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Although and was
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
Although New Orleans was not to learn of it for a spell, she also was a sadist, a nymphomaniac and unobtrusively mad -- the perpetrator of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil.
Although Faulkner was the heir in his own family to this tradition, he did not have Stark Young's inclination to romanticize and sentimentalize the planter society.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
Although after much trouble he did manage to get it back, he discovered there was no trade to be had.
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
Although the fort was evacuated in the face of the force of Cornwallis, Morgan and his men did have a chance to take another swing at the redcoats.
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although Mr. Brown was not himself its inventor ( it was a French idea ), it is typical that his intuition first conceived the importance of mass producing this basic tool for general use.
Although it was a mere fragment of the victim's remains, it was enough.
Although there were only four fluids tested, it was apparent that there were two distinct types.
Although the tape was run for over 1 hr., a steady state was not reached, and it was concluded that the reason for this was that the back pressure of the manometer was built up from the material fed from between the blocks and this was available at a very slow rate.
-- Although there was some variation in results which must be attributed either to trace impurities or to variation in wall effects, the photochemical exchange in the gas phase was sufficiently reproducible so that it seemed meaningful to compare the reaction rates in different series of reaction tubes for the purpose of obtaining information on the effect of chlorine concentration and of carbon tetrachloride concentration on the reaction rate.
Although the Taylor Scale was designed as a group testing device, in this study it was individually administered by psychologically trained workers who established rapport and assisted the children in reading the items.

Although and raised
Although I have emphasized the barriers which an aroused nationalism has raised against relations between Christians and non-Christians in Asia, the fact is that this development has also widened the gulf between certain Afro-Asian religions themselves.
Although major concerns about benzodiazepine tolerance and withdrawal have been raised, there is no evidence for significant dose escalation in patients using benzodiazepines long-term.
Although not in its original form, it is more elaborate than most of the crosses on Dartmoor, being raised upon a constructed base, and it is known that a kistvaen is underneath.
Although current trends in genetics have raised questions amongst critical academics concerning parallels between pre-war attitudes about eugenics and current " utilitarian " and social theories allegedly related to Darwinism, they are, in fact, only superficially related and somewhat contradictory to one another.
Although plans to raise the school leaving age to 15 in the 1940s were never ratified, increasing numbers stayed on beyond elementary education and it was eventually raised to 16 in 1973.
Although raised in the Georgian Orthodox faith, Stalin was an atheist.
Although raised in the Georgian Orthodox faith, Stalin was an atheist.
Although his model has raised considerable interest, it does not command majority support within linguistics.
Although raised in his uncle's Catholic court in Spain, Rudolf was tolerant of Protestantism and other religions including Judaism.
Although Worf was raised by humans, he considered himself a Klingon at heart and studied the ways of his people.
Although occasional press reports have given ranges from 20 kt to as low as 2 kt, the official yield was initially reported at 12 kt ( post Operation Shakti claims have raised it to 13 kt ).
Although he had stopped drinking, his past alcoholism was later raised by opponents during his gubernatorial election campaign.
Although there is no dispute about the authenticity of this small penny, its discovery by an amateur archaeologist in 1957 has become controversial ; questions have been raised whether it was planted as a hoax.
Although the opera greatly raised Mozart's standing with the public as a composer, it did not make him rich: he was paid a flat fee of 100 Imperial ducats ( about 450 florins ) for his work, and made no profits from the many subsequent performances.
Although the Igor Gouzenko and Elizabeth Bentley affairs had raised the issue of Soviet espionage as far back as 1945, events in 1949 and 1950 sharply increased the sense of threat from Communism in the United States.
Although the word flange generally refers to the actual raised rim or lip of a fitting, many flanged plumbing fittings are themselves known as ' flanges ':
Although the Yan ' an period did answer some of the questions, both ideological and theoretical, which were raised by the Chinese Communist Revolution, it left many of the crucial questions unresolved ; including how the Chinese Communist Party was supposed to launch a socialist revolution while completely separated from the urban sphere.
Although, persuasion is preferred and is possible if the young are properly raised.
Although he had dominated Wales, exacted unprecedented submissions and raised the status of the prince of Gwynedd to new heights, his three major ambitionsa permanent hegemony, its recognition by the king, and its inheritance in its entirety by his heirremained unfulfilled.
Although the Aphrodite of Milos is widely renowned for the mystery of her missing arms enough evidence remains to prove that the right arm of the statue was lowered across the torso with the right hand resting on her raised left knee so it would seem to hold the sliding drapery wrapped around the hips and legs in place.
Although their form was variable, basilicas often contained interior colonnades that divided the space, giving aisles or arcaded spaces on one or both sides, with an apse at one end ( or less often at each end ), where the magistrates sat, often on a slightly raised dais.
Although Villeneuve was born in Canada, he was in fact raised in Monaco.
Although every email service provider can read the emails stored on its servers ( unless encrypted ), specific concerns have been raised about webmail.
Although born in Bielefeld, Province of Westphalia, Murnau was raised in Kassel from the time he was seven.
Although he was an obvious selection to tour England, Bradman's unorthodox style raised doubts that he could succeed on the slower English pitches.

