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Alfred and G
Unlike his translation of the Pastoral Care, Alfred here deals very freely with his original and though the late Dr. G. Schepss showed that many of the additions to the text are to be traced not to Alfred himself, but to the glosses and commentaries which he used, still there is much in the work which is solely Alfred's and highly characteristic of his style.
Alfred G. Caplin eventually became " Al Capp " because the syndicate felt the original would not fit in a cartoon frame.
G proteins were discovered when Alfred G. Gilman and Martin Rodbell investigated stimulation of cells by adrenaline.
* 1941 – Alfred G. Gilman, American pharmacologist, Nobel Prize laureate
| 75px < div style =" clear: left "> Alfred Jodl </ div >|| G || G || G || G || Death || Wehrmacht Generaloberst, Keitel's subordinate and Chief of the OKW's Operations Division 1938 – 45.
| 75px < div style =" clear: left "> Alfred Rosenberg || G || G || G || G || Death || Racial theory ideologist.
Past and current notable members of the SPR include Henry Sidgwick, Frederick Myers, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Alfred Russel Wallace, Sigmund Freud, W. B. Yeats, C. G. Jung, William James, Arthur Balfour, Archie Roy, Rupert Sheldrake, Richard Wiseman, Susan Blackmore, Dean Radin, Alastair Sim, Peter Underwood and Charles Tart.
For this he shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Alfred G. Gilman.
* Bailey, Alfred G., ed.
** Alfred G. Gilman, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
* Alfred G. Gilman — University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Bergson and Whitehead on Langevin's Paradox and the Meaning of ' Space-Time '" in Durand, G. & Weber, M., eds., Alfred North Whitehead's Principles of Natural Knowledge.
Levi P. Morton, by George Alfred Townsend ), ( Cleveland: N. G. Hamilton & Co., Publishers ), 1888.
Many of Church's doctoral students have led distinguished careers, including C. Anthony Anderson, Peter B. Andrews, George A. Barnard, William W. Boone, Martin Davis, Alfred L. Foster, Leon Henkin, John G. Kemeny, Stephen C. Kleene, Simon B. Kochen, Maurice L ' Abbé, Isaac Malitz, Gary R. Mar, Michael O. Rabin, Nicholas Rescher, Hartley Rogers, Jr., J. Barkley Rosser, Dana Scott, Raymond Smullyan, and Alan Turing.
Gen. Alfred Terry's column, including twelve companies ( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, and M ) of the 7th Cavalry under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer's immediate command, Companies C and G of the 17th U. S. Infantry, and the Gatling gun detachment of the 20th Infantry departed westward from Fort Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota Territory on May 17.
Love Affair was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Writing, Original Story ( Mildred Cram, Leo McCarey ), Best Original Song ( Buddy G. DeSylva, For the song " Wishing "), and Best Art Direction ( Van Nest Polglase, Alfred Herman ).

Alfred and .
The principal defender of this view of primary experience as `` causal efficacy '' is Alfred North Whitehead.
Governor Alfred E. Smith was the official host at the children's party.
Alfred wanted to invest in my father's hotel and advance enough money to build a larger place.
My father would have done it if it hadn't been for my mother, who had a fear of being in debt to anyone -- even Alfred Alpert.
In spite of his being well liked there were a few people who were very careful about Alfred.
One of the people who was afraid of Alfred was his own brother, Lew.
Alfred, who was a good deal older than Harry, had treated him like a son, and when Harry decided to stay in business with Lew instead of going with Alfred, Alfred looked on the decision as a betrayal.
I became fifteen, sixteen, then twenty, and still Tessie Alpert sat on the porch with a rose in her hair, and Alfred got richer and sicker with diabetes.
It was in the spring of the year when he took to his bed and Tessie and Alfred found out that they didn't know each other.
The store was their marriage, and when Alfred had to leave it there was nothing to hold them together.
Tessie, everybody thought, was a strong woman, but she was only strong because she had Alfred to lean on.
And when Alfred was forced into his bed, Tessie left the front porch of the store and sat at home, rocking in her rocker in the living room, staring out the window -- the rose still in her hair.
Tessie could do nothing for Alfred.
Instead she waited for Alfred to get better and take care of her.
Spring was life -- and Alfred Alpert in his sickroom was death.
Alfred knew that, too.
Alfred began to put his affairs in order, and he went about it like a man putting his things into storage.
My father, who liked Alfred very much, was a constant visitor.
One day Alfred told him that he had decided to leave everything to me.
He didn't want Alfred to leave me trouble because that's all it would be, and Alfred understood.
Alfred was getting too sick to stay in his own home.
The day Alfred left his home and Fleischmanns he gave up the convictions of a lifetime.

