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Some Related Sentences

*" and All
*" All of Us " ( November 1968 )
*" How the Finance Gurus Get Risk All Wrong " by Benoit Mandelbrot & Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
*" All in Fun " by Jerry Oltion, in Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2009, mentions a faithful big-budget movie adaptation of Ringworld.
*" Time " & " Don't Die " ( Richard Hell & the Voidoids ( Part III )) b / w " That's All I Know ( Right Now )" & " Love Comes In Spurts " ( The Neon Boys ) ( 1980 Shake Records SHK 101 EP )
*" All types of knowledge, ultimately leads to self knowledge.
*" They All Had Grandfathers " ( previously unpublished )
*" Snapshot of a Trend: Against All Odds, Super 16 Keeps Growing ", Spring 2005 issue, accessed December 29, 2005
*" Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iai ", English Version Manual, 3rd edition, published December 2009, by All Japan Kendo Federation, Tokyo, Japan.
*" What's All This Hoax Stuff, Anyhow?
*" All opposition must be stamped into the ground "
*" All coastal inhabitants should be living less than 20 Li ( Chinese: 里 translation: mile ) away from the city.
*" All that is gold does not glitter "
*" I Am the Most Interesting Book of All: The Diary of Marie Bashkirtseff " ( English translation by Phyllis Howard Kernberger, Katherine Kernberger ) ISBN 0-8118-0224-8, ISBN 978-0-8118-0224-6, Publisher: Chronicle Books ( June 1, 1997 )
*" All God's Chillun Got Guns " ( parody of " All God's Chillun Got Wings "); " Oh Freedonia " ( parody of " Oh!
*" All ' illustre Maestro Ponchielli.
*" All Sports March " – Robert Farnon
*" All I Know "-Claudete Peters
*" All Night Long "-Lionel Richie
*" For All The People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America ," PM Press, by John Curl, 2009
*" All Snug in Their Beds " by Scott Alan Woodard ( Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas )
*" Ragtime ", a song by Brand Nubian from their 1990 album One for All
*" All the Comforts of a Home.
*" Jackrabbit " Jack Crain: 1939, 1941 All Southwest Conference and two-time All-American Halfback, Texas legend, and the man who saved University of Texas football in 1939.

*" and takes
*" The sage has no interest of his own, but takes the interests of the people as his own.
*" Research team takes image of hydrogen atom " Kyodo News, Friday, 5 November 2010 – ( includes image )
*" Staying in one's post sometimes takes more courage than resigning.
*" Critic At Large ", where Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me ( Abbott ), an entertainment critic, gives negative reviews, and takes regular potshots at the Women's Television Network, describing them as ' a bunch of scrotally-deprived, estrogen-sodden non-males ', and ' not just because three of ( his ) ex-wives work there.
*" Dave the Cabbie, where Dave ( Ferguson ), a cab driver, takes on a fare and proceeds to converse with them on various current events.
*" Mother and Child Reunion ", a Paul Simon song that takes its title from a similar chicken and egg dish.
*" The Sentinel ", the short story from which Arthur C. Clarke developed the film 2001: A Space Odyssey with Stanley Kubrick, takes place on the Mare Crisium.
*" It takes two "-Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
*" I ... hold that in the physical world nothing else takes place but this variation the curvature of space.
*" News takes time to reach us here " ( Alex )
*" PNP takes action on Choco traffic ", The Bohol Chronicle, May 14, 2006
*" Gerald: A Most Ordinary Man " goes straight from his schooling immediately into the running of a corner store and the hobby of rail transport modelling, living a childless adulthood with his sterile wife, Madge ; he later sadly sells the shop and his trains, but takes up a new mindless hobby of stamp collecting in his suburban home at 54 Mulberry Lane.
*" Taking responsibility takes all the joy out of life, and drains a man to dust.
*" 60s radical takes long trip back to his roots ," Marsha Low, Detroit Free Press, October 27.
*" Successive viewings of Hornak's paintings make one sense that the artist takes great risks and that the risks are often successful Without risks there is neither art nor achievement.
*" What you call sin, I call the great spirit of love, which takes a thousand forms.
*" Former NBC official takes job at Turner ", The New York Times, March 21, 2001.
*" The Intensive Care Unit "-The story takes place within a society in which everyone is isolated, living alone and communicating ( much like webcams ) through their TVs.
*" The Shopping Bizarre "-this portion takes place in a grocery store where normal products have been replaced by outlandish homonyms.
*" Buy the Farm "-this chapter takes place around a farm and requires the player to use a variety of clichéd expressions literally.
*" Manor of Speaking "-this chapter takes place in a house filled with bizarre rooms.
While the English present perfect cannot be accompanied by an adverb precisely specifying when the action takes place, the same is not true of the English pluperfect: *" I have gone last Friday " is incorrect, whereas " I had gone the previous Friday " is correct.
*" Sleep It Off Lady ": In this story from which the collection takes its name, another old lady faces a rat problem while taking care of her cottage.
*" Sweet " mullets: Brainard takes the time in videos to point out and make fun of people with mullets.

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