Although and Catholic
Although Ireland was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, the Protestant Church remained the established church and was funded by direct taxation.
' Although members are asked to confess serious sins to him, unlike the Roman Catholic Church, he is not the instrument of divine forgiveness, merely a guide through the repentance process ( and a judge in case transgressions warrant excommunication or other official discipline ).
Although opposed by many liberals, O ' Higgins angered the Roman Catholic Church with his liberal beliefs.
Although the identification of the Aedicule as the site of Jesus ' tomb is not a tenet of faith for any major Christian denomination, many Catholic and Orthodox Christians hold fast to this traditional location.
Although a majority of distributism's later supporters were not Catholics and many were in fact former radical socialists who had become disillusioned with socialism ; distributist thought was adopted by the Catholic Worker Movement, conjoining it with the thought of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin concerning localized and independent communities.
Although some Kunama still practice traditional beliefs, most are converts to either Christianity ( Roman Catholic and Protestant ) or Islam.
The question of her legitimacy was a key concern: Although she was technically illegitimate under both Protestant and Catholic law, her retroactively declared illegitimacy under the English church was not a serious bar compared to having never been legitimate as the Catholics claimed she was.
Although the Catholic Revolt of the Northern Earls had broken out that year, Elizabeth hesitated to grant the request.
Although he was a Roman Catholic, his body was buried in the Basel Minster, despite its having been changed into a Reformed church several years earlier.
Although some of these women embraced the political and social amendments of the Revolution, they opposed the dissolution of the Catholic Church and the formation of revolutionary cults like the Cult of the Supreme Being advocated by Robespierre.
Although he was not a particularly devout Catholic, he " regularly used Catholic images and themes his films ".
Although the Brazilian Government, the Catholic Church, and the United Nations, among others, fought for the gun ban, the referendum failed at the polls, with 64 % of the voters voting no.
Although Christmas Day held its normal religious nature in Scotland amongst its Catholic and Presbyterian communities, the Presbyterian national church, the Church of Scotland, had discouraged the celebration of Christmas for over 400 years.
Although his grandson, Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot, wrote that Pasteur had only kept from his Catholic background a spiritualism without religious practice, Catholic observers often said Louis Pasteur remained throughout his whole life an ardent Christian, and his son-in-law, in perhaps the most complete biography of Louis Pasteur, writes:
Although there was a larger Papal State, it was created in its present form by the 1929 Lateran treaties between Italy and the Roman Catholic Church.
Although it had continued to use the Roman Rite, from the middle of the 18th century, the Dutch Old Catholic See of Utrecht had increasingly used the vernacular instead of Latin.
Although still working within the " official " Church in 1967, he publicly took the position in 1968 that the Holy See was vacant and that the Church that had emerged from the Second Vatican Council was no longer Catholic.
Although initially beginning with the idea that Soviet capitalism differed little from western capitalism, they later began to argue that the bureaucracy held its property in common, much like the Catholic Church's.
Although called before the Privy Council several times to renounce her faith and stop hearing the Catholic Mass, she refused.
Although there is no assigned theme of the tales this first day, six deal with one person censuring another and four are satires of the Catholic Church.
Although the rendering of the Tetragrammaton as " Yahweh " is found in the Old Testament of versions such as the Roman Catholic Jerusalem Bible, and New Jerusalem Bible ( 1985 ), the liturgical use of Yahweh in vernarcular worship was reprobated by the Vatican in 2008.
Although liberation theology has grown into an international and inter-denominational movement, it began as a movement within the Roman Catholic church in Latin America in the 1950s – 1960s.

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