Alfred and Called
Chinigchinich: A Revised and Annotated Version of Alfred Robinson's Translation of Father Geronomi Boscana's Historical Account of the Belief, Usages, Customs and Extravagencies of the Indians of this Mission of San Juan Capistrano, Called the Acagchemem Tribe.

Alfred and Foreign
Foreign Affairs Minister Alfred Carlot said that " Vanuatu ’ s foreign policy aims at eradicating colonialism from the face of the earth.
However, on 26 June 2011 Sato Kilman was re-elected Prime Minister and on 12 July 2011 Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot re-confirmed Vanuatu's recognition of Abkhazia.
Foreign Correspondent is a 1940 American spy thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock which tells the story of an American reporter who tries to expose enemy spies in Britain, a series of events involving a continent-wide conspiracy that eventually leads to the events of a fictionalized World War II.
This achievement was matched by Alfred Hitchcock with his 1940 films Foreign Correspondent and Rebecca.
While Dietrich arguably never fully regained her former screen glory, she continued performing in the movies, including appearances for such distinguished directors as Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles, in films that included A Foreign Affair ( 1948 ), Stage Fright ( 1950 ), Rancho Notorious ( 1952 ), Witness for the Prosecution ( 1957 ), and Touch of Evil ( 1958 ).
In addition to Sven, they include Alfred Kalb, " Legionnaire " ( ex-member of French Foreign Legion ); Wolfgang Creutzfeldt, a giant of a man ironically named Tiny ( variously Little John in some of the books ); barracks fixer and shrewd thief Joseph Porta ; older sergeant Willie Beier, " Old Un " or " Old Man "; Julius Heide, an ex-Waffen SS officer and Nazi fanatic, Barcelona Blom, a veteran of both sides of the Spanish Civil War, Gregor Martin, who was a removals man before the war, Chief Mechanic Wolf, and Staff Sergeant Hoffman, a typical German NCO of the period.
He opposed the ideas of a preventive war against Russia developed by General Alfred von Waldersee, nevertheless he conformed to the decision of Emperor Wilhelm and the like-minded officials of the Foreign Office around Friedrich von Holstein not to renew the Reinsurance Treaty, whereafter Russia forged the Alliance with France.
Young – Alfred S. Bloomingdale, close friend and member of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
George Alfred Brown, Baron George-Brown, PC ( 2 September 1914 – 2 June 1985 ) was a British Labour politician, who served as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1960 to 1970, and served in a number of positions in the Cabinet, most notably as Foreign Secretary, in the Labour Government of the 1960s.
The Campanile Bell Tower of Westminster Cathedral was featured prominently in the Alfred Hitchcock film Foreign Correspondent, at which the attempted murder of a journalist played by Joel McCrea took place.
His formal acting career began with a bit part in Foreign Affaires ( 1935 ); his first screen credit was in Alfred Hitchcock's Secret Agent ( 1936 ).
in the trailer for Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent ( film ) | Foreign Correspondent ( 1940 )
* Foreign Correspondent ( film ), an Alfred Hitchcock film
in Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent ( film ) | Foreign Correspondent ( 1940 )
McCrea reached the peak of his early career in the early 1940s, in such films as Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent ( 1940 ), The More the Merrier ( 1943 ) directed by George Stevens, and two by Preston Sturges, Sullivan's Travels ( 1941 ), and The Palm Beach Story ( 1942 ).
From left to right are German Admiral Ernst Vanselow, German Count Alfred von Oberndorff of the Foreign Ministry, German General Detlof von Winterfeldt ( with helmet ), British naval officer Captain Jack Marriott, and standing in front of the table, Matthias Erzberger, head of the German delegation.
* Count Alfred von Oberndorff, from the Foreign Ministry
Cyril Francis, the elder, died in 1890, leaving a Life of Alfred de Musset, incorporated in his mother's Foreign Classics for English Readers, The younger, Francis ( whom she called " Cecco "), collaborated with her in the Victorian Age of English Literature and won a position at the British Museum, but was rejected by Sir Andrew Clark, a famous physician.
Alfred Leroy " Roy " Atherton Jr. ( November 22, 1921 – October 30, 2002 ) was a United States Foreign Service Officer and diplomat.
* Alfred Nzo ( South African Minister of Foreign Affairs 1994-1999 )
Robert Benchley played Stebbins in Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent ( 1940 ).
Discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1957-58, who named it for Alfred Van der Essen, director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a patron of the expedition.

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