Time Warner merged with AOL, Ted Turner's control over WCW was considerably reduced, and the newly merged company announced a complete lack of interest in professional wrestling as a whole, and decided to sell WCW in its entirety.
After five years reporting from places such as Beirut, Uganda and Central America, he read the Six O ' Clock News for two years, before moving to BBC1's Breakfast Time programme.
After the series was resumed in 2005, the Time Lords were presented as no longer existing, having been destroyed by the Doctor at some intervening point during the Last Great Time War in which they became corrupted, lead by a tyrannical Lord President Rassilon willing to sacrifice the entirety of time and space for survival.
After six years, in The War Games, other aliens from his world appeared and were known as the Time Lords, and it was a further five years before the name of his home planet ( Gallifrey ) was revealed in The Time Warrior.
After hearing a prophecy from the Time Lady ' the Visionary ' that the final day of the Time War would see the end of the Time Lord race barring two survivors, the Doctor and the Master, Rassilon devised a method to escape the Time Lock and materialise Gallifrey outside the Time War.
After the announcement of the fall 1962 network television schedule Time magazine characterized The Jetsons as one of several new situation comedies ( along with The Beverly Hillbillies, I'm Dickens ...
The network also has rights to many films not released by Disney ( either because the studio does not have a children's network or has one that is incompatible with their focus ), such as Warner Bros .' ( Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ( known in the US as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ), Universal Pictures ( Beethoven, An American Tail, The Land Before Time ), The Weinstein Company ( Hoodwinked, The Magic Roundabout ), Sony Pictures ( Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, Hook ), Lionsgate ( Happily N ' ever After ), 20th Century Fox ( Ice Age, the Home Alone film series, Catch That Kid ), Paramount ( Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown ( and Don't Come Back !!)).

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