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Archbishop's and Palace
He also has a residence next to Canterbury Cathedral on the site of the medieval Archbishop's Palace.
* Archbishop's Palace, Charing: a palace existed from at least the 13th century ; seized by the Crown after the Dissolution.
Catherine was born at the Archbishop's Palace in Alcalá de Henares near Madrid, on the night of 16 December 1485.
* The Archbishop's Palace ( 17th century, modified in the following century ).
The 18th-century building incorporates many remains of the mediæval Archbishop's Palace and includes the spot where Thomas Becket's murderers armed themselves.
In 1381, during the Peasants ' Revolt, the castle and Archbishop's Palace were sacked, and Archbishop Sudbury was beheaded in London.
The Archbishop's Palace contains a Byzantine museum containing the largest collection of religious icons on the island.
A View of the Archbishop's Palace, Lambeth – this watercolour was Turner's first to be accepted for the Royal Academy's annual exhibition in April 1790, the month he turned fifteen.
His first watercolour A View of the Archbishop's Palace, Lambeth was accepted for the Summer Exhibition of 1790 when Turner was only 15.
* Archbishop's Palace, Bishopthorpe
* The Palais des Archevêques, the Archbishop's Palace, and its donjon with views over Narbonne
* Official webpage of Nidaros Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace
* Nidaros Cathedral Experience Nidaros Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace
Remains of the Archbishop's Palace were found during the construction of St Joseph's School.
It is on the River Ouse and is the official residence of the Archbishop of York ; within the local area it is sometimes simply called " the Archbishop's Palace ".
The King designated part of the building for use as a court house, the Cathedral Grammar School was established in the then vicar's hall and the deanery given to the archbishop, following the transfer of the Archbishop's Palace to the Lord Deputy of Ireland.
"< ref >< span lang =" fr "> Mémoires d ' outre-tombe </ span >, III, 120 ; Fontaine II, 849 ( letter of 9 August 1830 ).</ ref > It should be noted that the amount of looting during these three days was surprisingly little ; not only at the Louvre – whose paintings and < span lang =" fr "> objets d ' art </ span > were protected by the crowd – but the < span lang =" fr "> Tuileries </ span >, the Palais de Justice, the Archbishop's Palace, and other places as well.
Notable landmarks are the Archbishop's Palace, the duck-pond roundabout, and the scale model of the Solar System which claims to be " the largest scale model in the world ".
Image: Nidarosdomen oktogonfigures 0017. jpg | Exhibitionist carving in Romanesque style, Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway ( a modern replacement ; original is in the Archbishop's Palace Museum, Trondheim )
At the time that the uprising began, Ball was imprisoned at the Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone, Kent.
* 1729: Tallaght Castle demolished ; Archbishop's Palace built by Archbishop Hoadley.
* 1822: Archbishop's Palace demolished by Major Palmer, who then builds Tallaght House.
* Palacio Arzobispal * Archbishop's Palace
A stone's throw away are the religious buildings — the seminary of the archdiocese, the Arzobispado ( Archbishop's Palace ), and the St. Paul's Cathedral.

Archbishop's and constructed
Summer Archbishop's Palace was chosen to house the Ministry of foreign affairs and a whole government district was supposed to be constructed in the vicinity, this plan however did not materialise.

Archbishop's and palace
Narbonne: Via Domitia uncovered in front of the Archbishop's palace.
The extensive original garden is now much smaller, with large parts built over, but Archbishop's Park is a public park adjacent to the palace gardens.
To commemorate his life, an imposing bronze statue of Makarios was erected outside the Archbishop's palace in Nicosia ; in 2008 the statue was moved to Kykkos monastery and replaced by a life-size marble statue of Makarios.
The grounds of the Priory, the old palace gardens, still retain many features from the historic past such as the Archbishop's bathhouse, the Friar's Walk and " St. Maelruain's Tree ".
Salieri secretly observes Mozart at the Archbishop's palace, but they are not properly introduced.
The Summer Archbishop's Palace or Summer Archiepiscopal Palace (, ) is a palace in Bratislava which houses the government of Slovakia ( the Slovak Republic Government Office ).

