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Page "Democracy: An American Novel" ¶ 16
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Some Related Sentences

*" and Any
*" Are You Makin ' Any Money?
*" Any Old Iron " ( Charles Collins ; Terry Sheppard ) sung by Harry Champion.
*" Any Old Iron "
*" If This Is Hunt Are There Any Other Photos?
*" Any form of cultural knowledge or social activity characteristic of a social group and / or cultural group that can be recognized by other groups such as Western anthropologists, but not necessarily by the group of origin, as mathematical knowledge or mathematical activity ".
*" Any rifle, shotgun or carbine stock of the type known as the “ bull-pup ” design, being a stock that, when combined with a firearm, reduces the overall length of the firearm such that a substantial part of the reloading action or the magazine-well is located behind the trigger of the firearm when it is held in the normal firing position.
*" The State of The End of The Millennium Address " is written like a speech, very similar to the beginning of " Voice of God is Government " from How Could Hell Be Any Worse ?.
*" Lost Love "/" Any Way The Wind Blows " ( Piccadilly, 1967 )
*" Any Way The Wind Blows "/" Lost Love " ( UNI, 1967 )
*" Don't Look Any Further "-( 1988 )-UK # 52 ; U. S. # 64
*" Any Old Port in a Storm "
*" More Coloradans Get Their News from NEWS 4, Than from Any Other Source " ( 1993 – 1995 ; used during the close of the Colorado Evening News and NEWS 4 at 10 )
*" Didja Get Any Onya?
*" A Rose By Any Other Name ", by Jim Mortimore ( Short Trips: Life Science )
*" I'll Never Love Any Girl " ( 1970, Nu-Beat )
*" Any woman who is now or may hereafter be married.
*" Any Day Now ", as abbreviated in text messaging
*" Never Meant Any Harm " ( 2006 )
*" Never Meant Any Harm " Music Video
*" Homer is probably one of the most powerful political figures there is ... Any political candidate wants to get the acceptance of Homer and his First Baptist congregation.
*" NLRB Employees Deny Any Communist Ties.
*" I Can't Love You Any More "
*" There Isn ’ t Any Limit to My Love " ( 1936 )
*" Any Which Way " by Kimberly Locke ( 2007 )

*" and woman
*" One should never betroth himself to a woman without having seen her ; one might subsequently discover in her a blemish because of which one might loathe her and thus transgress the commandment: ' Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself '" ( Kiddushin 41a ).
*" the matrons of Rome flocked in great crowds to the Senate, begging with tears and entreaties that one woman should be married to two men.
*" in certain cantons of Media, ... a woman was allowed to have many husbands, and they looked with contempt on those who had less than five.
*" Going Once "— A woman auctions herself.
*" The Invaders ", another episode in which a farm woman encounters tiny " alien " astronauts (& their scaled down Forbidden Planet cruiser ), who are actually Earthlings.
*" Junk in the trunk " is a slang term for a woman with overly-large buttocks
*" Brenda the Bingo Lady ", where a middle-aged woman ( Goy ) vents her opinions about current issues while playing a game of bingo alongside her husband ( Abbott ).
*" I see a woman that isn't a blood relative.
*" The only woman in the French Foreign Legion ", BBC News, 24 September 2009
*" Voodoo Lady ": A mystical woman who assists Guybrush on his journey.
*" The most difficult thing for a wise woman to do is to pretend to be a foolish one.
*" Appropriate Love " -- A woman carries the brain of her severely injured husband inside her uterus for two years so that a new ( brainless ) body can be cloned to replace his.
*" It won't be long till Jenny's a woman " ( Gulietta & Alex )
*" Live with Me " ( naked woman seen in the film attempting to climb onstage actually occurs during this song )
*" Bond star bedded ' a woman a day '" Stuff, 11 September 2010
*" I was always the first woman.
*" Lost " ( Skin song ), a double A-sided single from ex-Skunk Anansie front woman Skin.
*" La vielle qui graissa la patte de chevalier " (" The old woman who paid the knight for favors.
*" One pretty woman means fun at the dance.
*" Betrayals "-The principal characters are Yoss, an old woman on Yeowe, a retired science teacher who had lived through the War of Liberation and a neighbour, Chief Abberkam, a disgraced leader from Yeowe's war of liberation, an opponent of contact with the Hainish envoys, living in a desolate area of the planet.
*" Forgiveness Day "-Solly, a woman of half-terran ancestry and space-travelling parents, faces problems as Envoy to the small kingdom of Gatay on Werel.
*" A Woman's Liberation "-Rakam, a woman born as a slave on Werel, tells of her life and her growing self-awareness.
*" Bodhisattvas " — an interview with Michelle Keating, a woman who searches for dead bodies at the sites of disasters with the help of her dogs
*" Katoei " ( กะเทย-man dressed like a woman ) are often used as comic relief.

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