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Another and significant
Another study has demonstrated that daily use of an alum-containing mouthrinse was safe and produced a significant effect on plaque that supplemented the benefits of daily toothbrushing.
Another environmental concern is a significant drop in Lake Sevan's water level because of drawdowns for irrigation and the diversion of water to hydroelectric plants to compensate for the electric power lost through the inactivity of the nuclear plant at Metsamor.
Another significant historic event in biochemistry is the discovery of the gene and its role in the transfer of information in the cell.
Another significant difference is that the character of Prince Edmund presented in the pilot is much closer to the intelligent, conniving Blackadder of the later series than the snivelling, weak buffoon of the original.
Another important factor behind Costa Rica's poverty was the lack of a significant indigenous population available for forced labor, which meant that most of the Costa Rican settlers had to work on their own land, preventing the establishment of large haciendas.
Another significant development of EDuke32 in 2011 is true room over room ( TROR ), where sectors can be placed over other sectors, and can be seen at the same time.
Another motivation for reform is the desire to address socio-economic problems, which many people see as having significant roots in lack of education.
Another significant source of erosion, particularly on carbonate coastlines, is the boring, scraping and grinding of organisms, a process termed bioerosion.
Another significant set of violations concerns the " confrontation clause " of Article 6 ( i. e. the right to examine witnesses or have them examined ).
His films The Big Sleep, Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, Red River, Scarface, Sergeant York, The Thing from Another World and Twentieth Century were rated " culturally significant " by the United States Library of Congress and inducted into the National Film Registry.
Another esoteric group with significant patronage is the Protestant Christian community in Chennai and Bangalore.
Another significant policy-making institution in the early 1990s were the LDP's Policy Research Council.
Another significant arrival around this time was a group of puritan Miknasa Berber rebels from Ifriqiya, who went on to establish the settlement of Sijilmassa ( in southeast Morocco ) and open trade across the Sahara desert with the gold-producing Ghana Empire of west Africa.
Another significant religious body among Native peoples is known as the Native American Church.
Another significant theme is that of disguise, in the case of the gods ; they disguise themselves so that they can interact with mortals.
Another such group was Parents Against Outcomes Based Education, who took the position that the implementation of OBE would pose significant problems and potentially lead to the decreased knowledge and performance of school students.
Another significant application of probability theory in everyday life is reliability.
Another explanation is that Punch ’ s treatment of his shrewish wife, as well as others, is so exaggerated that it is clearly not a representation of good behavior, but more of a commentary on how we all have felt toward someone at one time or another, especially a significant other.
Another significant factor was the ubiquity and profitability of smuggling operations, which encouraged importing and reexporting rather than production.
Another significant reason for its extinction was deforestation.
Another significant advantage of revolvers is superior ergonomics, particularly for users with small hands.
Another significant example can be found in the Norman onomastics: the widespread surname Lecesne, with variant spellings: Le Cesne, Lesène, Lecène and Cesne.
Another significant feat was the building of the Tipitapa-Malacatoya sugar mill.
Another significant development in U. S. law is the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (), which makes the theft or misappropriation of a trade secret a federal crime.
Another point is that those actions of free beings which bring about evil very often diminish the freedom of those who suffer the evil-for example, the murder of a young child ( e. g. Death of Baby P ) may prevent the child from ever exercising their free will in a significant way.

Another and collection
Another important collection of research materials housed in Fenwick is the Government Documents collection.
* " A Few Things I Know About LISP Machines " – ( Another collection of links, but mostly a discussion of purchasing Lisp machines )
* Another collection of English translations
Another collection based on short stories.
Another collection of stories concern the skin-walkers.
Another machine, a PDP-7 ( S # 47 ) is known to be in the collection of Max Burnet near Sydney, Australia, and a fourth PDP-7 machine ( S # 33 ) is in storage at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.
Another paper in the series on chemotaxonomic variation in the terpenoid content of the essential oil of Cannabis revealed that several wide-leaflet drug strains in the collection had relatively high levels of certain sesquiterpene alcohols, including guaiol and isomers of eudesmol, that set them apart from the other putative taxa.
* David DeLaney's random arkhive Another collection of posts from the newsgroup, saved for various reasons or none at all.
Another collection of items collected by the Forsters is on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.
Another notable collection is the collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, a collection of various kitchenware products with Asian themes.
Another sample of Song dynasty money of the same period in the collection of Shanghai Museum has two empty square holes above Ziliao as well as Zihou, due to lost of the two copper movable types.
Another such collection was the 1986 film, Porky Pig in Hollywood, which ran in art and college theaters.
Another large collection of living Araceae can be found at Munich Botanical Garden, thanks to the efforts of the researcher and aroid authority Josef Bogner.
Another picture in the same collection appears to be a replica of his painting of the " Allegory of Calumny ", as suggested by Lucian's description of a celebrated work by Apelles ; the satire in the original painting, directed against some of his courtier enemies, was the immediate cause of Zuccari's temporary exile from Rome.
Another small collection exists at the Polar Museum in Tromsø.
His short story Another Fine Mess from the collection Quicker Than the Eye features the ghosts of Laurel and Hardy haunting the staircase by replaying the scene.
Another collection of his talks is the Shōbōgenzō Zuimonki ( Gleanings from Master Dōgen ’ s Sayings ) in six volumes.
Another associate is the Hyades Stream, a large collection of scattered stars that also share a similar trajectory with the Hyades Cluster.
Another " Classic " collection, the Four Books ( 四書, pinyin: Sì Shū ), mentions Shangdi also, but it is a later compilation and the references are much more sparse and abstract.
Another surviving manuscript from Leofric's collection is a Gospel book written in Latin now in the Bodleian Library, which was probably acquired by Leofric while he was on the continent, as the manuscript was originally written for a Breton monastery.
Another fault of Theopompus was his excessive fondness for romantic and incredible stories ; a collection of some of these was afterwards made and published under his name.
Another friend was the satirist Karl Immermann, who had praised Heine's first verse collection, Gedichte, when it appeared in December 1821.
Another example is: given a collection of identical dominoes, it is clearly possible to stack them at the edge of a table so that they hang over the edge of the table.

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