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Anne and Askew
* July 16 – Anne Askew, English Protestant ( burned at the stake ) ( b. 1521 )
** Anne Askew, English Protestant martyr ( d. 1546 )
Gardiner even has one woman, Anne Askew ( not one of Catherine's ladies, but a notable religious writer and speaker whose works Catherine had read ), on the rack.
Next to Edward Seymour, Prince Edward's maternal uncle, Dudley was one of the leaders of the Reformed party at court, and both their wives were among the friends of Anne Askew, the Protestant martyr destroyed by Bishop Stephen Gardiner in July 1546.
Dudley and the Queen's brother, William Parr, tried to convince Anne Askew to conform to the Catholic doctrines of the Henrician church, yet she replied " it was great shame for them to counsel contrary to their knowledge ".
Rich was also a participant in the only recorded torture of a gentlewoman at the Tower of London, Anne Askew, who later stated that Chancellor Wriothesley and Rich had screwed the rack to torture her with their own hands.
Trials in this hall have included those of Anne Askew ( Protestant martyr ), Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, Lady Jane Grey, Guildford Dudley, Thomas Cranmer, Henry Peckham, John Daniel, John Felton ( Catholic ), Roderigo Lopez, Henry Garnet ( in connection with the Gunpowder Plot ), Sir Gervase Helwys ( in connection with the Overbury plot ) and it contains memorials to Pitt the Elder, Pitt the Younger, Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, William Beckford, and Winston Churchill.
Having been Lord Privy Seal for a few months, he became Lord Chancellor in 1544, in which capacity he became notorious for his persecution of Anne Askew ; Askew alleged that he operated the rack on which she was tortured.
* Anne Askew
Anne Askew ( née Anne Ayscough, married name Anne Kyme ) ( born 1520 / 1521 – died 16 July 1546 ) was an English poet and Protestant who was condemned as a heretic.
In 1545, Anne Askew was arrested and accused as a heretic.
There was a resurgence of interest in her story during Victorian times, and the Bleets company produced an Anne Askew doll complete with rack and stake.
* Elaine V. Beilin, ed., The Examinations of Anne Askew ( Oxford, 1996 ) ISBN 0-19-510849-3
* Diane Watt, ‘ Askew, Anne ( c. 1521 – 1546 )’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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" The first of these includes four contemporary English translations of an identical passage from the Bible, those of William Tyndale, the Geneva Bible, the Douay-Rheims Version, and the Authorized ( King James ) Version ; selections from the writings of influential Protestant thinkers of the period, including Tyndale, John Calvin, Anne Askew, John Foxe and Richard Hooker ; as well as selections from the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Homilies.
Some well-known stories about Bocher were first recounted by Robert Parsons in 1599: for instance, Joan's friendship with Anne Askew and her involvement in smuggling Tyndale's New Testament into England, and into the royal court under her skirts.

Anne and at
The victim Darnell Somerville, Negro, 1, was pronounced dead on arrival at Anne Arundel General Hospital in Annapolis.
Judge Benjamin Michaelson signed the order remanding the boy to the hospital because of the lack of juvenile accommodations at the Anne Arundel County Jail.
Nor did looking at Anne ease the tension as it usually did.
He liked looking at Anne.
For once Cady Partlow wished Anne would yell at him so he could yell back.
The daughter of a poor Irish clergyman in the Church of England, Anne Brontë lived most of her life with her family at the parish of Haworth on the Yorkshire moors.
Anne, the youngest member of the Brontë children, was born on 17 January 1820, at 74 Market Street in Thornton where her father was curate and she was baptised there on 25 March 1820.
Anne and Charlotte do not appear to have been close while at Roe Head ( Charlotte's letters almost never mention her ) but Charlotte was concerned about her sister's health.
In April, 1839, Anne started work as a governess for the Ingham family at Blake Hall, near Mirfield.
Anne would have seen Weightman on her holidays at home, particularly during summer 1842 when her sisters were away.
Anne obtained a second post as governess to the children of the Reverend Edmund Robinson and his wife Lydia, at Thorp Green, a wealthy country house near York.
For the next five years, Anne spent no more than five or six weeks a year with her family, during holidays at Christmas and in June.
Between 1840 and 1844, Anne spent around five weeks each summer at the resort, and loved the place.
Anne and Branwell taught at Thorp Green for the next three years.
In 1839 he settled his private life by marrying Mary Anne Lewis, the rich widow of Wyndham Lewis, Disraeli's erstwhile colleague at Maidstone.
In February 1705, Queen Anne, who had made Marlborough a Duke in 1702, granted him the Park of Woodstock and promised a sum of £ 240, 000 to build a suitable house as a gift from a grateful crown in recognition of his victory – a victory which British historian Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy considered one of the pivotal battles in history, writing – " Had it not been for Blenheim, all Europe might at this day suffer under the effect of French conquests resembling those of Alexander in extent and those of the Romans in durability.
* The Bestiary of Anne Walshe at the National Library of Denmark.
Anne experienced icing problems, it was decided to construct a much larger fortification at Louisbourg to improve defences at the entrance to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and defend France's fishing fleet on the Grand Banks.
By 1525 Henry was infatuated with his mistress Anne Boleyn and dissatisfied that his marriage to Catherine had produced no surviving sons, leaving their daughter, the future Mary I of England, as heiress presumptive at a time when there was no established precedent for a woman on the throne.
The early British capital of the Colony of Nova Scotia ( sometimes referred to as the 14th Colony ) was established at Annapolis Royal, where Fort Anne was constructed.
Anne further honoured Churchill, after his leadership in the victories against the French of 13 August 1704 near the village of Blenheim ( German Blindheim ) on the river Danube ( Battle of Blenheim ), by granting him the royal manor of Woodstock, and building him a house at her own expense to be called Blenheim.
In 1968, he studied glass in Venice on a Fulbright Fellowship and received a Master of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. In 1971, with the support of John Hauberg and Anne Gould Hauberg, Chihuly founded the Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, Washington. About the Pilchuck Glass School from their websiteIn 1976, while Chihuly was in England, he was involved in a head-on car accident during which he flew through the windshield. Glass Houses: Dale Chihuly Files a Lawsuit That Raises Big Questions ... About Dale Chihuly, a February 2006 article from The Stranger His face was severely cut by glass and he was blinded in his left eye.
Emily, furious at the invasion of her privacy, at first refused, but relented when Anne brought out her own manuscripts and revealed she had been writing poems in secret as well.

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