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Animal and 2005
* Animal ( Motor Ace album ), a 2005 release
Among the many fundraising events, Team Bodog raised over $ 50, 000 for Animal Avengers in a celebrity poker night on October 8, 2005.
The Residents recorded the dramatic album Demons Dance Alone ( also a tour and DVD in 2002 ) and Animal Lover in 2005.
* Animal Lover – 2005
The reason for declaring the takin as a National Animal of Bhutan on 25 November 2005 ( Budorcas taxicolor ) is attributed to a legend of the animal's creation in Bhutan in the 15th century by Lama Drukpa Kunley.
PETA was further criticized in 2005 by United States Senator Jim Inhofe for having given grants several years earlier to Animal Liberation Front ( ALF ) and Earth Liberation Front ( ELF ) activists, two groups that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified as agents of domestic terrorism.
Pfizer has four divisions: Human Health ($ 44. 28B in 2005 sales ), Consumer Healthcare ($ 3. 87B in 2005 sales ), Animal Health ($ 2. 2B in 2005 sales ), and Corporate Groups ( which includes legal, finance, and HR ).
In 2005, the boathouse was gutted by an arson attack carried out by the Animal Liberation Front, in protest against animal testing at the University.
Grant Morrison, whose pre-Vertigo work on Animal Man and Doom Patrol was similarly retroactively branded as " Vertigo " when collected, also wrote two issues of Hellblazer pre-Vertigo, which are collected in a 2005 trade paperback.
In 2005, with the needed to provide better autonomy to the veterinary education and research in the state, the Veterinary and Animal sciences faculty was bifurcated form both the Universities of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore and Dharwad and placed under the single university-Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University with its headquarters in the northern district of Karnataka, Bidar by the passing of the Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University Bill, 2004 in the Legislative Assembly on February 10, 2004.
* Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior ( with Catherine Johnson, 2005 ), ISBN 0-7432-4769-8
Each year from 2005 through 2009, Hootie and the Blowfish performed at The Animal Mission ’ s ' Party Animals ' silent auction and concert to benefit the shelter animals in Columbia, South Carolina.
The U. S. Department of Agriculture's Animal Welfare Report for 2005 shows that 66, 000 dogs were used in USDA-registered facilities in that year.
Horst Spielmann, German director of the Central Office for Collecting and Assessing Alternatives to Animal Experimentation, while describing Germany's progress in this area, told German broadcaster ARD in 2005: " Using animals in teaching curricula is already superfluous.
These attacks, as well as similar incidents that caused the Southern Poverty Law Center to declare in 2002 that the animal rights movement had " clearly taken a turn toward the more extreme ," this prompted the US government to pass the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the UK government to add the offense of " Intimidation of persons connected with animal research organisation " to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.
Other works include Animal Factory ( 2000 ), Lonesome Jim ( 2005 ) and Interview ( 2007 ).
* Parr, C. ( 2005 ): Animal Diversity Web – Corvus brachyrhynchos.
Sunday, which premiered in 2005 on Animal Planet.
Sunday umbrella anthology show on Animal Planet, as well as inspiring a follow-up episode first aired in 2005 that took viewers on a tour of the new Alameda East facility while showing cases of animals receiving cutting-edge treatment at the new hospital.
The Ethics of Animal Experimentation, Oxford University Press U. S., 2005

Animal and film
* Animal ( 1977 film ), French film ( L ' Animal ) by Claude Zidi with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Raquel Welch
* Animal ( 2001 film ), Argentine film by Sergio Bizzio with Carlos Roffé
* The Animal, 2001 US film by Luke Greenfield with Rob Schneider
The most recent Doraemon film, Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles ~ Animal Adventure ~, was released on March 3, 2012.
Most notably, the 1978 comedy film National Lampoon's Animal House was co-written by Chris Miller ' 63, and is based loosely on a series of stories he wrote about his fraternity days at Dartmouth.
Kevin Norwood Bacon ( born July 8, 1958 ) is an American film and theater actor whose notable roles include Animal House, Diner, Footloose, Flatliners, Wild Things, A Few Good Men, JFK, The River Wild, Murder in the First, Apollo 13, Hollow Man, Stir of Echoes, Trapped, Mystic River, The Woodsman, Friday the 13th, Death Sentence, Frost / Nixon, X-Men: First Class and Tremors.
Additionally his film work includes the role of Dr. Hank McCoy ( also known as the Beast ) in X-Men: The Last Stand, and he was the voice of Snowball in the live-action film adaptation of the George Orwell book Animal Farm.
Following the success of the National Lampoon – backed Animal House, Mad lent its name in 1980 to a similarly risque comedy film, Up the Academy.
The character John Morlar from Peter Van Greenaway's 1973 novel The Medusa Touch and the 1978 film version holds nihilistic beliefs as does the character Animal Mother from Stanley Kubrick's 1987 film Full Metal Jacket and the ruthless thug O-Dog from the 1993 film Menace II Society by the Hughes Brothers.
" In 2008, Cruz appeared in Isabel Coixet's film Elegy, which was based on the Philip Roth story The Dying Animal, as the lead female role, Consuela Castillo.
Animal Crackers is a 1930 American comedy film, in which mayhem and zaniness ensue when a valuable painting goes missing during a party in honor of famed African explorer Captain Spaulding.
It is also because of these rights issues that Animal Crackers did not see an appearance on television until July 21, 1979, when CBS broadcast the film.
it: Animal Crackers ( film )
nl: Animal Crackers ( film )
Newsweek revealed in June 2001 that print ads for at least four movies released by Columbia Pictures, including A Knight's Tale and The Animal ( 2001 ), contained glowing comments from a film reviewer who did not exist.
Animal Kingdom achieved success at the 2010 Australian Film Institute Awards and was acclaimed at film festivals around the world.

Animal and ),
* Animal ( Muppet ), a drummer character in The Muppet Show band, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
* Animal ( Animosity album ), 2007 release
* Animal ( Kesha album ), a 2010 album by American pop singer Ke $ ha
* Animal ( video game ), a video game by Microtime
* George Steele ( born 1937 ), professional wrestler nicknamed " The Animal "
* Road Warrior Animal ( born 1960 ), the best-known ring persona of professional wrestler Joe Laurinaitis
* Dave Batista ( born 1969 ), professional wrestler nicknamed " The Animal "
* Edmundo ( born 1971 ), Brazilian association footballer nicknamed " Animal "
* Chris Carter ( left-handed hitter ) ( born 1982 ), American baseball player nicknamed " The Animal "
* Brad Lesley ( born 1958 ), American baseball player and television personality also nicknamed " The Animal "
*" Animal " ( Des ' Dizzy ' McKenna ), drummer on Australian variety program, Hey Hey It's Saturday.
* Mark Mendoza ( born 1955 ), American bass player nicknamed " The Animal "
* Animal ( clothing ), a sportswear retailer and brand based in the United Kingdom
* Animal ( book ), full title Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to The World's WildLife, a 2003 non-fiction book by David Burnie and several co-authors
* Animal ( journal ), full title: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience, British academic journal
Vaccine companies Fort Dodge Animal Health ( Wyeth ), Merial and Intervet were developing vaccines against serotype 8 ( Fort Dodge Animal Health has serotype 4 for sheep, serotype 1 for sheep and cattle and serotype 8 for sheep and cattle ) and the associated production facilities.

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