Archbishop's and was
Since Uckfield was part of the Archbishop's extensive Manor of South Malling, some of these travellers could have been bound for Canterbury for business or other ( e. g. religious ) reasons, though others had destinations elsewhere along the route.
A charter of Swæfheard's dated 691 is also of interest as it indicates that Æthelred had invaded Kent ; it has been suggested that Æthelred intended to place Wilfrid in the Archbishop's seat at Canterbury, but if so he was unsuccessful.
" Dacre Fox perhaps further summed up the frustrations of the WSPU with the Church leaders in her statement recorded in the Suffragette after an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury in January 1914 that, " The only feeling ( she ) experienced …… while she was interviewing the Archbishop of Canterbury ... was “ utter contempt ”... Mrs Dacre Fox said that the Archbishop's Chaplain was “ a pitiable object, trembling and with chattering teeth ”, and later was also reported to have said that, " I can only say that as I sat looking at that old man, the feeling which was uppermost in my mind was that of contempt …. I wondered if Calvary had almost been in vain.
It was sent to Archbishop Anders of Lund by Pope Innocent III as a reply to the Archbishop's earlier letter which has not survived.
The Archbishop's house was built next to the Orthodox cathedral and at Christmas 1999, Mirdita and the Orthodox Archbishop Anastasios ( Anastas ) greeted parishioners together.
This was part of the Archbishop's plan to have a university in the city.
The Manor House belonged to the Archbishops of York and at the end of the sixteenth century, was occupied by William Brewster, the Archbishop's bailiff, who was also postmaster.
The Archbishop's throne was replaced with a smaller, movable, less elaborate cathedra that allows him to directly face the congregation during Mass.

Archbishop's and by
* The Grange ( GR ) ( 60 boys, 1928 ) includes many fine architectural features taken from the Archbishop's Palaces of Laud and Parker by the family who converted the granary ruins to a family house in the 1840s.
Gorizia, the other regional branch of the University of Trieste, in a compound belonging to the old Archbishop's Seminar, features the first and advanced degree in International and Diplomatic Studies founded by the Faculty of Political Sciences and three first-level degree: Business communication and human resource management, Economics and tourism management, Territorial policy.
Throughout the greater part of the 13th century a state of comparative peace existed at Tallaght, but subsequently the O ' Byrnes and O ' Tooles, in what would become County Wicklow, took offensive action and were joined by many of the Archbishop's tenants.
Its origins are as far as 18th century, as being the academic dress of Colégio de Estudos Superiores de S. Paulo, as depicted by tile panels in the Archbishop's Palace of Braga ( now Rectorate of the University of Minho ).
Its most famous building is the Archbishop's Palace, which lies by the church and was an ancient possession of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
When Tony and Fergie discover that the limousine is registered to the Archdiocese of San Francisco, they visit the office of Archbishop Thorncrest ( Eugene Roche ), unaware that the man they're interviewing is in fact the Archbishop's twin brother Charlie, who is involved in a plot to assassinate Pope Pius XIII ( played by prominent San Francisco businessman Cyril Magnin ) during his upcoming visit to San Francisco.
The Archbishop's Palace in Uppsala, designed in the 18th century by the architect Carl Hårleman, but built on older foundations.
A 145 ft-deep well in the grounds of the house was said to be used by pilgrims to Canterbury on their journey to join the Pilgrims ' Way, having come via the Archbishop's Croydon Palace.
It is surrounded by the Palace by Government, the Municipality of Lima, the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace.
*" Archbishop's Maze " Grey's Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England ( by Randoll Coate and Adrian Fisher, 1981 ) ( brick paths ; a unicursal / multicursal hybrid )
Funds for the school were provided by Catholic parishioners in the Cincinnati area as part of the Archbishop's High School Fund Campaign.

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